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Throughout time, every man has asked himself: what is attraction? When am I and am I not creating attraction? Here are some answers for you…

But beware: once you know what attraction is, your life will change… in a good way!

That’s because understanding attraction lets you see things that have been going on right under your nose since you were born. Things like what is attraction in male-female interactions and what will surely lead to failure.

Once you see… you’ll attract women almost effortlessly. So, check out my thoughts on what attraction is inside the newsletter(s) and blog post(s) below now…

How To Make A Conversation Sexual – 3 Tips

How To Make A Conversation Sexual – How To Talk To Women – 3 Tips

This week, I’ve got you something from the mailbag…


Carlos, I’ve been going out on a ton of dates lately, but I’ve run up against some obstacles.

I get into conversations with women, but I can’t seem to break into the “attraction zone” with many of the women. They all seem to keep me on this friendship level, and I don’t know what to do.

I want to get our conversations on a sexual level somehow…

What should I do?

  • Pete W. – Manhattan, KS



Pete, that’s a fantastic question that men everywhere want to know the answer to… in fact, it’s the key to kick-starting a woman’s attraction in that first conversation with her.

No guy likes the “friend zone” – not one bit. Funny enough, it’s always the women we desire the most that put us there.
Women typically look for certain signals from you when they first meet you, and they will decide in minutes if you will be just a friend, or if you have a chance at sleeping with her.

Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend – 7 Reasons

Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend – 7 Reasons

One thing I’ve learned doing dating coaching over the last 16 years, and that’s this:

Most men (and women!) have almost NO CLUE about how attraction between the sexes really works.

Now, when I say NO CLUE – I mean that they THINK they understand it, and PRETEND to understand relationships, but honestly don’t. I think it’s mostly because they don’t want to seem like they’re ignorant to the other 98% of the population that is also pretending to know what they’re doing.

Most of the guys who pretend to know how to date a lot of girls will give you the same lame advice:

  • Dude, you gotta be confident…”
  • You gotta know how to talk to women…”
  • You gotta know how to dress…”
  • “You gotta…”

Well, sad to say that half of these guys are usually “naturals” with women (meaning they intuitively have gotten women without knowing what the $#&% they are doing, or they’re good looking.)

The other half are guys that don’t really have ANY skill with women, but just happen to have a girlfriend at the moment. Which means they’re currently doing 100% better …

What Is Attraction? Attraction Explained…

A fan of mine asked me: what is attraction? My answer explains what attraction is and how to create attraction pretty damn well, so I’m sharing it with you.

Enjoy this newsletter turned blog post that answers the million dollar question: what is attraction?

Heya D. Thanks for your email about what women want. It cleared the air for me in several ways caus’ I used to have no clue of what’s attractive to women you know. At least I understand the basics now and I’m sure they’ll go a long way in giving me more success in the dating game and I’m definitely going to buy your Simple Inner Game System caus’ I noticed a real difference in how the honey’s respond to me. Thanks for showing the way.

I’m still a bit confused about creating attraction because while you say character trait this and character trait that are irresistible to chicks, they still post their wish lists on dating sites or talk about their ideal man in much the same way. None of these lists contain all of the traits you mentioned, so what am I missing here?

Jack B, Washington DC,