What Is Attraction? Attraction Explained…

A fan of mine asked me: what is attraction? My answer explains what attraction is and how to create attraction pretty damn well, so I’m sharing it with you.

Enjoy this newsletter turned blog post that answers the million dollar question: what is attraction?

Heya D. Thanks for your email about what women want. It cleared the air for me in several ways caus’ I used to have no clue of what’s attractive to women you know. At least I understand the basics now and I’m sure they’ll go a long way in giving me more success in the dating game and I’m definitely going to buy your Simple Inner Game System caus’ I noticed a real difference in how the honey’s respond to me. Thanks for showing the way.

I’m still a bit confused about creating attraction because while you say character trait this and character trait that are irresistible to chicks, they still post their wish lists on dating sites or talk about their ideal man in much the same way. None of these lists contain all of the traits you mentioned, so what am I missing here?

Jack B, Washington DC, USA

Women don’t like to be seen as sluts… and if a woman is called a slut for sleeping with a guy on the first date, does that automatically mean that all women don’t want to have sex on a first date?


What you’re missing is the difference between what’s socially ACCEPTED for women… and what’s sexually WANTED by women…

And there’s a HUGE difference between the two!

Attraction ISN’T based on logical reasoning. We can’t choose who we’ll feel attracted to and we can’t choose who we’ll fall in love with.

The perfect example: although settling down and having kids with a nice guy may be “the right thing to do” for a woman, she’ll fall madly in love with a bad boy instead… even if he is abusive, not around the most of the time, unfaithful, and has more friggin’ drugs and alcohol than blood in his blood!

Whether we hate it and try to prevent it or not, attraction is a feeling based on irrational emotions… and triggered by certain fitness indicators that increase our value for the opposite sex. You can trigger the switches that create attraction too.

If you paid attention while reading my last email, then you know that women see certain character traits as the best fitness indicators… they’re attracted to you if you display them…

And that’s DESPITE of what they may think is best for them (like a rich guy, a guy from the same culture, and all that other wish list crap).

Those wish lists that you see on dating sites and that you hear them speak of are made with logical reasoning while attraction has NOTHING to do with logic… so see them for what they’re worth: zero, nothing, nada.

In fact, most of the time women WON’T BE ABLE TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT because when you talk about attraction, you’re talking about an age old sexual selection instinct that only takes place on a subconscious level.

And it isn’t like people are conscious of what takes place on a subconscious level, that’s why it’s called SUB… conscious: below consciousness.


But do you understand what this means?

That you should NEVER pay much attention to what a woman says, not even to what a woman thinks…

All that matters is how a woman feels, so if you pushed the right buttons to create attraction… the buttons that spark that chemistry and sexual tension.

And that takes me back, because I’ve met a lot of women who were angry at first because of my “sexual agression”… but who later ended up sleeping with me because what they said was very different from what they felt.

Push the right buttons and a woman can’t help but feel attracted, even if she’s not looking for a man, has a boyfriend, or initally rejected you. You can attract any woman you want by pressing these buttons…

And next to character traits, there are a lot of other “button bashing” techniques that create near insane amounts of attraction like:

– Pain versus pleasure
– Distance versus closeness
– Pre-selection (fancy language for jealousy)
– Fulfilling secret psychological needs
– Catering to female archetype fantasies

And much, much more…

They all have their base in the scientifical methods of psychology and evolution theory and have all been proven tiem and again, so why not use them for your own good?

Don’t worry…

You won’t need to study difficult formulas or become a professor at an university to learn this, because I’ll make things much easier (and faster) for you for a lot less money than getting an university degree.

My Simple Inner Game System will show you exactly what attraction is and what it’s absolutely not… and it packs so many “buttons” of female psychology that women will very soon can’t help but feel attracted to you until your family actually thinks you’re a real life Casanova who gets all the girls.

Think of what your life would be like if you would be able to sweep women off of their feet just like a character like Casanova, or Johnny Depp, or Brad Pitt does…

If you want to live with just as much success with women, then I highly recommend you check out my Simple Inner Game System right now by clicking the link below:

The Simple Inner Game System

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Carlos I can’t thank you enough for also organizing a free inner game meeting on MSN that accompanies your ebook, because it gave me ample opportunity to ask you whatever questions I had. Especially with how to use pre-selection and catering to female archetype fantasies you gave my so many examples that even techniques as advanced as those were easy to understand!

There’s this woman I’ve known and liked since grade school but that never showed any sexual interest in me before, but now I got a date with her thanks to your pre-selection tips! Thanks a bunch!

BTW: while we were supposed to talk for 2 hours on MSN, you stayed an extra hour for me alone to make sure I understood everything fully and I just wanted to say that I really appreciated that. You’re the most helpful dating expert around and someone who’s always ready and willing to answer any questions your students might have. I don’t know any other expert that is just as reachable as you are! You’re a cool guy. Thanks again.

Simon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

You got the girl you always fantasized about… are you sure it wasn’t a wet dream?

But seriously… well done my friend, I’m proud of you!

And dear reader, if you want access to a method that lets you push all the attraction
buttons you want with as many women you want so your agenda will collect dates
as fast as a fat kid collects weight…

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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