How To Call A Woman And Easily Get A Date 9 Out Of 10 Times

It’s one thing to know how to call a woman, another to call a woman and know exactly how you can guarantee yourself a date. Learn how to do it today!

I’m sure you’ll scratch your head after reading the following, asking yourself why in the hell you couldn’t get it right before!

How To Call A Woman Technique #1:
“What Are You Doing Right Now?”


Being spontaneous is exciting to women, because it makes you unpredictable. Being unpredictable makes you fun, exciting, and never boring… and boring is the enemy of attraction.

Do you know what “naturals” are? Naturals are the men and women who are naturally good at meeting & dating the opposite sex. The major difference between them and the general population is this: they try to get a date right now instead of setting up some artificial boundary where the date can happen this Saturday and all that crap.

In short: never fail to ask a woman what she’s doing right now and/or if she’s going to do anything fun tonight. If she doesn’t have anything better to do today then please… invite her to come along already!

That’s the REAL way of how to call girls.

I said “invite her” on purpose because literally asking a woman out on a date is a yes/no question again, it’s asking for permission again, and it’s everything BUT being dominant and confident. So don’t start with that whole “do you want to go out with me on …?” stuff.

She gets the chance to be a part of your exciting life and if not, tough luck! Beat it! You invite her to join in on whatever fun stuff you’re doing or going to do, that’s how I always set up dates. So don’t forget to find out what she’s doing right now caus’ it could easily mean going on a date for you. It’s my best technique for how to call a woman to date!

How To Call A Woman Technique #2:
Give Her A Party Invitation


Now we’ve discussed inviting her, I might as well throw in this technique. It’s pretty simple: whenever you have a party or birthday to attend, or whenever you’re planning on going out to this great party at one of the local clubs & bars… you invite her to come along.

The moment you do, she’s going there WITH you, which classifies as a date wouldn’t you agree?

Doing this not only prevents being the insecure wussy who asks her out, but it also shows confidence because you’re willing to introduce her to your friends. Next to that, she’ll meet your friends and if you’re being social and tease other women (and people) as well, you’ll create attraction without even talking to her! She’ll get jealous, she’ll see you’re comfortable around women and know how to treat them, that you’re popular, and so on. Lots of reason for it creating attraction so by all means: get her to that party too.

Plus, you won’t believe how many times I got invited to a party simply by asking “how late are WE going to the party?” when a woman told me she was going to a birthday or some party. Since she’ll be the only one you know there, you better make sure you either pack some social skills so you’ll quickly make new “friends” there… or that you bring a friend of yours so you won’t be on her case the entire night. Again, it’s needy… so don’t.

How To Call A Woman Technique #3:
Like Normal People Do …


What do most people who like each other do? Whether they’re friends, lovers, or potential lovers… hanging out with each other is the one thing they want to do most. Calling or texting is only about when to hang out again.

You know this, everyone knows it and everyone does it… so why not use it to your advantage? Especially when I’ve called or texted her more than once and I’m on the phone with her again I’ll say:

“You know what? We’ve talked on the phone and stuff several times now, but let’s meet up this Sunday, hang out, and have ourselves a drink like normal people do. I can’t stay long though because I’m supposed to meet a friend I haven’t seen in ages!”

By saying you two should meet like normal people, you automatically make fun of her when she can’t make it. Heck, I’d even ask her “so you’re not normal then? :P” if she can’t make it.

Anyways, after saying you the above you tell her when you’re not available first, then that you want to meet her on (enter the day here). If she says she isn’t available then, simply say “okay then let’s meet (enter another day here) then.” If she still can’t make it on that day, ask her when she’s available but with a twist: “so when are you available then miss playing hard to get?”

Like I said: there are so many ridiculously effective dating techniques for how to call a woman and get a date, that I highly recommend you start experimenting with the one I just gave you right now, see which one gives you the most dating success, and stick with that one!

What’s that? Trying to call here but she doesn’t answer the phone? Then solve it by following the instructions I put down in writing in my blog post about what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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