When to Call Girls and HOW to Call Her: 5 Tricks

When it comes to the phone, women are the master of the game. They spend way more time than guys do on them, whether it’s Tweeting, texting, Facebooking, or talking to their BFF.

It’s hard to compete.

So I say DON’T even try… Instead, you only need to know how to navigate and negotiate with her Digital Bouncer.


It’s true – her little smartphone is now her personal electronic bodyguard. And unless you know how to get past her gatekeeper, you could find yourself struggling to connect with every woman you meet.

So let’s dig into these 5 tricks you can use to get past her Bouncer and into her life. (And maybe – shhh…. into her bed.)

First – Do you call her right away?

TRICK 1: Use the “reconnection text”

Let’s say you got her number using my tips and tricks. You used my sure-fire number closer and now you’ve got the digits.

What now?

Well, the first thing you should do is to text her a quick message, preferably near the end of the evening. If you met her in a social situation of some kind, you want to make sure you’re on the top of her mind.

Who knows how many goobers and goons have tried to hook up with her…?


Well, pretty much all of them.

Which is why you need to refresh her memory with a quick text:

“Hey, Tina – it’s Carlos – making sure you remember who made you laugh your drink out your nose… TTYL”

It helps here to use some callback to your previous conversation – meaning you bring up something from your conversation that will make her instantly remember you.

Did you come up with a cool nickname for her? Use it in your text.

If you two talked about her working as a 24 Hour Fitness coach, you could joke about how she should make sure you have a towel waiting for you when you work out the next day.

The point of the text is to do 3 things:

– Remind her who you are – because a girl’s memory is short. And you want her knowing which number you’ll be contacting her from.

– Remind her of the fun she had with you

– Set her up for a future conversation with you.


If you can do that, you’re out-performing 95% of the other men out there.

NEXT: After you text her, when do you call her?

TRICK #2: Know how to time the call.

My advice is that if you’ve sent the reminder text, and you had at least a 15 minute conversation – you can wait until the END of the following day to call her.

Calling her that day is too soon, and calling her the next day will let the other goobers and dorks get a foot in the door.

If you met her on Friday, wait until Sunday afternoon. You don’t have any business being available on a Saturday night, after all.


But if you met her on Saturday, wait until Sunday night. And the same for the rest of the week.

But now your question is… HOW do you call a girl?

TRICK #3: Make sure you don’t scare her off on the first call

You don’t want to be calling her up, getting her voicemail, losing your nerve, calling her back again… only to leave an awkward message that sounds like you just woke up.

Yeah, I know you might read that and think: “Hell, I’d never do that…” but most guys do. They screw it up royally on the first phone call, leaving her with a completely justified opinion that he’s a complete loser.

So first of all, don’t leave her a message on your first call. Just let it ring through to voicemail and then hang up.

If you did your pre-work, she has your phone number, and can also look up any texts she’s had from your number. She doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to get that.

The next time you call, if she still doesn’t answer, you need to leave a short message busting her on her inability to answer calls.

A small tease right here will do the trick. Don’t be mean, just act as if she’s your annoying little sister.

“Hey, you… I guess you couldn’t find your phone at the bottom of your purse… again. Anyway, ring me back.”


Or just leave a curiosity comment that she will HAVE to call you back about:

“Hey, I was just out at the store, and there’s a girl here that is your double. Do you have a twin sister? Ring me back.”

Keep it short and sweet, because the more you keep talking, the more likely you are to say something stupid that ruins it.

I can hear your next question: “But, Carlos… what if she doesn’t call me back?”

That’s when you move on to my next bit of advice:

TRICK #4: Get Her To Call You Back With Disinterest

First of all, make sure you’re not calling her at dumb times, like dinner or when she’s probably at the gym.

This goes without saying.

When you leave that message, you have to have a certain level of disinterest in your blood.

Here’s why: If you’re too concerned about this one girl, it means that you probably don’t have a lot of other prospects. Which means you’re probably too focused on this one.


Which means eventually you’ll act a little too needy and scare her off.

Your calls and messages will scream one thing to her loud and clear: “I tolerate and even pursue women who ignore me and don’t call me back.”

If you were out talking to girls every day, and getting numbers frequently, would you care all that much if this girl calls you back?


You’d have called her, told her to call you back, and then probably forgotten about her. Because you got busy seeing OTHER girls who were interested.

Ya feel me?

If she doesn’t call you back after a text and a phone call, just text her this:

“What? Playing hard to get already? Nice… call me.”

And when she finally picks up and says that she is busy, she’ll probably say something like “Oh hey, I’m busy, can I call you back?”

You need to show her that you’re not desperate to talk to her.

When she asks you if she can call back, just say “No, don’t worry about it – I’ll try to call you later… if I remember.” She’ll be surprised that you’re not going to make a big deal about talking to her.

cool dude

NOTE: Losers and chumps make a big deal out of EVERY call they get with a woman, which is why you’re communicating the opposite. That she’s no big deal.

I’ll bet you she calls back before you can…

And when she does finally call you back, let it ring a few times. Don’t pounce on her call like you’ve been staring at your phone screen all day.

Let her experience the joy of uncertainty.

TRICK #5: Make sure you’ve got a full plan

Most guys are running around out there without any idea of how to handle women through their phone. Most don’t even know that you can use her phone as a “black ops” stealth tool – like a remote control for women.

If you wing it, if you just try any old thing that pops into your head…

Or even worse, if you listen to the advice of your friends who likely have almost no game with women – you’ll crash and burn almost every time.

You need a plan to call girls on the phone.


You see, most of the time, I get emails from guys that say: “Dude, it sounds like you’re telling me to act like a jerk to attract girls.”

Well, first of all, how good is the Nice Guy thing working for you?

Not so much, huh?

And the battle cry of the Nice Guy (AKA – dude who isn’t getting any), is that anything you do to challenge or not immediately kissing the ass of a beautiful woman is somehow abusing her.

Women are complimented, fawned over, and ogled all day long. They’re looking for the one man who shows them the secret signal of confidence: Indifference.

If you want to know the attitude of the guys that win with women – and how you can have it…

AND how to dominate the phone using a few simple texts that I’ll show you (for free) – then click here to get started TODAY.

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