How To Call Women: Using “Phone Game” To Get Dates

What does every guy who wants to date a woman want as soon as they meet her and have to leave? They want to get her phone number so they can set up a date later on, but what if you don’t know how to call women? Then that phone number is almost useless to you, wouldn’t you agree?

And have you ever experienced moments where you got a woman’s phone number, but didn’t know how long you should wait before calling her? Or how long before sending her a text message (a SMS)?

Have you ever messed up a phonecall with a girl you liked, because you didn’t know what to say or because you were really nervous?

Have you ever called or sent a text message to a woman, but just didn’t know how to go from a simple conversation on the phone or via text… to asking her out on a date?

Do you have a hard time with going from calling women to dating women with half or more of all the phone numbers you get?

If you answered “Yes” to only one of these questions or had your doubts about whether you’re really good at doing one of these things, then you need to improve your “phone game” my friend. Learning how to call girls is tough, isn’t it?

But it’s important, because why make such an effort of getting phone number after phone number… when you can hardly ever go from calling to dating? The whole phone number getting process becomes a waste of your freaking time then, wouldn’t you agree?

Meanwhile, if you learn the dating techniques for how to call a woman (and how to text her) you can go from needing to throw away HALF of the numbers you got or more… to going on a date with 80% of the women you call!

Makes a HUGE difference doesn’t it? The whole dating game goes like this for most men:

Approaching => creating attraction => getting phone numbers => calling women => dating women, so by improving your phone game more women will date you, in fact, improving any step means you’ll be able to go to the next step with more women. Do you see why dating success quickly becomes a number game now?

And if you want to go on more dates with more women thanks to you knowing EXACTLY how to call women, then you should pay close attention to your mail, my blog, my forum, and my Facebook profile… because I’m going to share something with you in the first weeks of the new year.

So if you want to know more about improving your phone game, pay close attention to what I’ll be doing in the next 2 weeks my friend…

But if you don’t want to wait that long with getting phone tips and to learn insights about calling women, then why not check out my blog post on what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone? It will help you prepare for those moments when you want to talk to her over the phone, but can’t.


To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it. If you want to learn how to get a date with your phone all the time, then get instant access to more tips by signing up for our FREE How To Text Girls Insider.

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