When To Call Her So She Answers The Phone And Dates You

If you don’t know when to call her and get a date after getting her number, then check out my tips for when to call that get you the girl every time!

First, we have to bust a myth about when to call her that has existed for ages which will actually DESTROY your chances of getting her… and we don’t want that now, do we?

Then, we’ll look at when to call her so she answers the phone and dates you in multiple situations. Because let’s face it: no hot chick is the same.

And giving you 1 technique that works in every single situation would be foolish because there is NO technique like that (although other dating coaches try to make you believe there is)…

So I want to be 100% sure that you can get a date when you call her no matter what the f*ck was happening when you met her… and no matter what the f*ck is happening in her life right now.

That’s right, I’ll be throwing some foul language at you, but it’s for your own good. Someone has to give you the brutal truth about when to call her and I’m that guy. Love me or hate me for it, I don’t care, because you need to hear this:

When To Call Her: It’s NOT After 3 Days!

Hollywood did it’s best to teach you when to call her with it’s “Three Day Rule”, but you know what? It failed.

Hell, it crashed and burned! Because it’s little Three Day Rule tells you to wait for three days with the first phone call after you get a woman’s number. That may work in “realistic” movies like The Hangover…

The Hangover can't teach you when to call her

But in the real world? In the real world that’s not when to call her because:

– When you wait for days or weeks with calling, then she’ll think you were not that interested. So when you do call her? She’s not that interested either, if you know what I mean. Women want a guy who has a genuine interest in them and waiting 3 days or more is not being genuinely interested.

– There are plenty of women who will get the wrong idea if you keep them waiting. They’ll think you’re playing games… and once they do? They’ll return the favor with test after test, after test… most of which regular guys like you and me don’t get = rejection!

– Attractive, interesting women get approached by guys in one way or another 6 times a day. Sure, some attempts are pathetic, but what makes you say she’ll remember you after days or weeks? She might as well have met a great guy, which has made your efforts a waste of your freaking time.

Do you now know why listening to tips for when to call her that say you need to wait for days/weeks is a bad idea?

I can almost hear you think: “So what is the right time for when to call her then?”

And on weekdays (Monday ‘til Thursday) it’s one day after you get her digits, because it shows her you have a genuine interest but that you’re not a desperate wussy, that you’re not playing games… and she’ll still clearly remember who you are when you call her.

And here’s a juicy secret about when to call her: do you know how many guys literally tell a woman WHEN they’ll call her?

How many tell her what they’ll do with her number?

HINT: it’s less than one. That’s right. NONE.

And it’s stupid because when you tell a woman you’ll call her tomorrow, then she’ll immediately know you’re really interested and not playing games…


There’ll be a whole lot more anticipation. She’ll wait for your call. Think about it: when you’re about to get that thing you ordered via Amazon that you’ve wanted for a long time, then are you looking forward to getting it more when you don’t know when it’s coming… or when you know it’s coming tomorrow?

I know you know the answer. So when it comes to when to call her on weekdays, call her the next day AND tell her you’ll call her then.

When To Call Her During Weekends

During weekends, there’s a better time for when to call her than after one day on weekdays…

Here’s why: most people go out and have fun on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Clubs, bars, restaurants, the movies, bowling, midget golf, ice skating, BBQ, and so on and so forth.

And it makes sense because your Average Joe needs to work or go to college on weekdays but not during weekends. Same goes for women: they’re already planning on having fun because their week was boring, so why not take advantage of that?

Instead of figuring out when to call her so you two can meet up on Tuesday or whatever when it’s probably only for a little while because she needs to work/go to college…

Why not get her number and call her somewhere early on in the evening the same day and say something alone the lines of:

“You know what? I had so much fun with you earlier today that I want you to join me for XYZ so we can have some more fun. I insist.”

You can replace the XYZ with a club, bar, restaurant or any of the other stuff I mentioned before and there you go. You got yourself a date!

And that’s when to call her during weekends. In my opinion it’s easier than calling her on weekdays.

Now let’s look at a more difficult situation below: what to do if she’s busy…

When To Call Her If She’s Busy

Let’s get one thing straight right away about when to call her if she’s busy: I mean two different situations when I say busy.

When to call her situation 1: she answers the phone but is distracted
When it comes to when to call her, one of the worst things you can do (EVER) is still trying to talk to her when she answers the phone and is obviously distracted.

Some common distractions include:

– She’s with friends. You can tell by her avoiding intimate questions and giving short answers
– It takes her a while to reply (she’s looking at/for something or thinking about other stuff)
– She’s going somewhere and it’s noisy (lots of people, public transportation noise, etc.)

When it comes to when to call her, noise is always a bad thing

In all these situations you can forget about having ANY real conversation with her, let alone asking her out on a date! So whenever she does anything I described above, tell her:

“You sound kind of busy, so I’ll let you do your thing and I’ll call you some other time.”

Then hang up. Yes, even before she gets a chance to reply. Because even if she wants to talk to you she can’t because of circumstances. It will be a pain in the ass to try, so don’t even try.

It’s a GREAT way to test if she’s interested in you by the way: does she call you back or text asking why you hung up or saying she does have time to talk? Then you know she wants you.

Anyways, call her again after a couple days so she knows you’re not desperate. Now THAT’S when to call her if she’s busy (distracted), wouldn’t you agree?

When to call her situation 2: she doesn’t pick up the phone at all
When it comes to when to call her, there will always be times when there’s no response.

Don’t freak out over it because everybody has a life. People work, go to college, go see their family, want to stay in shape, etc. So freaking out and calling multiple times will only make you look desperate and it’ll scare women away.

And here’s another don’t of when to call her: if she doesn’t answer the phone, don’t leave a voicemail. She already sees she has a missed call from you, but leaving a voicemail too?
That’s desperate… and less and less people listen to their voicemail anyways nowadays.

Try again after a couple days if you can’t reach her and see what happens then…

One More Thing About Knowing When To Call Her…

Now you know the brutal truth about when to call her you may be wondering HOW to call her.

To be a little more specific: do you want to know how to call her and attract her enough to ask her out and hear a “YES”? And do you want to know the EXACT words you can say to ask her out without much effort?

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To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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