Carlos Xuma On How To Call Women

Hi it’s Carlos Xuma from here and I’d like to share my thoughts on how to call women with you, my techniques for calling a woman if you will.

I’ve worked in call centers and on customer service departments where my job was all about talking to customer after customer on the phone for the majority of my life. The result: having supreme voice control and knowing so many techniques for how to call women that I’ve probably forgotten a couple ones while writing down the ones I’m about to share with you…

Both of these techniques are for displaying confidence and being a playful teaser who doesn’t take her, himself, OR her looks too seriously… and these are qualities that create TONS of attraction. Don’t believe me? Read my articles about creating attraction elsewhere on the site.

You’ll need these qualities for creating attraction, so let’s get right down to some of my most playful techniques for calling women.

How To Call Women

Technique #1: Who’s This?

This one will definitely make her jaw drop to the floor and wonder where you got the balls from to say stuff like that. And afterwards? Afterwards you’ll laugh your ass off for getting away with it every single time you use this technique. It’s just that funny. The goal isn’t to be the comedian though, it’s to display a high level of confidence and to display indifference.

Being indifferent to what a woman or other people will think of you is attractive. It shows that you’re truly being yourself and not trying to get anyone’s approval, unlike the desperate little wussies who shower a woman with compliments, gifts and flowers just to get her approval.

Allow me to give you a powerful example of the power of indifference: bad boys. Bad boys don’t give a crap about what people think or about any of the consequences their actions have. They simply do what they want when they want to do it and this is one of the main reasons for bad boys being so attractive: they have more freedom than most people will ever have, while everybody wants to be completely free.

Now you know the background story, here’s what you need to do if you want to know how to call a girl:

1) Whether she calls you or you call her, start the conversation all surprised: “uhm… hello?”

2) She’ll greet you because it’s the polite thing to do and you respond with “Heyyyyyy…uhm.. YOU” and stretch out that hey for as long as possible, just like you have NO IDEA of what the hell she’s talking about

3) And then you drop the punchline: “who’s this?”

– Silence – and “oh my God… you know who this is! It’s Cindy!” will be how women respond 90% of the time. This technique simply works excellent, especially if you two already spoke on the phone before! I highly recommend you use it. It’s probably the last thing she would expect you to do.

She’ll call you rude, say you’re terrible and all that stuff… but it’s only playing mad. It’s all part of the game.

It takes a lot of balls to ask a beautiful woman who the hell she is and most men simply don’t have the stones for it and because of this display of indifference and confidence she’ll end up chasing YOU. That’s why this technique for how to call women works so well: you show high levels of confidence by doing this.

How To Call Women Technique #2:

Disturbance a.k.a. Bad Reception

This one is probably my favorite because it has many uses. Doesn’t matter how you use the disturbance technique, it’s always to playfully tease a woman so let’s get right to showing examples of it’s many uses:

– You’re talking to her on the phone and she tells you she has achieved something, doesn’t matter what it is: she’s done her homework, she gave a good presentation, she got promoted at work, whatever. As long as it sounds like she’s kinda proud of it, you can accuse her of being arrogant like this “What? Wait! What did you so? I can’t hear you… there’s too much disturbance on the line because of your arrogance storm!”

– You’re talking to a woman on the phone and she wants you to do something, like giving her a kiss, helping her with something, doesn’t matter. As long as she wants you to do or give something you say really loud “WHAT? The reception’s bad. I’m going in a tunnel right…ow! …an’t… ear… you!”

– You’re talking to her on the phone and she’s teasing you back. If you can’t come up with a good reply then simply say: “Let’s pretend there’s some disturbance on the line and that I didn’t hear you!” Guaranteed to create attraction every single time.

– When you’re talking on the phone and YOU want her to do something or give you something, then you can also use the disturbance technique to trick her into giving you more. Say she just gave you a kiss right then you go “hello? Are you still there? I don’t hear anything…” off course she’ll confirm that she’s there, after which you ask her to repeat what she just said… and that means giving you that kiss another time (if she doesn’t just say “I think you were about to give me a kiss?”). And after all that has been said and done you admit: “Thanks for giving me 2 kisses honey! You’re quick to trick… damn… Gotcha!”

One more thing about how to call women: say she doesn’t answer her phone, what can you do? The answer’s simple: follow the instructions I share in my post about what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone!

And that’s all there is to it!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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