Dating success is a lot like the Discovery Channel…

Hi it’s Carlos Xuma from and you wouldn’t believe what I just saw!

Do you ever have one of those lazy days where it takes you like an hour or so to get out of bed and once you do… you get a warm welcome from last night’s alcohol and it feels like a train ran over you?

Anyways, what I always do when my head feels like an over-used railway again is turn on the TV and watch the Discovery Channel. Call me a big nerd for it but I don’t care. Discovery is like magic when you’re dealing with a hangover, plus, you learn something new and totally useless every time!

So, I’m laying there in my Hugh Hefner style, black suede bathrobe on a couch that’s way too big for me alone. Yawning my ass off and enjoying some Kellogs Cornflakes with milk. Discovery time. I turn on the TV and BOOM… there they were…

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An innocent gazelle was grazing on the deserted and warm plains of Africa as an undercover cheetah was sneaking up on him. I’m telling you, that cheetah could pass for a CIA agent or something because the gazelle didn’t notice him until it was almost too late…

The CIA cheetah made one wrong move though, the gazelle spotted him, and started sprinting like crazy! This wasn’t your average every day Olympic sprint either, this was like chasing the world’s fastest sprinter with a sniper rifle or something. No. That little gazelle ran for it’s very life!

And it should, because it’s eat or be eaten for Africa’s wild life. Survival of the fittest all day, every day man. But cheetahs, wow, they can run like hell. They´re so incredibly fast that I don´t ever want to do an Olympic sprint with a cheetah behind me. It got closer and closer, the cheetah was an inch away from the gazelle´s neck…

Then you see it happening in slow motion: the cheetah seems to be extending his paw juuust a little, the gazelle trips and in it´s eyes you can just see the dispair, the drama of knowing it´s the end… and BOOM. Cheetah bites in the gazelle´s neck and it´s outta here, all because it didn´t pay attention.

And, whether you like it or not, meeting and dating women has everything to do with survival of the fittest and almost nothing to do with what Hollywood movies will tell you. For instance: the average attractive woman is approached by different men 6 times every single day!

Biologically speaking, women HAVE to be more selective than men when it comes to attraction and dating simply because they make 1 egg a month and us men make a million sperm cells a day. We can create offspring every day if we want to, women can’t. Robin Baker talks about it in his book Sperm Wars.

What is means is that from a biologival perspective, men in general try to be with as many women as possible… while women try to be with the best man possible. The man who gives their genes the highest chances of survival. Don’t say attraction has nothing to do with that: women’s sexual preference has been based on gene survival for thousands of years.

Do you know what that means? If you don’t create attraction, someone else will and a woman will prefer him. Heck, if you have a girlfriend and don’t create enough attraction, someone else will. It’s why people cheat on each other. The man who gives a woman’s genes the highest chances of survival right now, is the one she will be with… right now.

Now you see why meeting and dating women is about survival of the fittest (candidate for mating), increasing your chances to get women seems like a pretty smart idea doesn’t it? By learning how to create attraction, your genes will literally survive better because your chances with women increase everytime you learn more.

And I can help you with increasing your chances of achieving success with women, success with dating. I have several newsletters with dating tips up and running: 1 for online dating tips, 1 for building confidence, creating attraction, approaching women and so on, and very soon 1 for how to call women.

Signing up means the difference between becoming the gazelle or the cheetah. And a way for becoming the cheetah, the guy who achieves as much dating success with women as he wants…

Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Become the cheetah with my dating newsletters

To More Dating Success,
Carlos Xuma
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Become the cheetah with my dating newsletters

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