Happy Holidays: Here’s Some Free Dating Advice

Dear Friend,

Let me start this email by saying: I wish you happy holidays!

And for all my Christian/Western fans out there: Merry Christmas!

The year 2009 is almost coming to a close, which means reflection time for most people. Time to reflect on what you´ve achieved during the past year: are you one step closer to getting the success you want, did you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, or was it all just one big mess you plan on forgetting as fast as you freaking can?

If you´re still looking to improve things next year, let me cut right to the chase: I´m not the guy to go to for career planning, for creating happy families, for earning you the money to buy a Ferrari and what not… but I CAN help you with getting more dating success and social success in 2010.

And I plan on starting with doing that RIGHT AWAY by pointing you in the direction of some cool sites where you can check out tons and tons of free dating advice that I´m giving away there. I highly recommend you check them out and become a part of the Win With Women Community.

My Blog
Duhhh! Right here on this very blog you can read dozens of my `most sacred` dating articles about building confidence, meeting women online, how to approach a woman, what to say and much, much more… and don´t forget my personal adventures and thoughts I share in my columns either!

HINT: you should leave a comment, because I´ll send you a reward for every comment you post!

My Forum
We as men rarely get the chance to openly discuss dating techniques and all the other how to´s of meeting and dating women. That´s why I started a forum where you can start or respond to topics about creating attraction, sex, calling women, and many other topics. Join the gang of crazy but helpful forum members and discuss everything you want to about women.

My Site
Got some new articles and videos waiting for ya on the site! They´re REALLY good and I´m excited about sharing them with the world. Plus, I´ve also made a little page about my newsletters so you´ll know exactly how you can learn more about any topic around women and dating.

My Facebook Profile
Stories, articles, a look into my personal life, funny videos, insightful videos and links, man… you can find the whole nine yards on my Facebook profile. And if you want some personal advice, just send me a message with your question and I´ll see what I can do because I´ll gladly help you on your way. I update my profile several times a week, just like the blog and the forum, so make sure you stay on top of things because I still have a gazillion insights left to share in 2010!

Enjoy all the insights and techniques you can find on these 4 sites and be sure to have yourself some fun too. Go out and party, enjoy yourself with some good company, go out and approach a woman so you can go on a Christmas date… just have fun!

To A Highly Successful 2010,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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