Real Man Conference Review And Neil Natura’s Speech

Welcome to my review of the Real Man Conference and Neil Natura’s speech in particular. Thanks again for that interview, Neil! So, let’s get to it…

After the Real Man Conference try-out? I just KNEW I had to join in on the fun of the real thing, the full package and as such…here it is: the review of the FULL Real Man Conference 2008…

The Setting

Before I go into how one after another speak BLEW our minds until we -at the end of the day- LITERALLY looked like our minds were blown (lol!)…I just HAVE to say something about the whole setting.

First of all: the Amsterdam Rai was easy to find and easily reachable by train/car/bicycle/bus and whatever the hell else you came in on…the entry didn’t take long, the personnel was friendly and the hall was BIG. What I DID notice however, was that there were two cuties behind the bar serving us drinks and I saw NO ONE approach them…while there were in total 500 guys who’re there to meet women, lol! So I was bullshitting with them about how the coffee at events always has almost NO cafeine in it (which makes it garbage) and other things, ordered a ‘cup of garbage’ and later on got some sandwiches for 2 euros…only to find out that all the other guys were paying € 3,80 for those! I spent 20 euros on food and drinks, so when I look at the American economy right now…I wonder who went bankrupt because of “Fortune 500 Sandwiches”, lol!

Secondly, there were 25 different nationalities present at the Real Man Conference but nevertheless it didn’t feel like a bunch of people AT ALL, on the contrary: everybody was understanding towards and connecting with everybody, the breaks were FILLED with VERY interesting conversations among visitors and the whole vibe was one of brotherhood…of brotherly love! I learned just as much in all of the breaks combined as I did during ALL of the speeches combined…I’m NOT kidding!

So who did I meet then? Next to various guru’s (more on that later) I met a personal development coach with his own Anthony Robbins stand, people of the forums: micams (French), Egregius (Dutch) and naturalway (Irish), I got a fella named Booster (Dutch) from another forum to come to the RMC, I met almost ALL of the guys that were at the try-out of the Conference, I met an experienced social anxiety coach (Dutch), I met a former dating coach (Dutch) turned game history expert and TONS and TONS of other Dutch guys, German guys etc. etc. I had a BLAST with all of them and organized a meeting with most of them in the near future! Some of the topics discussed were: the history of the industry, language barriers and game, sticking points at different stages of success, how to never have awkward silences or difficulty opening by using your passions, etc. etc. Some of you pointed out to me that I gave them the missing piece of the puzzle through my advice…that means a lot to me my friends!

Now…let’s dive into the speakers of Day 1 of the Real Man Conference, shall we?

But before I do, I have to say: you can find ALL of the videos of speeches I’m talking about in the following part by going to

Select the video you wish, right click, save as…and you’re good to GO!

The Speakers

Some of the speakers gave LEGENDARY speeches. Not just because they were punched in the face for escalating a date or wearing a mistletoe belt buckle around their waiste, lol! NO,
EVERYBODY brought POWERFUL insights and valuable realizations to the table in his/their own unique way…and I want to dive into them a little bit. How? I made notes of most of it in MY own unique way…but than I’m talking about writing in fucking hieroglyphics just to keep up with how fast some of these guys talked, lol!

Zan Perrion at the Real Man Conference

Me & Egregius (forum member of were talking to Zan for a while during one of the breaks, so E asked something to the extent of how did you deal with your height? So Zan & us, compared to Western European standards he’s TINY, talked about how he would actually be one of the GIANTS in Italy, or Japan, etc. meaning even insecurities are RELATIVE. Say you’re “a big momma”, did you know that they think big girls are absolutely beautiful and that they dislike “starvin marvin” ones in Morocco and a whole BUNCH of other countries? I rest my case guys…insecurities are just perceptions of the mind based on a lack of wholeness.

Anyways…his speech:

– You need to create beauty wherever you go, because beauty needs a witness and you’re accountable for that. And when you don’t? You fail HER. Why only create beauty with a Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Lopez or whatever look-a-like, that’s DOING something, not BEING something! But we’re affraid of being, because we’re taught we’re not good enough so we put on fake personas with women to ‘be the cool guy’ instead being the same ridiculously funny, interesting guy we are when we’re around our buddies. That was when I realized: most men play DOZENS of roles everyday…the employee, the son, the student, the friend, the cool guy and it’s NOT authentic! Why do they do it? Because they don’t have a center of gravity, an independent core that’s indifferent about validation. We seek to be appealing to the standard, the average and therefore the majority…while excellence is in the extremities my friends. Let’s relate it to approval: if the majority is average and you are excellent, should you mind their boo’s and haha’s? Think about it…maybe someone gives DISSapproval because you’re WAY outside their comfort zone, but is that YOUR fault than?…

– You should design not react. Do you drive or are you driven? He said we need to be able to CHOOSE, instead of letting our obligations like our homework, our jobs, our bills and so much more get in the way of taking the path that gives us the best memories. We’re all about I’ll do this and that to make sure blabla so many years later, fuck that! Do it NOW, don’t seduce later, do it now!

– Universal truth: If you keep doing what you’ve always done…you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got so it’s time for a CHANGE. Drop the front and be authentic by bowing before something that’s BIGGER than you (a purpose greater than yourself), instead of bowing before the general opinion.

– Meeting women techniques: don’t talk confrontational, talk openly, WITH her by giving her space and not trapping her. You can do this by standing next to her instead of face to face, and it prevents her from feeling cornered. If you get a girl’s number or mail and leave them in the dark about your intentions (what you’re going to do with it) she’ll consider it as playing games the longer she waits…and flake, while there are NO flakes if you tell them what you’re going to do with it. Added advantage: if you tell her you’re going to call her tomorrow, think about it…she’ll get more excited by the hour, more curious because she knows THAT you’ll call, but not WHEN = building tension guys!

I also made two videos of him talking, and I highly recommend you check them out! I also made one before of him talking about us being champions at the Try-Out of the RMC. And if you want more, than DEFINITELY check out his bootcamps. When you meet him, there’s no ‘I’m a seduction God’ ego there…just another real man, confident in his skin and a LOT of wisdom. When you’re reading this: thumbs up on your naturalgame forums buddy, no macho bullshit there…but all VERY deep, almost philosophical natural game minds man! For all my dear readers out there, just join me (my nickname there is Dirty D) at and see for yourself…

The Germans at the Real Man Conference

You know what’s funny? Skulls, Babu & Tap talked about how you need to find a stupid excuse to get her back home with you, the silver and upwards memberships etc. and were burned to the ground by the audience that day. Although they showed they didn’t get being authenthic, genuine works BETTER than doing what they do (if that wouldn’t work at all, would they really be THAT big in Germany? Don’t think so!)…the audience ALSO showed they didn’t get something Zan and a LOT of others talked about: indifference of the outcome.

You know what? I laughed my ass off during their presentation and would actually like to thank them…because I was one of the few who understood they DID teach by showing us bad things. Most guys, when having an interaction with a woman where they DON’T get the number, end up thinking very negatively about it instead of realizing it’s an opportunity for learning! If you reflect on it afterwards, you’ll see how they’re things you DID do well, how there are things you need to improve some more AND how that are TOTALLY new things you can learn. Like Zan said before, this means all of a sudden EVERY interaction becomes a GOOD thing…because there’s neither good, nor bad, only learning. Same goes for these speakers.Why?

Simply: the Germans brought us a negative interaction from which we can learn TOO… namely how NOT to do it! In fact, they showed us a whole SYSTEM of allll dont’s!
So thanks guys!

Neil Natura at the Real Man Conference

I’m not going to talk THAT much about Neil Natura in my review, why? Because I did TWO videos of him talking AND an almost half hour long interview! More on that one later.

Did Neil Natura bring high energy to the table or WHAT? When those special break girls were moving their hips (hayyy…twist that ass miss ebony! oopsy…my bad, did I say that out loud?) he got on stage and joined them, partying like there’s no tomorrow…funny thing was: almost no one knew who he was back than! But more on him being spontaneous later, lol!

The speech Neil Natura gave:

– One of the KEY insights he taught was: know WHAT you want and WHY you want it, the HOW doesn’t even matter. I noticed how this came across too abstract for some, so let me put it this way: if you’re a married family man that got lost after a plane crash who really wants to get home because inspiring his son to be a better man than he ever was and he’ll DIE if he doesn’t…does it really matter whether he’s lost in the desert, the jungle or on the Northpole? NO, the only thing that matters is the IF he gets home by GOING for it…picking up whatever tool he finds along the way.

– Neil Natura’s 3 steps to mastery: 1) find the right role model (success models that you can imitate, than innovate), 2) total immersion (doing it everyday proactively and staying on that path) and 3) revisit once in a while (reflect: what did I learn? what can I improve? etc.). A little more background: I met 5 to 6 role models in the same period of my life and befriended them and while I was hanging around with them they approached con-stant-ly, EVERYWHERE! 20 numbers a day, going home with 5 girls at the same time with the same desire…those kinds of things. I was getting one number a day, maybe, but by totally immersing myself in that I was stimulated to grow by SEEING what they did, THEN how it worked, imitated it, experienced things because of it which I reflected on, which made me understand WHY it worked…until I was doing the exact same thing as they were!

Don’t scream we want more now!…as my way of making up for the short part above here I want to ask you this: have you EVER had the fantasy of screwing a girl’s brain out the same day you met her? And did you ever thought that is SO much harder to do than doing it ‘the regular way’? Than you should go to and check it out, it’s Neil Natura’s way of how to get “Same Day Lays” (sleep with her the same day you meet her). It also goes into why vision is important WAY more extensively!

As for the interview with Neil Natura: I’m a high energy guy myself and go with the flow whenever, wherever just like Neil so…I prepared around 15 questions for my buddy there but we never went past number three or so because we were having WAY too much fun, lol! We were just living the moment “freestyling” more questions than and there. All of a sudden Neil’s crazy brother was on it, I showed him how I realized total immersion with my goals (I just grabbed my journal and showed it), Neil himself was moonwalking a couple of seconds, Pim (SmoothDoc) was on there too, and when I told Neil I liked to ‘freestyle’ interviews and just see where they end up? He asked me if I could freestyle, as in…rap freestyle, lol! Next thing HE took the camera… and I was freestyling in Dutch something like:

“Je denkt je staat aan top, maar je staat pas aan de voet van de berg,
want op de hoogte zijn doe je net zo goed als een dwerg”

Which you can’t really translate in English because of the wordplay, but the whole point is: do you see how much fun you can have with THEM (women), and for YOU…when you just live the moment, go with the flow and are being spontaneous, being your TRUE self? It was crazy AND filled with powerful insights instead of just doing some scripted blabla questions! So thanks for the interview, Neil Natura.

***NOTE*** And if you want to get the combination code to unlock the secret strategies of a member of an elite circle of master seducers, then you can get your rite of passage HERE 


Johnny Soporno at the Real Man Conference

Tony Soprano uhh..I mean Johnny, was voted best speaker of the RMC 2008, yet he took it very carefree, mellow, but happy…typical Johnny. Now this guy is witty like no other, and most of the men I spoke to on the Conference weren’t sure whether Johnny’s speech OR his Q&A (question and answers) was best.It was funny how mister red horns and/or mistletoe belt was around most of the time, but had to get going to get some food everytime I wanted to do an interview, lol! Did I scare you there buddy? No hard feelings though, a man’s gotta eat sometime doesn’t he? In fact, most of us were STARVING…BOTH days.

His revelations:

– He talked about how society has programmed women to be either sluts (women who sleep with men for nothing), ho’s (women who sleep with men because…’he took me on a fancy trip to Rome’) and contract whores (women who rarely make sex with them available and ask a VERY high price: a lifetime of security). He went on to say how women are taught by society that they shouldn’t make sex freely available or else they’re sluts…but if a woman makes up her own mind, has she lost her self respect? Off course NOT! Us men don’t, sho why should women be viewed that way? Because society has built a framework that doesn’t apply to women. In fact, marriage is taught so men can believe their children are their own…because research has shown that more than HALF of the couples cheat on each other, regardless of whether or not they’re married.

– He said something VERY powerful about jealousy & giving them choices: jealousy is an ego problem, because you think that when you open up your life and let a woman choose, you think she WON’T choose you = a lack of confidence my friends! So we should give the opportunity to choose, but lead the choice…and remember that you should NOT confuse having a relationship with ownership guys.

– He said that men in the beginning buy a girl flowers, candy, chocolate etc. and do all kinds of things to show their love AND to have fun with them…and when they “get the girl” they stop thinking they have “arrived”. Still they wonder why a woman leaves them…but it’s because if you present yourself differently from who you are, she’ll get something else than she expects which WILL get you in trouble. That’s why you need to have a take it or leave it attitude: this is me, I’m genuine and if you don’t like the fact that I do or dislike this or that? Leave it! So if she’ll KNOW we’re presenting ourself differently from who we are, than “successful PUA” is the best new oxymoron (example: military intelligence) of the millenium! Why? Because doing a series of PUA methods/techniques (kino, push & pull, etc.) is NOT being yourself.

To most of my new friends (everyone I’ve met there) Johnny had a paradigm TOTALLY different from their own, so if you’re still wondering where he’s coming from you should check out my two video’s of Soporno talking..OR go to for around 6 hours of free video’s! He also has another site at if you REALLY think his speech was mindblowing, and to be brutally honest: it was.

Orlando Owen at the Real Man Conference

Orlando, the American from Germany (how’s THAT for an oxymoron? lol!), came across like a deep, spiritual individual and I know he taught a LOT with his mind-body awareness exercises!

A relaxed, humble kinda guy however, I like that.

But how was his speech?

– He talked about qualities that make you a “magic male”: what makes a man a man, ultra inner game, radical presence, play not game, being a masterful lover and magnetic attraction. Now he talked about how you should move from head to heart to sexuality for radical presence, which he proved with an AMAZING mind-body awareness exercise. He got 3 people from the public on stage and let them approach two girls he brought, who needed to comment on how they perceived each guy. All three had bad posture: the shoulders were not held back, the feet were very close to each other and not firmly apart, they breathed shallow, they smiled nervously, the hands were not under control, etc. was was UNcomfortable for the girls and also boring. Now this caused the stability of the mind & body to be low with both the guys AND girls: you pushed them a little and they almost fell..even the girls! Then Orlando whispered intentions into their ears and the guys had to do it all over again, and guess what? just the THOUGHT of intention changed HER body language…the guys were more stable AND this stability was projected ONTO the girls! In other words: your intentions and how you feel are projected onto the world…which will ALWAYS reflect it back. If you feel sexy, attraction? She will too! This was the living proof of why ASSUMING attraction works!

Orlando also talked about how everyone stumbles across an obstacle on their journey that stopts them, because most men don’t stand for nothing, therefore fall for everything. You need to be part of a greater good, have a vision, instead of having things to fall back on (= comfort zone!) so get out of that comfort zone. Around 1500 they thought the earth was flat and the centre of the universe, opposition was killed..and guess how that turned out? You need to move to a round world view and get on that next level of thinking! And if you have a vision and thus know where you’re going…how can you ever get lost?

For more, go and check out his materials if you still want more there buddy! He was one of the lowest energy guys while talking there, yet he was VERY fascinating when it came to the stability of the body & the mind and the exercise that was about raising an issue. Totally unexpected, yet nicely done there Orlando!

LondonSoul & Keychain

Most guys didn’t even know what they looked like just like in the case of Neil Natura, but he was on the balcony of the theatre quite some time before he did his speech. Moral of the story: don’t judge other men based on looks, caus’ he might be a dating guru, lol! Both had some funny stories to share with typical British humor, and they shared some ROCK SOLID rules when it comes to Day Game (LondonSoul’s expertise!). In fact, I have some articles of LondonSoul about Day Game…so just send me a mail with your address if you want to know more about it!

So what was his soulfull speech allll about?

LondonSoul talked about emotions, one of the more overlooked topics in the community yet if she says something you don’t like and lose control of your emotions, what happens? Exactly! If you get an outcome you don’t like and lose control of your emotions, what happens? Exactly: bad things! So an emotionally powerful man can accept his emotions, regulate his emotions and embrace them. Some religions cry out why do we deserve this when a disaster happens and don’t accept their emotions…while taoism says: there’s no good without bad, there wouldn’t be no light without dark. So it exists so you can tell them apart, therefore you need to accept both good and bed feelings they’re OKAY. When it comes to regulating emotions: you can’t really control them, but you can regulate your exposure to them by expressing how you feel. Embracing emotions is all about taking healthy action on how you feel, so instead of replying negative by staying home…go out having fun while mimicking those that are successfull. Most men tend to think of emotions negatively, approach anxiety for example, is a negative assessment. You can turn these negative assessments into positive interpretations however, and in the case of AA this would mean “I’m nervous because I like her, so when I become nervous I know I like her.”

– Another VALUABLE thing he said about emotions in comfort was: do you genuinely listen or are you waiting for your turn to speak? Listen to her, emphasize with her and reassure her instead of waiting for your turn.

– KEY insight about escalation: 99% of the men doesn’t ask themselves what she’s doing next and, instead, rationalize how attracted she is (try to calibrate it and respond to her) instead of taking action THEMSELVES. If you take action yourself, she has the option to say no. Always be escalating, because when you escalate and she doesn’t comply (follow your lead) the attraction does NOT decrease. You won’t lose it, she’s just not ready so if you continue it’ll increase. And if she doesn’t respond to your escalation (in neither a positive NOR negative way), it means you can go on and she isn’t bothered by it!

I really liked his view on escalation and Day Game, and if you would like to see more of those than I think you need to check out You know what? You can also see my two videos about his view on Day Game, among other things!

So far for Day 1 guys…you can see my videos of ALL the other speakers by visiting the link at the beginning of this article. ENJOY!

One more thing: although the Real Man Conference was awesome, the organizers (the Dating Doctors) aren’t that awesome. There are multiple things they’re doing wrong actually, and I’ve covered them in my special blog post about the Dating Doctors (click the link.)

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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P.P.S. if you want Day 2 too, well, you should’ve been there my friend, I’m here to review and not to be sued by 12 dating gurus at once, lol…

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