Announcing The Calling Women And Texting Women Program!

It’s time to make this official: the Calling Women and Texting Women Program is almost here. Keep reading to find out more about this new Program of mine…

If you’ve been reading the emails I’ve sent you during the last 2 weeks, then you probably already had a feeling that something was coming… and you were right!

I’m almost finished making what I call the Calling Women And Texting Women Program.

The Calling Women And Texting Women Program will show you how to get women’s phone numbers without much effort… and it gets dates with interesting women for you during the FIRST phonecall.

It reveals what to do with voicemails, how to create attraction over the phone, why women don’t call back, and much, much more.

In short: I’m trying to solve every single problem with calling women and texting women I have heard about from you in your emails!

Want To Know More? See The Trailer Of The Program:

The trailer gives you a better idea of what’s inside and a sneak preview of one of my tips…

Note: I announced the Program on Youtube first 10 minutes ago, but now the Youtube server seems to be crashing whenever someone plays the trailer. Didn’t know I could crash a Youtube video with popularity! But if the trailer doesn’t work on Youtube, go see it here:

Like what you see? Yes?

Then you’re probably wondering…

When Can You Get It?

You can get it all on Sunday, July 4, 2010…

And during the next couple of days I will show you more of the features and benefits of the Calling Women and Texting Women Program.


I’ve been spending so much time on creating the Program WITH you that I’ll HATE myself if I don’t ask you this question:

Do you have any last-minute “mission critical” insights and techniques you believe should be included when the Program goes live?

I want to help you get better at getting women’s phone numbers. I want you to get better at calling women and getting dates when you call them.

So send your email to [email protected] and tell me right now what you think MUST BE IN THE PROGRAM.

Want to know a secret?

I’m also talking to several of the best dating coaches in the world to get them to give you some of their dating advice for free together with my Program.

Dating guru Carlos Xuma has already agreed to work with me to show you what works with women in his opinion…

Formhandle, the guy behind the largest site about seduction in the world ( is also willing to give away some of his stuff.

I’ll do my absolute best to get other dating coaches on board as well, because I genuinely want to help you have as much success with meeting and dating women as humanly possible!

I’m about to leave… a group of my friends wants to get together and do a marathon watching session of The Sopranos.

I’m happy to join them, because Tony Soprano the mobster boss? He’s my hero, lol!

In my opinion, The Sopranos is one of the best television shows ever made. You should watch it some time. It has it all: drugs, romance, violence, conspiracies, drama…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Want more awesome tips about what I talked about just now? About how to call women and text women and get a date out of it, and more? Then click here now to check out my How To Text Girls Newsletter.

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