Something BIG is coming…

Thank you Alex, Jim, Carl, Eric, Yussef and Robert for sharing your biggest challenges with getting women’s phone numbers, calling women, and texting women.

And thank you too Naveen: although you asked me for help with a COMPLETELY different problem than I asked feedback for? I’m still going to help you. But next time? Watch your ass or I’ll come and get you, lol!

And if you’re reading this and also want to know how I can help YOU with calling women and texting women?

Simply send an email to [email protected] NOW and tell me what your biggest issues with phones and women are. I will do everything in my damn power to help you!

Here’s a little bit of the feedback I’ve received the last 2 days:

“Hi Carlos! I seek womans numbers but don’t know how to get them. I can talk to women and make them laugh. Now I want tips for getting number after I talked long enough. Can you assist me?”
— Kumar from India

“You asked me what I think should be a topic you need to give advice about. Here’s one Carlos: please tell me if it’s better to get a woman’s email or a woman’s phone number. And how do I know the email or number she gives me is real and not faked?”
— Terry from Salt Lake City, USA

Appreciate you reaching out to me Kumar and Terry 🙂 but hey…

Are you wondering why I’m asking you to share your biggest problems with getting women’s phone numbers, calling women, and texting women?

Here’s WHY I’m asking for feedback…

This is the BIG thing that’s coming…

I have received TONS of emails from guys just like you who want me to help them with their phone problems. They want to know how to call women, or how to ask for a number…

And the number of emails is in the HUNDREDS, it’s CRAZY! I originally wanted to make a big video for you and everyone else, but now I see hundreds of emails? Now that I see how many men have problems with calling women?

I have decided to develop a product that satisfies the needs I’ve been hearing about. A product that solves the problems you and every other Win With Women fan have shared with me.

YES, I am actually listening to what YOU want to know from me about calling women. And YES, I will include ALL of it in my product.

So, can you send your email to [email protected] and tell me what should be in my product about calling women that will satisfy your needs the best? What do YOU need help with?

What should I include in my work that helps you solve your problems with getting women’s phone numbers and calling women? Tell me more…

Because I listen. Hell, let me show you how I have been listening to my fans and customers:

1) Going from talking to calling

Both Eric and Kumar (and AT LEAST a dozen other men) told me that they’re starting to understand how to talk to women. But they still have problems with getting women’s phone numbers, so guess what?

I wrote 22 pages for you that are about: how NOT to get a woman’s phone number, what the right way to get a number is, how to write a phone number down in a way that makes her remember you… AND…

If it’s better to get her email or her number, if it’s better to get her number or an instant date, how to test if it’s a fake phone number… and so much more…

All the 22 pages will be included in the product so there’s NO WAY IN HELL that you WON’T get a woman’s phone number after reading my tips.

2) Going from calling to dating

Both Alex and Carl (and a lot of other dudes) have sent me emails asking me how to go from calling a woman to taking her on a date, so guess what?

I created a 30-minute long video that’s strictly about how to take action during a phonecall. It shows you how to call women and get a date during the first phonecall. It shows you how to go from: “Hey, remember me?” to… “Let’s grab a drink in club XYZ, I will pick you up at 10.”

And here’s a nice little “surprise”…

I am including the 22 pages on how to get women’s phone numbers AND the 30-minute long video about how to get a date during a first call in my product about calling women and texting women…

I want to be 100% sure that my dating advice will help YOU with what YOU need help with. These 2 parts of the product I revealed are just the start…

And I don’t want to listen to myself talk all day, no I just want to help you the best I can. Help me help you:

Send an email to [email protected] right away and please share with me what you think should definitely be in my product about calling women and texting women.

I’m tired of the dating coaches and “gurus” that create products for things they THINK you need help with. They create ebooks and DVDs without even ASKING what you need help with. But how can they now what kind of dating advice you need when they have never talked to you?

This is me, Carlos Xuma, talking to you about what advice you need.

I only want to give tips that are useful to you, that will help YOU get women. So: calling women, texting women, how to talk on the phone… what do you want to know more about?

What parts are still missing in my product about calling women? Speak up!

I would like to end this email with a confession: this severe coffee addict was having a hard time during the last couple of days…


Because my damn coffee machine broke down! And the new one I got to replace it? It never saw the light of day: that piece of worthless garbage was dead on arrival… lame!

So after puking my BEYOND playful teasing comments all over the customer service of the coffee machine maker? I can now finally drink my black gold with sugar again… so I’m out of here, bye!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it. If you want to learn how to get a date with your phone all the time, then get instant access to more tips by signing up for our FREE How To Text Girls Insider.

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