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Hi there! It´s Carlos Xuma here with another update of what´s happening inside the Win With Women Community, so here´s the forum news:

Win With Women Forum – How To Text Women Topic
Forum member RockyJJP shared some valuable concepts about how to send text messages to women, after which an entire gang of other members shared their favorite techniques. If you have trouble going from getting phone numbers to getting dates, then I highly recommend you check out this topic. And oh, ´phone game´ lovers can eat their hearts out in this topic too!

How To Text Women Topic

Win With Women Forum – Meeting Women Through Your Social Circle
I started a new forum where everyone can share their techniques for the most common way for men to meet women: through their social circle! Only this time, I (and the other forum members) will share the RIGHT way to do it with you and there are already some very interesting topics up and running. Check them out via the link below:

Meeting Women Through Your Social Circle Forum

A Success Story You Should Read, NOW
Forum member King Tom shares an amazing story in his `whoop whoop` report as he calls it: the story of how he met, dated, and had sex with a girl thanks to tailoring to her fantasies… one of my ´golden oldies` dating techniques. You can learn a ton just by reading how he did it and who knows… maybe you can ´score´ on your second date from here on out just like King Tom did.

King Tom´s Topic

Win With Women Dating Tips Newsletters
If you liked what you´ve read so far on my blog, then you´ll definitely like what I have to say in my newsletters. Inside, I answer questions of readers by giving them valuable insights and techniques to work with, give the word to readers who like to share their success stories after applying my dating techniques, and much more. I have newsletters about meeting women online, inner game (building confidence) and other things, and on this part of the forum you can see how you can sign up, discuss newsletters… ahh heck, just see for yourself by clicking the link below!

Dating Tips Newsletters Forum

So what do you think should be on the forum? What´s missing? What kind of topics do you want more information about? Tell me in your comment by posting a comment below…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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