Did I CRASH Youtube last Sunday? (This is WEIRD)

Want to know something that’s both funny and weird? I’ve watched myself a whole lot of Youtube in my lifespan BUT… I never saw it coming…

What I never expected was that 1 video is actually able to crash the Youtube servers! I never knew that could happen…

You see, only minutes after I put the trailer for the Calling Women And Texting Women Program on Youtube? Youtube crashed for several minutes!

Youtube kept crashing and crashing every time I tried to watch the trailer… it kept failing to laod and crash for several minutes… can you believe it?

THAT’S how popular the trailer was!

So, in case you suffered from the crash and haven’t seen the trailer yet?

Click the link below right away to check out the Calling Women And Texting Women Program trailer:


And in case Youtube crashes (again), go here instead to watch it:


Another weird thing happened with Youtube: the calling women trailer went from 513 views to 5 views to 30 views. That all happened within minutes… strange huh?

Thanks everyone that emailed me after watching the trailer! I got more than 40 emails…

And I live on your support. I will include all the problems with calling women you need help with. Everything you emailed and called me about will be in this stuff.

Here are some of the reactions to the trailer and me announcing the Calling Women And Texting Women Program:

“Got a question: where can I buy it?? I wanna buy it homz!! I cant wait because I suck at calling chicks. I Like ur advice amigo so tell me when and where.”
— Diego S, from I think it’s Mexico?

“Sorry mate, but I am skeptical of new products. I am a fellow who wants to see others prove it works first before I pay for anything. But if it’s true that you also give tricks for texting women? I want to know more. And if you really include how to use your phone to get more than one date and how to use it for approaching girls? Then I am definitely interested.”
— Cedrick from Bristol, United Kingdom

“This is a must have bro!”
— Peter from New York City, USA

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm AND concerns with the world guys 🙂

Around 40 emails and crashing Youtube servers for several minutes, things will probably get insane when my material goes live.

With all this crazyness already going on? I really wonder what’s going to happen on Sunday, July 4th when the Program is launched…

I just hope Win-With-Women.com will stay online long enough the 4th of July so people can actually order my tips for calling women and texting women!

I’ve got other news as well… you’ll LOVE this. Hear it is…

It’s news from…

Some Of The Best Dating Coaches In The World:

Last time I mentioned that dating gurus Carlos Xuma and Formhandle will give away some of their advice FOR FREE together with the Calling Women And Texting Women Program.

But even more dating coaches have joined the gang and will give away some of their stuff for free after some persuasion by me. See the list with your own eyes:

– Carlos Xuma (one of the most famous dating gurus in the world)
– Formhandle (guy behind the biggest seduction site in the world)
– Simon Heong (bad boy expert)
– Shane Stanfield (guru of the psychology behind attraction)
– Brandon Rendon (meeting women online veteran)
– Bobby Rio (expert of conversational techniques)

It took quite some time to get Carlos, Formhandle, Simon, Shane, Brandon and Bobby on board… but I did it! And together? Together they will give you an ARMY OF BONUSES.

Together they will give you 30+ valuable bonuses filled with dating tips about the topics they’ve mastered if you get my Program.

I’m really happy that I can make this possible for you. I just want to OVERDELIVER value to you. I just want to make my materials worth your time and energy.

Now, the dating coaches I summed up only want to give some of their best dating tips away for a SHORT period of time…

It almost seems like these guys are greedy with their tips!

Anyways, 8 hours after the Program is launched? I already have to stop giving away some of these awesome bonuses. These dating coaches only want me to give away their material for a limited time: less than 1 day.

That means you need to be fast with getting your copy or you will miss out on a lot of value, lots of free advice… and I don’t want you to miss ANYTHING!

More information about when which bonuses are gone will come soon…

Stay tuned for more information about the what, the when and the where of the Calling Women And Texting Women Program.

And now…

I’m off to watch the Karate Kid (remake). I have high expectations, probably because I’m a movie junkie and a MAJOR martial arts fan.

No one comes close to Bruce Lee, but Karate Kid was still kind of a classic.

So let’s just hope that Hollywood didn’t screw this remake up just like they screw up most remakes…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it. If you want to learn how to get a date with your phone all the time, then get instant access to more tips by signing up for our FREE How To Text Girls Insider.

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