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You can find tips on how to call women everywhere, but not tips on when to call, what to say, attracting women, and getting dates. Until now…

Because below, you can read my blog posts on how to call women which cover all aspects of doing it: when to call, what to say when you call women, how to ask them out, and so on.

Find out what most men will never know about how you can call women in one of the blog posts of your liking below…

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When to Call Girls and HOW to Call Her: 5 Tricks

When it comes to the phone, women are the master of the game. They spend way more time than guys do on them, whether it’s Tweeting, texting, Facebooking, or talking to their BFF.

It’s hard to compete.

So I say DON’T even try… Instead, you only need to know how to navigate and negotiate with her Digital Bouncer.


It’s true – her little smartphone is now her personal electronic bodyguard. And unless you know how to get past her gatekeeper, you could find yourself struggling to connect with every woman you meet.

So let’s dig into these 5 tricks you can use to get past her Bouncer and into her life. (And maybe – shhh…. into her bed.)

First – Do you call her right away?

TRICK 1: Use the “reconnection text”

Let’s say you got her number using my tips and tricks. You used my sure-fire number closer and now you’ve got the digits.

What now?

Well, the first thing you should do is to text her a quick message, preferably near the end of the evening. If you met her in a social situation of some kind, you want to make sure you’re on …

How To Call Her And Get A Date With 7 Simple Steps

It’s one thing to get tips for how to call her and get a date, another to know EXACTLY what to do every step of the way. Learn every step today!

Let’s cut what happens when you call her into little pieces, see what goes where and why, and put it all back together again so you know how to call her and get what you want.

It’s not often that I do this, but since most regular guys like you and me ask a girl for her number and then want to know everything there is to know about how to call her so we can’t screw up?

I thought I’d give it a try. Here we go!

How To Call Her: Initial Anxiety

The first stage of figuring out how to call her is all about getting past the initial anxiety.

It’s when you get nervous and start sweating the moment the phone starts dialing… duuuu… duuuu… and then she answers the phone (or not).

Let’s assume she answers the phone so I can show you how to call her by overcoming your stage fright.

Do you start to ask yourself if you have something witty to say …

When To Call Her So She Answers The Phone And Dates You

If you don’t know when to call her and get a date after getting her number, then check out my tips for when to call that get you the girl every time!

First, we have to bust a myth about when to call her that has existed for ages which will actually DESTROY your chances of getting her… and we don’t want that now, do we?

Then, we’ll look at when to call her so she answers the phone and dates you in multiple situations. Because let’s face it: no hot chick is the same.

And giving you 1 technique that works in every single situation would be foolish because there is NO technique like that (although other dating coaches try to make you believe there is)…

So I want to be 100% sure that you can get a date when you call her no matter what the f*ck was happening when you met her… and no matter what the f*ck is happening in her life right now.

That’s right, I’ll be throwing some foul language at you, but it’s for your own good. Someone has to give you the brutal truth about when to call her and I’m that …