How To Call A Girl And Easily Ask Her Out

Not knowing how to call a girl and get a date, isn’t it annoying as hell? So, it’s time to learn the REAL way of how to call girls and ask them out today!

Because let’s face it: what’s the use of getting a girl’s number when you don’t know how to call a girl afterwards?

That’s why I want to show you how to call a girl 2-3 times max and end up with a date, even if your conversational skills suck BIG TIME. And guess what? There will be…

No incredibly looong lines to say. No hypnosis-like nonsense. Just a natural way to do it.

The Win With Women way of how to call a girl. Here we go!

How To Call A Girl: 3 Simple Rules Every Guy Needs To Follow

Look, I’ve been showing men how to meet and date girls for over 3 years now. I’ve coached many guys (in the thousands) in clubs and what not… and let me tell you this:

Men screw up more phone calls than they screw up first conversations with girls.

So, it’s critical that you follow these rules for how to call a girl if you’re serious about achieving lasting dating success:

1) When you call a girl and do well, the game is far from over. Realize calling girls is a means to an end: you call to get a date. You DON’T call because you “just wanted to say hi”. Ask girls out in as few calls as possible.

2) If you want to learn how to call a girl and almost immediately get a date, then know that how long you call a girl is irrelevant. Creating attraction when calling is irrelevant too, because all you need to do is give her a reason to hang up and talk to you in real life = a date!

3) You’re not a complete and utter failure when she says “No.” You’re a failure when you stop calling a girl because getting to “YES” starts with hearing “NO!” Hell, persistence shows a girl you have a genuine interest in her. That she wasn’t a random chick you were trying to pick up, even if she was 😉

I want to emphasize here that NOT following the rules for how to call a girl stated above means facing the consequences…

And the consequences will be something like Brad Pitt kicking your ass all over your local sidewalk, just like in Fight Club…

Learn how to call a girl below

Metaphorically speaking of course 🙂

And now you know the rules of how to call a girl, it’s time to see them in action. Yeah, that’s right, I heard you thinking:

“Nice! But how do I put them into practice? Give me techniques for how to call a girl Carlos!”

And to quote that smart ass, green little midget from Star Wars like the movie junkie I am:

Give tricks about how to call girls, I will.

How To Call A Girl And Get A Date: Tricks Of The Trade…

I know hearing you need to ask girls out in as few calls as possible may sound difficult, but it actually isn’t. It’s all about calling a girl and giving her reasons to come see you face-to-face.

Learning how to call a girl is about learning how to make her realize that calling doesn’t make sense anymore. That the only logical thing to do, now, is to meet up with you.

Meanwhile, you cleverly avoid what happens to most guys who call girls: they call, the girls don’t have much fun talking, so they lose momentum AND, in the end, the girl.

But I promised you techniques and here they are:

How to call a girl trick #1
“What are you doing right now? Nothing? Then let’s meet up before you transform into an evil couch potato that eats children.” You can use this one without the evil potato part by the way, lol!

Most guys are all anxious about how to call a girl and what to say, instead of worrying about what to ask. Ask what she’s doing right now.

Often it’s nothing, because otherwise she wouldn’t be talking to you, would she?

How to call a girl trick #2
“You know what? I know this great place where they have the most amazing XYZ. Come check it out!”

You can replace the XYZ with anything when calling a girl: coffee, animals, ice sculptures, spaghetti, Latin music, chocolate, poetry. Anything goes, except porn.

How to call a girl trick #3
“I have this awesome XYZ lying around here somewhere. Let me show it to you over coffee!”

It’s a variation of the technique for how to call a girl above where you replace XYZ with anything worth showing to her. It can be ANY object that has an awesome story to it.

It works best when you bring it up when she mentions something related. If she talks about sports, bring up your surfboard. Music? Guitar. Childhood? Baby photos. Travelling? Pictures of vacations…

You just learned how to call a girl and get dates with vacation photos

I think you get the idea.

How to call a girl trick #4
“I have to go now, but you know what? Let’s continue this conversation over some coffee soon like normal people do.”

The reason why you’d say this when calling a girl is obvious: you indirectly say she’s a f-ing weirdo if she declines. Blackmailing? Perhaps. But effective? Hell yeah!

There’s more on how to call a girl below, so keep reading…

How To Call A Girl And Date Her, Even If It’s “NO” At First

Not only does persistence show you have a genuine interest when you’re calling a girl, it’s also using female psychology “against” a girl.

I can’t count all the times where a girl told me I’m everything BUT her type, that I’m an asshole, that I suck, or whatever… where I ended up dating her.

You see, girls will only take the next step of getting intimate with you when they feel comfortable enough. Them saying “NO” just means they’re not comfortable enough… yet.

This is important to remember when it comes to how to call a girl! Here are my favorite ways of making her feel comfortable:

How to call a girl after a “NO”, trick #1
“Oh come on! You know you want to. Plus, I promise I won’t wait for you in the bushes in front of your home like some creepy stalker. Promise me the same thing though!”

The better you get at attracting girls when you meet them, the less likely you’ll even get an objection. And from my experience? Nine out of 10 times you get one, giving a girl a little push in the right direction is all you need to do.

So, in a way, learning how to call a girl is just like selling stuff: persuade, persuade, persuade.

How to call a girl after a “NO”, trick #2
“No problem. Maybe some other time then. Bla bla bla”

So this is one of your “secret” super awesome ways for how to call a girl and get a date Carlos? Yep! Let me tell you why…

– Most guys get angry when they don’t get what they want. It’s desperate, you aren’t

– Guys that don’t get angry hang up quickly afterwards but you keep talking so she knows you’re indifferent about her being able to make it or not, while the hit-and-run dudes come across like they’re disappointed and thus desperate

– You said MAYBE some other time. Girls pay close attention to details and by saying maybe you let them know it just became harder to get you (which boosts the attraction)

How to call a girl after a “NO”, trick #3
“You know what? Me and some friends are about to hang out and watch movies. You should come!”

Sometimes girls are too shy or have been hurt by men too much in the past for them to feel comfortable being alone with you the first time they see you. This is a perfect way around it.

Use this next time you call a girl for the best effect. That way it’s a natural part of the conversation, not a “I’ll bring my friends because you’re a chicken! Booo!” type deal.

How to call a girl and get a date lesson 1, don't call a girl a coward

There’s More To Learn About How To Call A Girl…

I have to tell you man: there’s no need to worry if you think this all still sounds a bit difficult, because I have plenty of insights that LET YOU be confident when you call a girl.

Hell, should you ever need to call girls multiple times for whatever reason? I got your back with more tips on how to call a girl multiple times AND get a date.

What’s more, I have a golden tip for you that shows you how to get girls interested in you even when they stopped answering the phone when you call.

And I’ve collected all of these tips for you FOR FREE and called it my Calling Women and Texting Women Newsletter. Don’t wait and get more tips for how to call a girl today.

Now, if you’ll excuse me? I’m going to watch Fight Club one more time. It’s funny, over-the-top, and brilliant. Kinda like me. Hope you liked my thoughts on how to call a girl!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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