How Do You Get Girls To Like You? By NOT Doing 8 Things

If you’d ask me how do you get girls to like you, then I would say the first thing you need to know is how you screw up, so you can stop doing it!

A guy asked me recently how do you get girls to like you and I told him, just like I’m about to tell you, that if you know what NOT to do then you’ll do okay every time you avoid it.

Hell, you’ll do better than okay if you do. You’ll do well. You’ll kick ass! And if you want to answer for yourself how do you get girls to like you, then there are 8 things you need to look out for. Eight common mistakes…

Eight things you need to stop doing RIGHT NOW if you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot in the dating game. Once you stop doing them?

You will get more results with girls in a month than you got throughout last year…

Win With Women

How Do You Get Girls To Like You? Don’t Give What They Want

They don’t say the grass is greener on the other side for nothing dude. People want what they can’t have, and that includes girls.

So, the first thing I’ll say when you ask me how do you get girls to like you, is that you should NOT give them what they want. Want examples? Here you go:

– If girls ask you to do something for them, then don’t do it. You may think you’re being a gentleman by doing it or that you’re romantic, but it’s actually more powerful to NOT do it. I’ll explain in a second, so keep reading…

– How do you get girls to like you, you ask? Remember this: if girls want to do something with you, tell them “NO” and that you’d like to do XYZ with them instead.

– If girls have opinion A, you disagree and have opinion B when you’re not 100% behind their ideas or opinions.

How do you get girls to like you? By disagreeing!

– Hell, even if girls ask you to kiss them (or better), tell them “NO” and that you’ll give them what they want when you feel like it OR that they’ll have to work for it.

Now, why would you NOT give girls what they want? And how do you get girls to like you with it? Is that even possible!?

Yes it is!

You see, girls are used to guys chasing them around. They expect it. They expect to get what they want: attention, love, admiration. They expect you to give it to them because you’re supposed to be impressed by their looks.

So, isn’t that the best and fastest way to get girls then? Hell no! Think about it when you ask yourself how do you get girls to like you: are you the only one who will be giving them what they want? Far from it. You’ll just be another guy.

Imagine what happens when you STOP giving girls what they’re expecting:

– They can’t push you around and let you do stuff (you have more confidence than that)
– You lead them to where you’d like to go instead of following their ideas (you’re dominant)
– You don’t agree or say “YES” when they want to hear it (you’re independent)
– You have extreme control over your emotions, even in bed (you’re totally in control)

In short: by not giving girls what they want you display confidence, dominance, independence, and control over your life and situation. All four of these things are qualities in a guy that attract girls.

And, last but not least, you’ll be hard to get and get girls to like you because of it… because people, including girls, want what they can’t have more than what they can easily get.

Do you see now that you get girls to like you by NOT giving them what they want?

How Do You Get Girls To Like You? Know When To Leave

Another common mistake you should avoid if you want to get girls to like you is always being around. You need to know when to leave. When to leave girls the f*ck alone (pardon my French).

How do you get girls to like you by leaving them alone you say? Some examples:

1) According to my research, 81% of guys get girls numbers in a club or bar or at a party. And what do you do after you get a girls number? You keep on partying so she sees you make a complete fool of yourself when you’re so drunk you can’t walk anymore… OR… you’ll stick to her like bees to honey, which freaks her out and kills ANY AND ALL ATTRACTION.

2) I made this mistake myself many times and it’s a tough one to beat: you get girls numbers and you simply talk too much. There’s too much talking, too little walking. In other words, you should have asked her out like FIVE phone calls ago. Cut to the chase dude. Email, Facebook, texting, calling… they’re all means to an end. So instead of having fun talking, have fun dating by asking her out A.S.A.P.

How do you get girls to like you? With less yapping and more action!

3) When you manage to pass the drunk/stickiness test (see above), you can’t get girls to like you by calling them or texting them all day long. That’s not the answer to “how do you get girls to like you”. Why? It makes you easy to get and like you just found out: that’s not what girls want. By always being available a girl has NO idea of what it’s like to NOT have you around. She simply won’t know what she’s missing, so make her miss you.

Conclusion: you get girls to like you by making them realize you make their life so much better, because it SUCKS to NOT have you around.

How Do You Get Girls To Like You? Meet Other Girls

One final point I want to make about how to get girls to like you, is that most regular guys such as yourself make a BIG mistake by talking to one girl they like and one girl alone.

Why is this a mistake when you want to get girls to like you?

Simple: not only will you have nothing left when things don’t work out with this one girl, but you’ll also leave money on the tablet by not using what’s called pre-selection.

I can almost hear you think: “how do you get girls to like you with pre-selection then?”

Scientists once did an experiment to discover the mating habits of peacocks. In their experiment they placed a fake female peacock next to a male, put a male all by himself at a distance from the first one, and then they let real female peacocks pick their mate.

How do you get girls to like you? With peacocks!

Guess which male they wanted to mate with? The male who already had a girl. THAT’S why you get more attention from girls when you have a girlfriend or when you’re with other girls.

That’s the best answer to the question of how do you get girls to like you I can ever give you…

You being in the presence of girls tells a whole lot about you: you’re an attractive guy or the girl wouldn’t be with you, there must be several things about you that girls like because your girl looks happy, etc.

In short: let the girl you want to attract see you with other girls and she’ll get jealous. She’ll want to be with you more than ever before and than with anyone else.

And now you know what you shouldn’t do to get girls to like you, you must be asking yourself what you SHOULD do. Hell, you want examples of what to say to get girls to like you, right?

You want some examples of how to ask girls out too, don’t you? Isn’t having the answer to how do you get girls to like you enough? Just kidding!

No worries my friend, because I have a SHITLOAD of free tips on how to get girls to like you waiting for you. You can find them inside my exclusive Inner Game Members Newsletter, so don’t wait and get those tips now by becoming a member.

And right about now this movie junkie has a thirst…a thirst for Sidney Prescott. A thirst for killers with ghostface masks. A thirst for what “Pick up the phone man! Waaazaaaaaaa!” was based on. And that’s a thirst for Scream 4. I’m out!

Hope you liked my answers on the age old question of how do you get girls to like you.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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