The Ultimate Social Networks For Dating Review

Many guys want to use social networks for dating but don’t know where and how to start with social network dating, until now! Check out the review below.

You may be wondering: “Who is this guy to tell me what the best social networks for dating are?” How about a guy who has been in the social network dating game for 7 years now? Who? Me! That’s who.

But before I start naming social networks for dating one after the other, we have to agree on some criteria we’ll use while reviewing them and why we’re using them:

1) Number of opportunities: how many different ways can we use to meet women on these social networks for dating? The more, the better because it makes it easier for you to stand out.

2) Competition: how big is the sea of jackasses who also try to win the social network dating game you’ll have to compete with? The smaller, the better of course.

3) Usability: how easy is it for you to find women online, your type of women, on this specific social network? And how easy is it for you to get into contact with them? To write a good dating profile?

Do you agree with me on these criteria? Good! Now let’s review some social networks for dating already. Here we go…

Social Networks For Dating Review: Facebook

1) Number of opportunities: Facebook reigns supreme in the opportunity department of social network dating because not only are their nerdy programmers constantly working on adding new features, the already available features are impressive.

Where most other social networks for dating only give you a profile and comments to work with, Facebook gives you a ton more:

Comments on photos, video’s, everything happening on her Wall, groups, messages, interests, friend requests, and the list goes on and on… and on, which is awesome.

Rating: 5 stars (from 1 to 5 stars) for Facebook.

Meet Facebook, one of the social networks for dating being reviewed

2) Competition: don’t be surprised when you some day wake up and discover that 6 billion people are on Facebook, because YES, it’s expanding THAT fast. Needless to say, competition would seem to be fierce when social network dating.

But frankly? That’s only when you’re an uncreative dude who doesn’t use all the options that are available to him. It does mean that there’s a learning curve to Facebook though.

Rating: 3 stars.

3) Usability: just when Facebook almost seemed to be the wet dream of any guy looking for good social networks for dating I have to shatter your dreams here, because Facebook SUCKS in the usability department.

First off, you should be veeeery careful with your privacy settings, because the modern day boss and potential soulmate see everything on your profile unless you prevent it.

Secondly, the fact that privacy settings can be changed are also a pain in the ass. I mean, how can you create attraction online when a woman hides her COMPLETE profile from you unless you’re friends with her?

It forces you to use friend requests as the only chance of getting lucky in the social network dating game because of this. That’s why I give Facebook a usability rating of only 1 star.

In short, Facebook has it’s ups and downs for online daters like you and me. Sure, it may be the biggest social network, but it’s the best of the best social networks for dating.

Social Networks For Dating Review: Twitter

1) Number of opportunities: zero to none. The only way I can see anyone successfully using Twitter as one of the social networks for dating is by sending tweets and responding to tweets from women (and perhaps re-tweeting).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Twitter is the General of Lame Land in the world of opportunities. Plus, the profile options are almost non-existent. Boooo!

Twitter gets a lousy 1 star rating, but I would give it an even lower rating if I could…

2) Competition: zero to none. I think because Twitter doesn’t give you jack shit to work with, most men think there’s nothing to work with at all.

That’s kind of a “in the land of the blind, the Cyclops is king” situation, because it means if you’re savvy enough to really get your hustle on with tweets by tweeting with a loooot of women? You may hit the jackpot with Twitter.

Who knows, I haven’t, which is why I pretty much neglect this when asked if I know any good social networks for dating.

Rating: 3 stars.

3) Usability: it’s incredibly easy to create a Twitter profile. Just fill in your name and upload your photo and you’ll have the awesomest dating profile in the universe. I’m being sarcastic here.

It’s hard to find women, even harder to find women who are your type, and your profile gives you ZERO extra benefits when it comes to creating attraction. Your tweets are the only things you can work with… and did I mention the idiots behind Twitter limit you to 140 characters per tweet?

Rating: 1 star, but I would also rate it lower in the usability department if I could.

Avoid Twitter now and thank me later, because it’s one of the worst social networks for dating.

Is MySpace In This Social Networks For Dating Review?


1) Number of opportunities: MySpace is decent when it comes to opportunities. You can comment on profiles and photos, send friend requests, and some other stuff.

Frankly, I would give it a 5 star rating if it wasn’t for one minor detail. And it’s that MySpace is a dying breed so, while there are plenty of opportunities to do your social network dating thing, I think chances are that MySpace will become extinct in the next five years.

Rating: 4 stars.

2) Competition: MySpace has a lot of users which would normally be a bad thing. But let’s be honest: half the men (and women) on there are bands and music people, so you don’t have much to fear from other dudes.

And that makes MySpace one of the better social networks for dating.

Rating: 4 stars.

3) Usability: You can easily find women from your age group who are single and live near you. It’s also fairly easy to make a good online dating profile if you know a little bit of code (and if not you only need 1 Google search to find what you need).

Somehow, some way though, I feel something’s missing. Oh wait, I know! MySpace is popular in the US but not so much in other countries, meaning it becomes harder and harder to meet women on MySpace depending on where you live.

Rating: 3 stars.

Social Networks For Dating Review: Orkut

1) Number of opportunities: Or who?

You may not know Orkut yourself and thus wonder why I’m including it in my review of social networks for dating. The answer’s simple really:

It’s the most popular social network in Brazil. And that’s where some of the hottest Latinas in the world live, party, and fall in love with you. Latinas like her:

This is why Orkut is one of the better social networks for dating

Orkut gives you plenty of stuff to work with, like comments on photos, videos, groups to join and comment on, etc. The only reason it’s not getting 5 stars is because the interface has a learning curve, because things can get confusing very fast.

Rating: 4 stars.

2) Competition: if you’re not from Brazil, India or Pakistan then you’ll stand out because 80% of the men on Orkut are from one of these countries. So, sure, there’s some competition and they talk the language the women understand but… you’re the “wealthy” foreigner (well, you are in their eyes).

Rating: 4 stars because of the language barrier that sometimes hits you in the face… and that, obviously, could be a problem when you’re looking for social networks for dating.

3) Usability: you can’t get a sneak preview of the women that are on Orkut because you need to create a profile first. That’s lame. It’s also lame that 80% of the women you’ll find on there are from Brazil, Pakistan, and India… the 3 countries where Orkut is most popular.

But honestly? It deserves a bonus point because we’re talking about Brazil here. It has hot Latinas that can make a dating guru like me go all shy and what not.

Rating: 4 stars.

Social Networks For Dating Review: Hyves (Dutch site)

1) Number of opportunities: a lot. Comment on profiles, videos, photos, and events, friend requests, etc. Hyves comes close to Facebook in the opportunity department, but it’s disadvantage is that it’s popular in Holland and pretty much nowhere else.

Rating: 4 stars, because although I’m from Holland and love Hyves? It’s made for Dutch people and that sucks if you’re not from here and want to meet women online after this social networks for dating review.

2) Competition: there’s some stiff competition on Hyves but, just like on Facebook, you’ll do well when you use all of the features that are available to you instead of the same old same messages and profile comments.

Rating: 3 stars.

3) Usability: it’s so easy to find women who are exactly your age and who live where you live (and not near you like with MySpace). The only thing I miss is searching for women based on their (and your) interests, but there’s a group for everything on Hyves so if you play your cards right?

You’ll meet women online with a common interest pretty fast… and having something in common with a woman makes talking to her so much easier, especially online.

Rating: 4 stars.

As you can see: a review of social networks for dating ends up showing very mixed results, which leads me to the moral of today’s story.

Moral Of The Story Of Using Social Networks For Dating

Asking what the best social networks for dating are is like asking what the best colors are: subjective. It totally depends on how good you are at online dating and on what your type of woman is.

That must sound like an incredibly lame ending of this ultimate review of social networks for dating, huh? So, allow me to help you on your way:

– If you think you SUCK at online dating, then MySpace is the best social network to start on because it gives you a good number of opportunities, not that much competition, and performs well in the usability department

– If you’re an intermediate online dater and willing to forget about privacy issues and the forced friend request thing I mentioned, then Facebook is your thing. It will only work well though if you use all of it’s features.

– Are you experienced? A go getter in the social network dating game like me? Then Twitter is the way to go. Zero competition, but requires a shitload of patience and persistence.

Do you have an acquired taste? Then none of the above social networks for dating… are actually useful for YOUR kind of dating (unless you like Latinas or Dutch women, hehe). But have no fear:

Wikipedia is here! Search on Wikipedia for a list of dating sites and you’ll see that there’s one for almost every niche interest. Latinas, Russians, Asians, rich women, and so on.

Now you know where to go, do you want tips on what to do once you’re there? How to write a dating profile that attracts women? How to get phone numbers on social networks for dating and more?

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I hope I’ve given you plenty of insights and options so you know EXACTLY how you can use social networks for dating… now you go out there and take action with what you’ve learned right now!

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