The How To Call Girls Resource List: Calling Girls Made Easy

When it comes to how to call girls, so many factors come into play. This resource list with tips on calling girls attempts to make it a lot easier!

So, which factors come into play when you want to learn how to call girls? Things like when to call her, how to talk to a girl over the phone and attract her, asking a girl out over the phone, and so on and so forth.

Let’s face it: learning all that stuff about how to call girls with trial and error (like I did) takes a loooong time… and gives you several blows to the ego, but…

Don’t you want to learn how calling girls is done faster? And how to call girls without much effort? If so, then check out my resource list below.

It’s a list of the best places (websites and blog posts) where you’ll learn how to call girls. These resources show you how to call girls from multiple angles, covering all of the factors (and more) mentioned before.

The HUGE How To Call Girls Resource List

1) How To Call A Girl And Easily Ask Her Out
This blog post lays out the essentials of how to call girls with 3 rules most men, maybe even you, seem to forget about calling girls. Afterwards it gives you several examples of asking a girl out over the phone and even some examples of what to say when she says “NO” if you STILL must, need, want, and crave a date with her. ‘Nuff said.

2) How To Get A Girls Number In The Blink Of An Eye

Learn how to call girls and get dates easily below!

In this article I explain why asking a yes/no question when you want to get a girls number is a big no-no, the right way to get a phone number, what stalkers have to do with getting a girls number and how to call girls, and the EXACT words to say to get her number.

3) How To Get Women’s Phone Numbers
In the post on how to get a girls number mentioned above, I gave you a specific thing to say to get her number. Inside this one I show you step-by-step why that technique works so damn well. And do you want to know a juicy secret? There are around 10 reasons why it works, all based on human psychology. So, you better thank the nerd of dating writing this after you read it! It turns how to call girls into a science. Just the way a nerd likes it.

4) What To Do If She Doesn’t Answer The Phone
What good are a bunch of tips on how to call girls without tips on what to do when you can’t? You’re about to learn why voicemails are as good for your “dating health” as nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan, are for your physical health. In short, you’ll learn what not to do and what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone when you call her. It allows you to avoid one of the most common mistakes men make when calling girls.

5) When To Call Women
Bullsh*t runs the marathon when it comes to when to call women thanks to things like the “Three Day Rule.” This post aims to bust all the myths, and shows you how many days you should wait before you call her… and at what time to call. As you can see: it’s another piece of the puzzle of how to call girls.

6) How To Call A Woman And Get A Date
Remember the blog post on how to call a girl and easily ask her out I mentioned before? Well, this blog post gives you several more examples of asking a girl out over the phone. And, frankly, it never hurts to know more ways for how to call girls and get a date, right?

7) How do you call a girl for a date
Here’s a page full of other people’s opinions on how to call girls so you not only hear how to do it from me, but from a whole bunch of people. It’s called being unbiased, you know.

8 ) Carlos Xuma On How To Call Women
Next to asking a girl out over the phone, you obviously also need to learn how to create enough attraction over the phone to get a “YES, take me out!” type reaction from her. So, this article reveals how to do just that: how to call girls and attract them… so you can then easily get a date when asking them out.

9) How To Call Women Using Phone Game To Get Dates

Learning how to call girls is also known as learning phone game

Another must-read blog post, because it explores what happens when you get better at calling girls and when (and why) you need tips for how to call girls.

10) When Do You Text Girls And When Do You Call Girls
The title of this post says it all, really. Tons of guys email me with questions on when texting girls and when calling girls hurts their chances of “getting the girl.” So, they have no idea when to call instead of text or the other way around. This post clears up the motherf-ing air. Pardon my French there. I got a little too excited!

11) 50 Examples Of What To Text A Girl
This one’s for you if you got all excited about texting girls after reading the post I mentioned above and want to know more than just how to call girls. It does exactly as the title says: give you a sh*tload of examples of what to text a girl.

12) How To Call A Girl For A Date
So far, I showed you a lot of direct approaches for how to call girls and get a date, but maybe you’re not a guy who likes a direct approach. Maybe you’re more subtle, shy, careful or indirect than me. In all those cases you should check out this article from my buddy Fhenrir, because he gives you a more indirect way of how to call a girl for a date.

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13) 10 Tips For Making That Phone Call To Your Girl
If you ignore the photo error at the top and some weird code in between the advice (Adsense bla bla code)? It’s great advice on how to call girls that explains why you need to use your instincts, give them time to warm up, and more when calling girls.

14) Calling Women and Texting Women Newsletter
If you want more tips on how to call girls and get a date without much effort, then be sure to sign up for my free members only Calling Women and Texting Women Newsletter by clicking the link above right now. You’ll start getting more tips today!

And if you’re reading this and thinking: “I missed a resource about how to call girls!” Then leave a comment with your email address in it and tell me. Maybe I’ll include it in the list 🙂

The purpose of this huge resource list on how to call girls was to show you everything you need to know about calling girls, so I hope I accomplished that!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it. If you want to learn how to get a date with your phone all the time, then get instant access to more tips by signing up for our FREE How To Text Girls Insider.

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