What To Do If She Doesn’t Answer The Phone

What to do if she doesn’t answer the phone? It’s one of the first questions guys ask me when we’re talking about how to call women. It’s the age old question:

“Carlos, what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone and you get her voicemail” My answer: you don’t do anything if she doesn’t answer the phone in like 15 seconds or so.

If She Doesn’t Answer The Phone, Forget Her Voicemail

You see, when you call her and if she doesn’t answer the phone it will notify her with a “You have a missed call from …” type of message, so what’s the point in leaving a voicemail? It’s letting her know you called TWICE, making it a desperate thing to do… so don’t.

If she doesn't answer the phone, it's best not to leave a voicemail because it's coming across as desperate

Besides, who listens to the voicemail these days anyways? Less and less people do it, hell, I know I and almost everyone I know don’t because we assume that if someone was calling about something important they’d call again.

That’s why you should avoid that nasty little voicemail every single time you call a woman: call her and hang up after you hear the dial tone for the third time, because voicemail is activated right after it. That’s what phone game is all about, whether you plan on becoming some kind of pua (pick up artist) or not.

That’s what you do if she doesn’t answer the phone. But what if YOU miss HER call?

What To Do If YOU Don’t Answer The Phone

Please… whenever she calls you, don’t pick up the second your phone starts ringing okay? It’s like you have nothing else going on in your life and are sitting around, waiting for her to call you. Does being desperate get any worse than this? I don’t think so.

If she calls you and you’re not sure that you’ve created enough attraction yet to ask her out on a date, wait a couple seconds before you pick up the phone… just enough to not let your phone go to voicemail.

If she calls you and you already know that she’s very much interested in you and that all you have to do is set something up to get a date, then don’t even pick up the phone the first time she calls. If she calls a second time, sure, go ahead and do it, but if not then you should wait for 5 minutes. This may sound radical to you, but it isn’t… it works really, really well.

I call it the 5 Minute Rule of how to call girls!

And here’s why it works so well:

– Waiting for 5 minutes before you call her back shows that you’re not needy, have stuff to do and that you’re not sitting around, hoping she’ll call. It’s the opposite of answering the phone right away.

– Calling her back instead of accepting her call let’s you be in control of the situation, be dominant (and thus create attraction) because you call her on your time schedule, you’re available for her when you want to and not when she wants you to be. It makes you come across as hard to get and by now you know that it’s something you should strive for.

– Just like you don’t know if she’s available right now when you call her, she doesn’t know either. She doesn’t know if you left your phone at home, if you’re hanging out with some other girl, or if you so happened to be in the kitchen grabbing yourself something to drink. She doesn’t know the reason for you not answering the phone, which makes HER more desperate if she’s interested in you.

Next time she calls you? Don’t just pick up but ignore the phone call and call her back after about 5 minutes because as you can see, there are a lot of advantages doing so will give you… that’s the art of phone game, of how to call women my friend.

And hey… same thing goes for text messages: don’t text her back right away, but wait around 5 minutes with doing so for the exact same reasons as I mentioned above. The 5 Minute Rule has given me so many success that I have a hard time summarizing it here in a short sentence: women asking me if I was talking to another chick (which shows they want to keep me all to themselves), women almost literally stalking me by calling me 3 times in a row and so on…

There is a tiny exception to the rule though: don’t wait 5 minutes if you’re about to meet her for a date, because she probably wants to know where you are or can’t find her way around wherever you’re meeting her. If you let her wait for 5 minutes now, she’ll probably get angry, stressed and the whole nine yards… which isn’t a good way for her to start a date, wouldn’t you agree?

So if she happens to call when you’re about to meet her, either wait a couple of seconds with answering the phone or call her back after a minute or so to avoid getting her angry at the start of the date.

Then again, make up sex is the best sex you can have!

WARNING: there is more to attracting women with your phone and getting dates than what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone or if you don’t, but there’s no need to worry.


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Hope you liked these tips for what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone man…

To More Dating Success, 

Carlos Xuma
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