How To Text Women: When Do You Text And When Do You Call?

A lot of men ask me the following question about how to text women: when do you text women and when do you call women? Time for some answers wouldn’t you agree?

They ask me about how to text women because they don’t want to miss going on a great date because they make a mistake. Do you want to miss a date because you didn’t text women in the right way?


Yeah… I thought so! And the first thing I’ll tell you about how to text women is…

DON’T text women INSTEAD OF calling them after you got their phone number.

Why? Don’t worry by the way: this rant about the wrong way to learn how to text women has a point…

And it’s that texting women the first time after getting their number instead of calling them makes you look insecure as hell!

Sure, texting someone is WAY easier than calling them. Although texting usually takes longer than a quick phonecall? It requires less energy. Thinking along those lines? Texting seems to be the smart thing to do after you get a woman’s number…

But a woman will think: “Why doesn’t he have the guts to call me? Is there something wrong with him? Or was he not that interested in me?”

In short: if you text women the first time instead of calling them? You’re seen as an insecure wussy or an asshole who’s not genuinely interested in them. That’s not how to text women

And can you guess what that means?

It means that if you text women the first time without giving them a good reason, you will ruin your chances with them.

Even if you stutter, get nervous or feel uncomfortable as soon as you try to call women? Calling the first time is always better than texting women.

Calling a woman to ask her out on a date always beats texting women because:

1) It’s more personal (you hear each other’s voices)

2) It’s faster (sending 10 text messages takes half an hour to an hour, but talking for 10 minutes over the phone… takes 10 minutes!)

3) You can hear when it’s a good time to ask her out and when it’s not (and with text messages you have no idea of what’s happening around her)

How To Text Women: What IS A Good Time For It Then?

The best time I know to text women is when they don’t pick up the phone when you call them.

This is especially true for the first time you contact a woman after getting her number: no one answered the phone? Then start sending text messages!

Why is this the best time? Pay attention to my answer if you really want to know how to text women:

If you text a woman a day or several days after calling her and she texts you back, guess what that tells you?

The moment she texts you back is the moment she’s available. That means you can CALL HER. So, wait for 1 minute and call her. It’s more personal, faster, and it makes getting dates easier.

Do you see what’s happening here?

Instead of having to guess when a woman is available to talk to you over the phone, you will KNOW when she is available.

That means you can use text messages as a TEST to see if you can call a woman to ask her out on a date. How awesome is that?! This is such an important thing to know about how to text women.

This technique has never failed me yet, simply because if a woman is NOT available she doesn’t text back.

The advantages of using text messages as a test to know if you can call:

– You won’t feel insecure anymore by calling women several times without knowing if they’re not available or not interested when they don’t answer the phone

– You won’t feel frustrated anymore because you have no idea when it’s a good time to call women. You’ll know exactly what time is best: as soon as they text you back.

As you can see: knowing how to call women and how to text women go hand in hand, because they both help you achieve the same goal. Getting a date!

How To Text Women: Another GREAT Time To Text…

Women sometimes have strange habits. This is where you start noticing how different women REALLY are.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT secret about when women text men… and thus about how to text women.

Whenever women are at a social ocassion (a birthday, a party, a wedding, etc.) they always end up texting the person they like the the most. This is especially true if they’re bored or NOT enjoying themselves.

They also do this when they’re at work or school by the way. Whenever they’re bored or somewhere they don’t want to be? They text the people they think about first.

So if a woman texts you and says she’s at some social ocassion, can you guess what that means?

It means she’s interested in you and wishes you were there with her!

Would it be a good idea to text women just after they indirectly let you know they’re interested in you?

Do I even need to answer that question for you? Forgot everything I told you about how to text women?

Text her back RIGHT AWAY. Doesn’t even matter what you text back either, because you’ll create attraction just by responding to her interest in you.

And now on a lighter note: there is one more moment in time that’s EXCELLENT for texting women… want to know when? Then the photo below will tell you exactly when…

a little how to text women humor here!

When to text: when people force you to turn off your f*cking phone, that’s when!

And now I want to ask you some questions about how to text women. Please answer these by posting a comment below: I love to hear your opinion and experiences!

1) Have you ever texted a woman the first time you contacted her after getting her number?
2) What do you do to find out if a woman can talk to you over the phone? Will you try my technique of using a text message as a test?

And now it’s time for this movie maniac to go and see Ip Man one more time. Ip man was the man who taught Bruce Lee what he knew. He was Bruce’s master.

The movie tells the story of how Ip Man survived the Japanese occupation of China and how he started his kung fu school which eventually attracted Bruce Lee…

Martial arts movies rule, especially if they have a story based on history or legends!

Enjoy trying out these tips for how to text women (and when to text) and if you want some more tips, then check out my blog post about how to text a girl you like.

I’m out of here…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. Only 1 in 5 women will date you after you get their number, unless you know why the other 4 say \"NO\" and what to do about it. If you want to learn how to get a date with your phone all the time, then get instant access to more tips by signing up for our FREE How To Text Girls Insider.

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