Win With Women Special Holiday News (With Gifts!)

Dear Friend,

This Saturday the 5th of December 2009 is actually a holiday in this little country
of mine, the Netherlands. They call it “Sinterklaas” over here, which translates into
something along the lines of St. Nicholas in English.

It’s mostly a holiday for the kids and a perfect opportunity to grab some presents
that they probably won’t get for Christmas… that’s right, those lucky little basterds
actually get to ask for presents two times every friggin’ December month!

The true meaning of this holiday lies in generosity though… being generous when
it comes to helping the poor, the sick, and just anyone who needs help.

So Why Am I Telling You This!?

Since I’m a guy that likes to party both inside AND outside clubs, holidays are
definitely my thing… and because I want to be at least just as generous as
Saint Nicholas this weekend?

Me and Win With Women have a SPECIAL DEAL for you…

I am discounting this weekend’s Inner Game Session on MSN and instead of
me asking you $74,99 for my personal coaching… I will only ask you 50 bucks!

Let me repeat that: if you order today, it will only cost you $50.

I already told you that with your order, you’ll also get:

Bonus #1: The Limiting Beliefs Report…
Do you think your age, your location, or the amount of free time you have limit you
when it comes to women & dating? Do you think they PREVENT you from having
the success with women you want? Then you’re going to LOVE this Report.

Bonus #2: The Value Formula Mini-Ebook…
Do you want to know more about meeting women through your social circle,
female psychology, or how you can become more successful at work or school
because of women? Or more successful socially because of women? Then you’ll love
my Value Triad… inside the Mini-Ebook.

But it gets better…

Bonus #3: All The Newsletters Of 2009…
As it so happens to be I’ve steadily been producing newsletters with dating tips
and techniques since January of this year… and all of these letters combined fill
more than 350 pages (!) of valuable insights about women & dating. You’ll get all
of these newsletters in one go, in one BIG ASS document, as part of this special
holiday deal…

But this one-time only price and third bonus-offer is only available with your
purchase right now…

Mail [email protected] to get more information and to get your seat.

Look, if you’re not happy with the results you’ll get after the session then I will
give you all of your money back and PAY YOU an extra $50 for wasting your time!

I guarantee it, in fact, if you don’t get the results you wanted after the session on
MSN, then I insist that you ask your money back right away…

A handful of guys has already signed up for the Early Session on Saturday and
the Late Session on Sunday and since only 20 guys can join?

You better be quick with getting your seat, because this deal lasts until this
Saturday, December 5, 2009… and afterwards the 3rd bonus and discount will
disappear and the price will be higher again.

Mail [email protected] to get more information and to get your seat.

And maybe I can help you soon if you take your inner issues seriously,

Your Friend Carlos Xuma,
Win With Women.

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Carlos Xuma
- Win With Women

P.P.S. To sweaten the deal, I’ve written a blog post with tips on how to get that girl next door or down the road, because let’s face it: don’t we ALL have a girl like that in our lives? Don’t you want to get that girl? Then read the post on how to get that girl right now!

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