7 Ways To Get A Girlfriend

If we’re going to start off on the right foot here, we have to admit that most guys don’t want to keep playing the field. As men, we want the power to date many girls.

But eventually, we want to find that one special woman. That cool chick to hang out with – Netflix and chill on a Saturday night.

How to get a girlfriend

You don’t want to end up a sad dude who sits at home with a virtual reality headset and a plastic girlfriend, right?

You want to get a real girlfriend with real bumps and squishy parts.

So let’s talk about a few of the basic ways you can get a girlfriend without having to compromise.

And maybe even date a little out of your league…

1. Know what you’re looking for.

If you want to find a girlfriend that’s right for you, you have to know what you want right from the start.

I’m talking about the qualities that make you happy – that turn you on.

A lot of guys make the mistake of only thinking about the physical qualities, like a 38DD chest, or a booty that would make the Kardashians green with jealousy.

All things considered, you only need a girl that you’re sexually attracted to. It’s the other qualities that will eventually make or break the relationship.

So start out with a thorough list of the qualities you NEED for the long haul. Stuff like, common interests, life direction, and attitude towards life.

how to win back girlfriend

Write ’em all down, and really ask yourself which ones are must-haves, and which are nice-to-haves.

And yes, even (gasp) parenting style!

Face it, man. If this thing gets REALLY serious, she could be the mother to your kids.

The one thing that most guys don’t consider is how to CHOOSE a woman. In fact, it’s the one thing that will make your life a heaven on earth – or a living hell.

Ask any man who’s facing his divorce square in the eyes what he was thinking when he chose her, and you’ll get a double shot of reality.

how to get a girl to like you

Guys get pulled into some uncool situations in the pursuit of getting laid.

Know what YOU want – before you get sucked into something you don’t want.

2. Be cool…

Most guys give off waves of desperation the second they start talking to a girl. You have to relax and let her feel comfortable enough with you.

Most guys don’t realize that a woman is always on alert for her safety around men. So when she dares to go out and mix and mingle, she carries a little ambient anxiety.

How to seduce women

It’s your job as a man, to help her feel safe around you first.

Yes, attraction is important, but a lot of guys are still trying too hard. And that doesn’t do much to help her feel relaxed.

So when I say be cool, I mean also not acting like this girl is the only chance you’ll have to mate this year.

Just breathe, be cool – and carry on.

3. Get your look together

Your “look” is comprised of 4 things:

– Hygiene

You gotta brush those teeth, scrape that tongue, and put on a little bit of deodorant to keep you smelling like a clean guy. Of course you should go further if you can with some hedge trimming (for you excessively hairy dudes), and don’t forget the nose, ears, and fingernails.

how to get the girls

– Fashion/Style

A lot of guys think they have to be good looking to attract women, which is actually a complete lie. Just because you hear girls oohing and ahhhing over the latest Bieber Boy-Band look-alike doesn’t mean that’s who she would go after in a crowd.

In fact, there was a time when Patrick Stewart (yeah, bald Captain Picard on STTNG) was considered uber-sexy. And he’s an older guy, too.

how to be attractive to girls

It’s not looks – it’s how you carry yourself. How put-together you look.

So spend some time at the clothes store getting a good look put together. You don’t need to be a dorky fashion animal, just make sure it fits right, and it gets a female store clerk’s thumbs up approval.

– Grooming

This one goes hand-in-hand with hygiene.

Take care of your beard, your haircut, and even the things you might not think are getting in the way of your appearance. Guys tend to diminish the importance of their grooming, while women tend to OVER value it.

You just need to look like you’re taking care of yourself. That’s it.

what attracts women

Because women know that she can’t expect to be taken care of by you any better than that. It’s her signal of how well she’ll be looked after.

Simply make yourself look pleasing to the touch. You do want her to touch you, right?

So make it easy by looking like a guy that looks touchable.

Pay attention to your skin… a little lotion wouldn’t kill ya.

– Health

This one is easy.

Go to the gym. Get some exercise.

how to get girlfriend

Somehow… just do it.

You see, most people think about exercise like it’s a chore and difficult, which is why they avoid it. The discomfort challenges their tiny bubble of happiness, and as a result they get used to losing.

Yes, as in “being a loser.”

Don’t let that loser-boy voice in your head take control of your life and drag you down.

I talk to guys every day who say, “Man, I really gotta get back in shape.” As if him saying that means that I can now excuse just how grossly overweight and sickly he looks.

Ignore the reluctance and resistance. Find something fun to do that gets you moving around.

And then do it!

Could be basketball, or going to a Zumba class, or even yoga. Just do *something*.

‘Nuff said…

4. Don’t be confident


Did I just say that?

Yeah, I did. Because I’m tired of lame articles that tell you to “BE Confident,” or “Exude confidence…”

Seriously, if you could do that, you WOULD do that, am I right?

Yes, we know that women want you to be confident, and that confidence is attractive.

But thinking about or focusing on being confident will almost always make you less confident. You become all up-in-your head.

dating for men

Don’t do that, brother.

Just relax and stop focusing on confidence.

Confidence is a myth. It’s just the illusion created when you know you can do something.

And fear is created when you focus on “what if I can’t…?”

Confidence is a slow, warm vibe of “Everything will be okay.” And any guy can adopt this attitude at will.

It doesn’t require a course in confidence, or a 30 day Tony Robbins bootcamp.

Remember that courage is not that you feel 100% confident and on top of the world. It simply means that you’re ignoring the voice of doubt.

how to meet women online

You’ll find it easier to walk up to girls, and to keep the kind of “confident vibe” a possible girlfriend would want.

5. Spread the Love

Look, to get a girlfriend in this day and age, you gotta learn the fine art of flirting. No two ways about it.

So if you’re going to be a good flirt-technician – you gotta learn that the best way to look attractive to a possible girlfriend is to spread the love around a bit.

Good flirting comes down to just socializing a little.

how to please your girlfriend

Sometimes that can be stressful for introverts and guys who aren’t used to it, but it’s a lot easier when you don’t put pressure on yourself to be the “life of the party.”‘

I’ll give you a small hint: He’s not the guy that’s always getting laid.

Be the guy that has talked to and associated with a few people in a party or social situation, and you’re already ahead. People are more likely to open up and draw you in if you are connected to more people.

Plus, it feels great to “play host” and introduce people to other people.

6. Know how to play the Lego Game

The Lego Game of dating is knowing how to connect – and RE-connect with a woman.

dating advice for guys

This means being able to get her contact information in some way. Which is actually incredibly easy, if you don’t make it a big deal.

You see, women hand out their phone number like she’s passing out tic-tacs at a garlic festival.

She does this because 1) she knows she doesn’t have to answer it, and 2) a phone number these days is meaningless. It’s just a possibility.

So the real effort you need to put in is when you finally call her. Just take a second to remind her of the fun you had with her – whether you’re texting her or just leaving her a message.

how to text a girl you like

Remind her of who you are, and the feelings she had when you were together.

Ultimately, that is what she will use to determine if she’s going to go out with you or not. Is it going to be worth her while?

7. Know the rules, baby

The fact is that if you want to get a girlfriend, you have to know how the game is played. I know a lot of people that hate it when dating is called a “game” – but it is.

What most guys feel like, though, is that they are always the victim of the game, not a player.

women and compliments

And when you feel like the rules are against you – or they’re getting changed every 5 minutes, you can feel pretty beat-up after a while.

Look, ultimately you have to remember that your girlfriend isn’t your life.

In fact, if you act like she is, you’ll probably lose herand fast. Because once you get a girl in your life, you need to stay in touch with the other stuff that makes you a man.

Having a girl to bang doesn’t make you a man. Having the lifestyle of a man does, and the women will just follow.

If you want a look at the complete rulebook – the complete guide on how to get the girlfriend of your dreams into your life, then you need to check out my course “Get a Girlfriend Fast” and find out what the ONE thing women want in a man.

When you have the rules, you own the game – CLICK HERE to find out how.

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