How To Know If A Girl DOESN’T Like You – 5 Signs

Sure, you probably already know all the ways to know if a girl is attracted to you, right?

She’s smiling, laughing, plays with her hair, slaps you on the arm, yadda yadda.

Well here’s the deal..

It’s just as important – if not more – to know when she DOESN’T like you. You don’t want to stand there buying this girl drinks, making small talk, if she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

I’ve stood there hanging around a hot girl, hoping she was interested, only to find out she was eyeing my wingman. It was pretty humiliating.

How to impress a girl

I could have saved myself the time and money (and embarrassment) if I had only picked up on her signals.

So how do you know if a girl isn’t interested in you?

I’ll show you 5 easy clues so you know when a woman is leading you on or not.

The first signal she isn’t into you: She’s constantly checking her phone.

This one is a must – you have to get her to stop texting and checking the time on her mobile. If she’s paying attention to someone who ISN’T there, then you’re not doing too well, my friend.

YOU need to be her primary focus. You don’t have to be a singing, dancing monkey of course.

But you do have to keep her engaged enough that she puts her phone away.

If she even glances at her little blue screen, you have to call her on it, too.

What to text a girl

Nicely, of course…

“Hey, is that the president calling again? I told him to stop monitoring my friends.”

“There’s no way that person is as fun as me. Tell them to stop ruining your chances with me.”

“Hey, can I text them a dirty limerick?”

You want to let her know that you notice her behavior and you’re willing to say something. Most guys just sit there and nervously smile, waiting for her.

You have to show her she needs to respect you from the very first minute you meet.

Don’t be a dick. Just be clear that you value your time, and so should she.

Signal she isn’t attracted to you #2: She keeps bringing up her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend.

Look, I consider any woman that’s out in a singles bar or public event without her man to be fair game.

After all, if they were really close, he’d be there. But I’m also respectful if it’s obvious that she’s sincerely attached or married.

But if a girl keeps bringing up the subject of her boyfriend – whether he’s the current one or not, I have to question her motivations.

She’s not doing it to impress me or turn me on. And it’s not likely she’s trying to make me jealous to inspire some competition.

She probably just doesn’t dig me all that much. Which is fine.

It’s more pathetic to stand there and try to keep the conversation going when the writing is on the wall.

how to get a girl to like you

So I know when to let it go.

Women just don’t bring up the B word unless she’s really got one, or really doesn’t want me to bother.

Here’s the #3 clue that she doesn’t like you: She keeps going back to her conversation with her girlfriends.

This one is right up there with using her cell phone while she should be talking to me. If she’s giving TOO much attention to her friends, she’s not that into me.

In fact, if she’s not that into me, she will have probably have given her friends a signal with her eyes at some point. Girls have a signal they put out called the “help me” eyes.

How to seduce women

It’s an intense eye contact that she gives to one of her friends that tells her to help her break free of the conversation.

So if one of her friends suddenly starts getting in the way, you can bet that the girl you’re talking to signaled her to do it.

It’s okay, just find another willing target to focus your attention on.

She isn’t attracted to you – signal #4: Her texts suck, and she never answers her phone.

Okay, so maybe you got her number last night, and now you’re trying to re-establish contact with her. So you send her a text like: “Hey, how are you today? The music was great last night”

You wait for a couple hours, and you get this back: “Yeah…”



So you try again: “I was going to hit my favorite coffee shop today… In the mood for an incredible Espresso?”

Another 20 minutes goes by, and you get: “Maybe”



how to get the girls

Look, here’s a good time for me to share my absolute rule of dating with you:

If a girl isn’t ENTHUSIASTIC and EXCITED to be with you, then she’s not worth your time.

Think about it. If she’s anything less than STOKED to be with you, that only means an uphill battle for you. You’re basically saying, “Yeah, I’ll take what I can get.”

No way. A busy, social, active guy doesn’t have time or energy to waste on low quality prospects.

It’s a bit like sales in that respect. If you don’t have someone that’s excited to buy what you’re selling, you’re in for a fight.

It’s hard enough to get into bed with a girl who really likes you, so you’re really making it hard on yourself if you start out with a handicap like this.

Not to mention the reality that first impressions don’t usually improve over time – especially with girls.

So when a girl gives you half-assed replies to your texts, or generally doesn’t give you a whole lot of positive mojo early on, she’s not into you.

how to call a woman

Time to move on.

And the #5 – and final signal that she doesn’t like you that much: She tells you you’re “sweet” or “nice”

If she’s putting you into words like this, that means she’s probably trying to make you feel good about the future fact that you’re not going to get to sleep with her.

how to be attractive to girls

Or kiss her. Or anything, really.

A woman’s vocabulary is pretty consistent. She’ll only call you “sweet” if she thinks you’re a nice guy without any strong masculine edge.

She will only call you “nice” if she sees you doing stuff for her that makes her start to feel obligated to you.

You see, there’s a behavioral quirk in girls that makes her feel weird when a guy does stuff for her, and she’s not feeling attraction for him. She doesn’t want to be in his debt.

So she’ll need to get out of this situation before she starts to feel like she’s using you.

Some girls have no conscience about this, but most do. And that’s another reason why you don’t want to do too much for a girl you’ve just met.

what attracts women

Sure, you can buy her a drink, but after that first one, she should be offering to buy you one soon if she’s feeling that magnetic pull.

Listen to how she talks about you in that first conversation for a clue about where her head is at.

BONUS TIP: Here’s a quick little test to figure out if she’s attracted to you…

At some point in your conversation, tell her: “Hey – I’ll be right back. I have to find my friend.”

Go find your friend – then, find your way to stand near her like you don’t see her.

See if she flags you down or tries to get your attention. If she does, she’s still interested.

If she doesn’t, well you might want to take this opportunity to move on and find another target for your interest.

Now, if you haven’t seen any of these signs, that doesn’t mean you’re home free. It just means you’re in a better situation than most of the guys out there.

It’s up to you to make her forget her sexual program and jump on the opportunity with you.

If you don’t know, a woman’s sexual program is the set of steps she goes through from meeting you to pushing you down on the bed and pulling your pants off.

This sexual program is her roadmap – and she will take you along for the whole ride if you’re not careful.

Things to talk about with a girl


You need a shortcut to the end of her map, whether you’re just looking for a night of fun, or a long time girlfriend.

If you want to know more about how to hack her sexual program, go take a look at my gameplan for making sure she’s always interested in you – CLICK HERE NOW

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