When To Call Women To Have Them Begging For A Freaking Date

Like it or not, but knowing when to call women makes a world of difference for your dating success. Learn how calling women at the right time is done!

I’m pissed off because some people made up this little rule that screws up many men’s chances with women. You see, you too have probably been told the big, big lie about when to call women.

I don’t know where the unwritten rule came from, but that whole when to call women “Three Day Rule” that suggests you wait 3 days before calling a woman for the first time? It’s based on BS and here’s why:

– The longer you wait with calling her, the less interested you seem to be. In fact, if you wait 3 days before calling a woman it’s very possible that she’ll think “how many women did you call before you called ME? Am I girl number 1… or girl number 3!?” I’ve asked a lot of my female friends if they actually thought like this and the majority of them confirmed it.

– The longer you wait with calling her, the less likely it is that she’ll remember who you are. Do you remember the research project where scientists wanted to find out how many times per day an attractive woman was approached by men in one form or another? On average, it’s 7 times per day… so imagine if you’d wait a week before calling… it would make you guy #49, or worse!

– The longer you wait with calling her, the more she’ll suspect you of playing mind games… of pretending to be hard to get. “But two can play that game…” is what she’ll think, so you can bet your ass that she’ll flake on you by not answering the phone, not showing up on the date and so on. If it’s not to get even with you, then it’s to save her honor as a woman. Bet you didn’t think of this when asking yourself when to call women huh?

In short, this all means that waiting too long with calling a woman isn’t a good idea, in fact, it’s NEVER a good idea to take a woman’s number without telling her what you’re going to do with it.

That’s a DON’T of how to call girls.

And it makes sense doesn’t it… and yet I know a total of ZERO guys who actually tell a woman what they’re going to do with her number: when they’re going to call her! They know nothing about when to call women, and I intend on changing that.

I can just hear you think: “but wouldn’t that spoil the surprise, if she knows when you’re going to call? So what’s your secret behind when to call women then? ”

Well, telling her you’re going to call her tomorrow evening isn’t exactly knowing the EXACT time your going to call her now, is it? In fact, it only makes her anticipate, look forward to, and get nervous about receiving a call from you as soon as the evening starts. By the time you’re going to call her, she has quietly already waiting for you to call for a couple hours… so it’s a HUGE advantage if you tell her because then she has something to anticipate.

So how long should you wait before you call that hot babe?

One day.

If you call her the next day you won’t come across like you’re a player or like you’re playing mind games. You’re also pretty sure that she remembers who you are because it was only yesterday that she met you. Plus, waiting a day makes you come across like you actually have a life and that you’re not SO desperate that you have nothing better to do than calling her an hour after you met her like the needy little wussy that you are.

No… it makes her want you to call her just enough… so when it comes to when to call women, call her the day after you got her phone number.

At What Time To Call Her


What’s the most annoying thing that could possibly happen when you’re all excited about calling the woman you met yesterday? Her not picking up her phone and you hearing that nasty little voicemail voice. Not being able to reach her can be very frustrating… and just so you can prevent all of this nastyness from happening to you I want to share with you my insights about at what time you should call women.

Best time ever: after dinner, which is anywhere between 8 o’ clock in the evening until around midnight.


First of all, no matter how old you are, the girl or woman that gave you her number is either working from 9 to 5 or going to school during that same time period. Then it seems VERY likely that you’ll get her voicemail if you call before 5 P.M., wouldn’t you agree?

Then there’s the dinner thing: calling while someone’s eating is pretty rude and you can bet your ass that she won’t pick up the phone then. Most people wine and dine somewhere between 5 and 8 P.M. and I’m not saying that no woman will ever pick up the phone during supper, but it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that most won’t.

Lastly, although I’m a night stalker who can stay up until 3 A.M. even during the week, not everyone is one too. In fact, most people go to bed around twelvish when they have to get up early the next day for work or school.

That leaves us with a timeframe that pretty much narrows things down for us: women are most likely to pick up the phone after dinner and before going to sleep, which is anywhere between 8 P.M. and midnight.

I hear you thinking: “Yeah but buring the weekends though, people tend to stay up way longer because most don’t really have to go anywhere, right?”

Sure they don’t, but guess what most women do on a Saturday during the day? They go shopping, preferably with their friends, and that means they’ll be less talkative, won’t respond to everything and are more secretive in general too. Why? Because they don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of their friends, especially if you’re a guy they’ve only just met.

Calling a woman while she’s gone clubbing won’t be very effective either because she won’t be able to HEAR your phonecall. Again, that pretty much narrows it downs to after dinner and before she’s in the club… which is from around 8 P.M. to 1 A.M. where I come from.

So as a general rule, call a woman somewhere in the evening. It’s the safest bet you can play when you want someone to actually pick up the damn phone.

If the woman you’re calling is busy, at work, or being distracted, just say “you know what? I’ll call you back when you’re not distracted”. If she tries to get you to stay and talk to her some more, then stay unless the distraction is freakishly annoying.

Know you now when to call women and at what time to do that, I suggest you get started right away with creating attraction and getting more dates!

And hey, say you call a woman and she isn’t there? Don’t panic! I got you covered with the insights I shared in my post about what to do if she doesn’t answer the phone.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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