How To Get Women’s Phone Numbers: Easily Get Phone Numbers

So here’s how to get women’s phone numbers. This is my own technique for getting phone numbers and it hasn’t failed me yet – EVER!

Want to get your hands on my “formula” that shows you how to get women’s phone numbers? Here it is:

“You know what? I have to go now, give me your phone number so we can continue this conversation another time. You have to promise me something though… NO stalking! I don’t want 10.000 text messages on one day okay?”

Do you see what I’m doing here? When I try and get women’s phone numbers, I’m NOT asking for permission or asking a yes/no question, I’m NOT being a stalker (I’m accusing her of being one), but I’m also doing something else.

The words “I have to go now” are very powerful after you’ve created attraction with a woman, because it makes her feel perceived loss. It’s a fancy psychological term for: she’s interested, she wants to get to know you better, but it looks like you’re trying to leave so she may lose her chance to get the guy or so to speak.

Saying you’re going back to your friends or that you’re about to leave creates a sense of URGENCY, a limited timeframe to make the most of an opportunity. Her mind immediately connects the dots and she knows that when you tell her to give you her phone number, it’s a now or never thing… that she has to TAKE ACTION if she ever wants to get to know you better.
But WAIT – there’s more science to my short phone number getting technique…

How To Get Women’s Phone Numbers Thanks To Science

Yes, you can learn how to get women's phone numbers thanks to science if you keep reading below!

Lets repeat part of my way for how to get women’s phone numbers and see if you noticed too:

“I have to go now, give me your number so we can continue this conversation another time.” Did you notice the so…? The reason I gave her for giving me her phone number?

Why am I even doing that… why am I still giving her a reason when she knows she’s attracted to me and I do too? Because there’s a HUGE DISCONNECT between what’s socially accepted (her logical reasoning) and her sexual nature. Allow me to explain…

You can’t choose who you feel attracted to, heck… not even how fast you’ll be attracted to that person!

Attraction isn’t a choice that’s based on logical decisions, but a FEELING that’s based on EMOTIONS… and we all know how rational and logical our emotions are right? They’re NOT.

Attraction can be created by pushing the right buttons, or to talk evolution here: by displaying the right amount of fitness indicators. More on that later, because we have other business to attend to…

Because while she FEELS attracted to you, she THINKS something else. Our emotions always end up overriding our logical reasoning, but that doesn’t mean that our reasoning isn’t there! That’s why a woman will think things like…

“I normally don’t do this…”

“I normally don’t give my number so fast…”

“I don’t give my phone number to strangers…”

And blah blah blah.

My guess is that you’ve heard at least one of these in your lifetime… and it’s because her logical reasoning tries to backwards rationalize what just happened. Sounds more difficult than it is, because all it means is: while her heart is already temporarily yours, her brain needs a reason to justify it.

That’s why you give her a REASON… a because for giving you her phone number. Tell her it’s because you want to continue the conversation later on, because you want to get to know her better, because she can give you a tour of the city some time because you just moved there.

On Getting Phone Numbers And Why A “Because” Works…

What reason to give a woman for getting her number? It doesn’t matter… because researchers did this test once with AMAZING results. Pay attention if you want to learn how to get women’s phone numbers!

Ok, it was this test where someone tried to cut in line at the photo copier of some random company. They wanted to see what kind of reason people needed to let someone go first.

At first, a plausible reason was tested: “can I please go first, because my job is at stake if I’m late for this presentation I need to do”. And the guy could go first. But the last test was to see if people would still let someone go first with a BS reason: “can I go first? Because my dog ate the previous copy”. Guess what? As long as the guy gave a REASON, people let him go first 90% of the time!

So please, use a because when you use my technique for how to get women’s phone numbers:

“You know what? I have to go now, give me your phone number so we can continue this conversation another time. You have to promise me something though… NO stalking! I don’t want 10.000 text messages on one day okay?”

Hope you liked my tips for getting phone numbers. Stay tuned for more dude! And if you want to know what to do once you get a number and can call a girl, then check out my post on how to call a girl right now.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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