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Do you know the female body language that tells you she’s interested in you? And do you know how to use your own body to attract women? Learn here!

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How To Make A Conversation Sexual – 3 Tips

How To Make A Conversation Sexual – How To Talk To Women – 3 Tips

This week, I’ve got you something from the mailbag…


Carlos, I’ve been going out on a ton of dates lately, but I’ve run up against some obstacles.

I get into conversations with women, but I can’t seem to break into the “attraction zone” with many of the women. They all seem to keep me on this friendship level, and I don’t know what to do.

I want to get our conversations on a sexual level somehow…

What should I do?

  • Pete W. – Manhattan, KS



Pete, that’s a fantastic question that men everywhere want to know the answer to… in fact, it’s the key to kick-starting a woman’s attraction in that first conversation with her.

No guy likes the “friend zone” – not one bit. Funny enough, it’s always the women we desire the most that put us there.
Women typically look for certain signals from you when they first meet you, and they will decide in minutes if you will be just a friend, or if you have a chance at sleeping with her.

Use Your Body to Make Women INSTANTLY Feel Attracted to You

When it comes to dating, most of what you say doesn’t really come out of your mouth. The key lies in HOW you say it.

More than that, your whole BODY gives off signals that women pick up INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Here’s the first thing you should understand about women: They have a HIGHLY sensitive radar that will have you figured out within mere seconds.

This is one crippling advantage that women have over us. And this is where most men FAIL because they don’t know how to overcome this handicap.

Take it from a woman’s perspective – if she’s attractive, dozens (or possibly hundreds) of men approach her all the time. It’s literally forced her to develop the innate ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, if you catch my drift.

Win With Women

Getting around her Man Decoder lies in understanding communication, specifically the NON-VERBAL kind.

Like it or not, most women are the MASTERS of picking up on cues so SUBTLE that it flies over most men’s heads.

This is why a lot of guys get shot down even before they’ve made a move.

That’s the thing really – guys don’t realize that women unconsciously detect behaviors based on body language.…

20 Signs A Girl Wants You

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If you’re like I was, then you might be having a hard time trying to tell if a girl likes you.


When you’re creating the kind of attraction I talk about in my report “Make Her Beg You To Bang Her”
you are going to be getting noticeable signs of interest.

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Below I have listed 20 of the most common flirting signs that a girl likes you.

20 Flirting Signs That A Girl Likes You

1. A woman will get closer to you in proximity. You may even get the feeling she is hovering around you or trying to eavesdropping on your conversations.

2. She will keep making eye contact with… then quickly she will look away.

3. She will smile at you.  This will be a genuine “slow smile” not a nervous or forced smile.

4. She’ll find reasons to talk to you.


5. She’ll be the first to ask your name… or other personal questions about you.

6. She will give you a flirtatious nickname. (this …