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How To Create Attraction – Building Comfort

Comfort is the bedrock of any interaction. It’s much easier to like, invest and fall in love with someone you feel comfortable around, someone you’ve bonded with. Most men starting out don’t build enough comfort though… it’s the single greatest mistake they make.

These jackasses read books and posts about negging (blowing a girl out/ giving her a backhanded compliment that’s more like an insult than a compliment) and they see that as cool and like it’s the thing that makes them stand out the most. So they try it way too soon into the interaction and end up insulting the girl they’re talking too. I was like this too at first. I was not building nearly enough comfort before disqualifying a girl. I sat and thought about how to change this. So I developed a system to be in a safe zone of comfort before making my seductive moves (by disqualifying her with backhanded compliments, being picky and so forth.)

The single best way to learn how to get with a girl is to learn how to build comfort and to spark the attraction is by getting an investment through what I call A&A (Affirm And Ask).

How do …