How To Get A Girl To Like You – How To Ask A Girl Out (Part 3 of 3)

The most important step to meeting women is knowing when AND how to ask a girl out.

Most guys go their whole lives thinking this is the most frightening part of meeting women, and that they will be rejected most of the time.

Let’s be real – if you knew you weren’t going to get rejected, would you approach and ask more girls out?

You bet your ass you would…

The truth is that if you know what you’re doing, you should almost NEVER be rejected by women.

How to get a girlfriend

That’s why I’m going to give you 3 secret ways to get her out on a date – and probably a whole lot MORE from her.

HOWEVER – I need to warn you that I’m going to explain some really ninja stuff here. So if you’re against using any kind of mind games with women, you might want to move on.

We’re going to get serious and straight to the truth.

If you want some wishy-washy nonsense about “just act confident” – this isn’t for you.

Secret Strategy 1: Keep your head in the game

Your mind needs to be relaxed and clear when the time comes to finally ask her out.

If you’re all tense and caught up in your own head (or worse – in HER head), you’ll give off a nervous vibe that will make her want to walk away. FAST.

One thing you should do to keep your head clear is NOT think about having sex with her.

I know, I know… that’s like asking a guy not to think at all. But that’s something that comes with practice – and experience.

The more you get laid, the less you need to get all weird about imagining this possible scenario with her in bed. And that means that she won’t get creeped out by your dirty-old-man vibe.

When it’s obvious that you’re planning sex ahead of time, you can really weird women out, which is why you have to push that out of your head.

how to get a girl to like you

Don’t worry – if it’s going to happen with her, it’ll happen without you lusting after her fun bags.

Another way to keep your head clear is to remember my Golden Rule of hot women: All Hot Women Poop!

Yeah, you read that right…

Every hot girl you’ve ever met has done the most disgusting things in the bathroom. She’s probably even picked her nose – and even sniffed her own farts.

Did that disgust you?

Well, that’s the kind of REALITY you need to keep in mind when you’re in that giggly, nervous-as-hell state of mind. For a lot of guys, this kicks in when they’re near an attractive woman and it simply overwhelms them.

So, my little Golden Rule will bring you back down to earth and make it easier to keep things in perspective.

After all, she’s just another human being.

If you act like a teenager with a boner every time you talk to a hot girl, she’ll immediately tell herself:

“This guy’s a total loser with girls. It’s highly unlikely he EVER gets laid, and probably won’t have the sexual experience to get me off the way I want. FAIL.”

If you think that sounds harsh, well my friend – that’s just what goes through her mind in the split second it takes to reject you.

when to ask a girl out

And most women do this within the first second of meeting you. She knows that quickly if she’s going to bang you or not.

Don’t believe me? Ask any girl you know that has no problem being raw and real with you.

She’ll nod her head and say, “Hell yeah, buddy.”

Secret Strategy 2: Use the power of Response Potential

This is a fancy psychological term for building up tension in a person so that they are more likely to respond to you. Hence, the response potential.

It’s possible to create a state in a girl where she’s hanging on to your every word. She’ll be pulling on you, and begging you to give her the validation she wants.

Most of time, it’s the other way around. When you’re the one seeking her approval, it automatically destroys your leverage.

How to seduce women

Think about it. If someone else wanted something desperately from you, would you consider that person as your EQUAL?

In the same way, you’re not going to earn a woman’s respect if you act NEEDY around her. It just upsets the “power balance” between you two.

You might be thinking, “Hold on a minute, Carlos…it’s not like I’m going beg her to sleep with me. Only an idiot would do that.”

Sure, but what most men don’t realize is that they’re transmitting this “message” to women without knowing it. Here’s what usually happens to a guy:

  • During the conversation, his mind is somewhere else thinking about the what-ifs (e.g. “What if she doesn’t like me?”, “What if she thinks I’m a dork?”, “What if she says NO?”)
  • Worse, he’s acting like she’s the last woman he’ll ever speak to. So obviously, he has to make it work.
  • At this point, he’s so wound up with anxiety that he’s practically transformed into a ball of tension. This is very OBVIOUS to a woman, especially with his off-putting gestures and high-pitched voice.
  • When she starts showing signs of disapproval, he’ll close the feedback loop with desperate thoughts like, “She’s going to turn me down just like the others”, “Looks like I’m gonna crash and burn *again*” or “Why do I even bother with these women? They’re all the SAME!”

Sounds familiar? Every guy I know has gone through this – including Yours Truly.

But that’s not an excuse NOT to do anything about it. Here are three basic ways to break this destructive cycle:

  • On some level, you need to emotionally detach yourself from the end result. Otherwise, you’ll be too distracted and inevitably turn the conversation into a painful, boring exercise.
  • Instead, approach the situation with a healthier mindset that says: “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I’ll just learn whatever I can from the experience.” This simple shift in thinking will help you have some actual FUN with a girl (instead of dreading the outcome).
  • Manage your breathing. Like it or not, your physical self is also a part of the equation, so you need to get that under control, too. YouTube is a good place to start – type in “breathing exercises” (or a similar search term) to find videos that will help you reduce the tension in your body.

Make this a part of your approach routine, and you’ll loosen up around women. Remember, a happy and relaxed attitude tells them that you’re not intimidated by their beauty.

how to get the girls

That means you’re in control and don’t need their approval. And when a girl picks up on this message, she’ll be the one chasing after you.

Secret Strategy 3: Use the superpower of FRACTIONATION

Fractionation is a very hush-hush technique in most circles.

What is “fractionation”?

It gets its name from the scientific definition of breaking something down into smaller parts.

When it comes to girls and dealing with how they think, fractionation is a combination of psychology, hypnosis, and persuasion.

In other words, it’s a powerful concoction that spells success for you if you know what to do.

Here are the 3 steps:

1: Build an emotional bond

Using the techniques I’ve taught you so far – and the ones you’ll get from me in my programs – you should have a pretty good understanding of how to do this.

Good conversation skills and an understanding of body language (both reading and “writing” your own) is a foundation for this. She has to open up to you, or else you’re just scratching the surface.

how to be attractive to girls

Get her to talk about herself if you want to make her feel comfortable. And this has the added benefit of creating an emotional connection since she will be fully engaged if she’s talking about herself.

Let’s face it – doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy – your favorite topic is always yourself.

2: Build an emotional wave

The best movies and stories all have what I call a dramatic rollercoaster to them.

One of the best examples of this is – believe it or not – Toy Story 2.

It’s a great movie that demonstrates how you can not only make a sequel that is better than the original, but you’ll also understand the power of RISING TENSION.

At every turn, the main characters are being tossed and turned into increasing jeopardy. That creates an emotional wave for us as the viewer.

what attracts women

You want to create the same kind of ups and downs in your conversation – so that the girl you’re with feels an emotional conversation that will engage her and excite her.

3: Use sexual sparks to create attraction

When it comes time to ask her out, there’s no magic words here. Your success will be guaranteed – as long as you set things up right in advance by making her WANT to have a date with you.

I know, that sounds crazy right?

In fact, when a girl WANTS a date with you, you can almost walk away from her just to make her ask YOU out.

Remember: A woman is only in one of 2 modes with a man…

Mode 1: She rejected you in her mind in the first 2 minutes of talking to her. (Actually, it’s more like 20 seconds.) And you’re never getting out of the friend zone.

Mode 2: She wants you and she’s trying to figure out how to get you to want her back just as much.

So if you want to get her in Mode 2 – wanting you – you need to know how to flip her “slut switch” to ON.

How to impress a girl

Every girl has a nice side and a slightly dirty side.

For the first time, science has isolated the brain-body connection for how women become sexually aroused. And this discovery finally exposes the real reason behind what women SAY they want and who they really pursue and sleep with.

AND why women take risks with some guys, and play it safe with others…

This is the scientific reason why a girl sleeps with some guys on the first date, and with some men she makes them wait through weeks of courtship.

It’s why a woman keeps going back to a bad boy instead of dating the nice guy who treats her right.

And it’s why married women cheat on their husbands…!

There’s a mask that women wear – a mask that portrays them as pure, virtuous angels.

I’m going to tear that mask off today and expose a woman’s dark and primal sexual nature for you.

how to call a woman

I’m going to show you how to bring out her inner slut. This is something that most men never get to see – let alone know that it exists.

Some have called this the Good-girl/Naughty girl Complex: either women are sluts, or virgins at their core.

All women have this inner “bad girl” that she can’t admit to (for fear of being shamed and shunned by society)…

…until the right dominant man comes along to awaken it.

CLICK HERE to discover how to awaken the Slut within her….


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