How To Text A Girl You Like And Have Her Begging For More

Do you REALLY know how to text a girl you like? Trust me: there’s a lot more you can do than you know of!

So, are you ready to learn how to text a girl you like and get a date out of it? Yes? Then let’s get started already damn it!

First things first though: I want you to know something before I explain how to text a girl you like…

If you’re one of those guys out there who thinks you won’t get anywhere with texting, then buddy you are DEAD WRONG! Want proof?

Then here’s a good question for ya: How do you know if a girl is available to talk on the phone? I’ve got news for you, man. You don’t! You can’t possibly know that! You can only guess. But, why guess when you can text?

Texting is perfect for testing to see if a girl you like is too busy to talk on the phone. Why? Because if she’s available to text you back, then she’s available to talk. It’s one of the many advantages of knowing how to text a girl you like.

You may already knew this and that texting is another great way to create attraction as well, but…

But do you know how to text a girl you like and create enough attraction to have her praying you’ll call her and ask her out on a date? Because it goes beyond “just” creating attraction.

If you don’t know how to text a girl you like and almost have her begging for sex because of all the attraction you’re creating, then check out my 6 simple tips below.

Feel free to try one or several and see which one works best for you.

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How To Text A Girl You Like Tip #1: Is She Hard To Reach?

Maybe she didn’t answer the phone the first time you called. Or she hasn’t texted you back. Then guess what? Two can play that game!

So when she’s playing hard to get, text something along the lines of:

– “Honey, don’t you know you can’t play hard to get with a man who’s hard to get? :D”

– “Playing hard to get? I LOVE that in a girl! :P”

– “OMG! You’ve been kidnapped! Of course, I’ll pay the ransom. You’re worth every penny! But you’re gonna have to find a way to pay me back…”

I can almost hear you think: “why would stuff like this work man? Is THIS how to text a girl you like?”

Listen man, playful teasing works so well because it creates muchos amounts of attraction when a girl is used to guys kissing her ass so she will date them, while you’re demanding more from her than just a pretty face!

How To Text A Girl You Like Tip #2: Leave Her In Suspense

Before you learn how to text a girl you like, you have to understand the power of creating suspense, intrigue, a cliffhanger or whatever you want to call it.

Cliffhangers are hated by everyone who watches television, but they DO work. Here’s a classic example of one:

Did you know you can text a girl you like, create attraction with a cliffhanger like this one, and then go on a date with her because of it?

Suppose she texts you with a question that requires a “story”. With something more than a yes/no answer.

Example: what you did last weekend.

Or say she asks how you are, and you reply “exhausted!”, to which she asks, “Why?”

This is a golden opportunity to throw out a line, watch as she takes the bait, then SNAP…reel her in for a fine catch. Funny how learning how to text a girl you like is a bit like being a fisherman, isn’t it?

Here’s how creating suspense goes. Pay attention if you want to know how to text a girl you like…

1) You start typing out your answer, then just before you give away too much, you end the message halfway through a sentence. The idea is to make it look like there was some sort of reception error and that your message was cut off. Try to make it intriguing…

2) She should text back telling you that the message was incomplete, and that she wants to know the rest (she took the bait!).

3) Time to reel her in, man! This is when you text back saying something like: “I’d love to tell you what happened next, but you’re gonna have to give me something in return…(A).” Now that’s how to text a girl you like my friend.

4) She might tell you to fuck off, but she’ll probably ask you what it is that you want because women (and humans in general) are just so damn curious

5) Ask for something like 3 kisses, which means that you’ll have to see her for her to be able to deliver the goods (in other words: a date!)

I suggest you check out 50 other great examples of what to text a girl if you liked the examples of texting girls I’ve given you so far.

Want to get your hands on even more info on how to text a girl you like? Then let’s keep it going…

How To Text A Girl You Like Tip #3: Who’s This?

If she texts you first, try asking her: “Who’s this?”

If you want to know how to text a girl you like, then use my who is this technique to tease her and get a date!

Then after she replies you answer with a playful remark like:

“What a relief! I thought you were this scary paranoia chick who’s been texting me from different numbers to stalk me! I think she’s planning to kidnap me :P”

First she thought you were rude, mean, and what not because you seemed to have forgotten her name. She got kinda upset about it, only to discover that you were kidding around which made her feel guilty for being offended.

Now if THAT is not teasing a woman and letting her know you’re not desperate? Then I don’t know what is!

Works every time…

How To Text A Girl You Like Tip #4: Do A Spell Check!

Sure, everybody makes spelling mistakes when texting, either because you type too fast, or you try a new funky abbreviation of a long word.

Either way, you can always use spelling errors to your advantage and playfully tease a girl you like. How you should do this? Let’s find out!

– Copy the mistake and send it back to her. Add a playful comment like, “What’s wrong with this picture?” Or play around with the mistake. Suppose she typed “brr” instead of “brb”. Tell her: “Brr? Maybe you should put a sweater on, kid. I don’t want you to catch a cold and miss our next date.” If you wanted to know how to text a girl you like, then you would have written that one down… and there’s more of where that came from dude! Just watch me:

– Use the mistake and act like you don’t understand: “You said to waht for you at the corner? What the hell is “wahting”? Please clear this up ASAP cause I don’t want to make a fool out of myself in the middle of the street…”

How To Text A Girl You Like Tip #5: Just Following Up

Sometimes you want to text a girl, just to follow up on your last conversation. That’s ok.

But dude, do it in style. Don’t ask her what she’s doing. Women see right through that and see you as a desperate dude because of it. That’s not how to text a girl you like man.

Try this instead: “Hi (insert nickname)! Name 5 European football teams! You have 5 seconds! And the clock starts ticking now…”

When she replies with her answers you can tease her if she’s wrong. Don’t forget to tell her what she’s won (even if she’s wrong she’s entitled to a “consolation” prize):

“Congratulations! You have won permission to call me. But be warned that if you stalk me, I’ll have to call the authorities on YOU lady!”

How To Text A Girl You Like Tip #6: Hey… You Remind Me Of

Pull this one off right, and you’ll not only get her to laugh but a date out of it as well. Text her and say you saw a movie last night and that it reminded you of her.

She’ll be dying to find out what it was exactly. And that’s when you throw in the punch line about what reminded you of her:

“I believe it was the dog. It kept following this guy around everywhere he went, and it was annoying as hell!”

How to text a girl you like and still get her, even though you called her a dog? Find out how it's done with the tips in this blog post!

Try these techniques and let me know which worked best. And feel free to share some of your own texting techniques in a comment! As long as it works, it’s all good.

And hey, if you want to know more about how to text a girl, attract her, and easily get a date with her… then you’re in luck! Because I’ve got a HUGE pile of other free tips waiting for you inside my calling women and texting women newsletter. So, what are you waiting for? Get those tips now.

THE END… hope you liked these tips for how to text a girl you like!

Check out the rest of the How To Text A Girl series.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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