How To Improve Confidence: Improve Your Confidence In 3 Easy Steps

Many men want to know how to improve confidence because they can’t win with women in the dating game. Something’s wrong. They just don’t know what it is…

Are you one of them? Do you want to know how to improve confidence?

Then consider yourself lucky to be reading this post on how to improve confidence, because I’ve travelled down the road you’re taking right now years ago. I KNOW what’s wrong. I know why you can’t win with women:

You don’t know how to improve confidence because you don’t know what you want, you don’t set some goals for yourself, and you don’t realize that life’s a flywheel yet.

I can almost hear you think: “Dude! You make it sound real easy now, but it’s not!”

I know it isn’t… but it will be once you know how to improve confidence with my 3 steps!

How To Improve Confidence Step 1: Know What You Want

If I would ask you what your type of woman looks like, what she likes, and what the best place to find her is… would you be able to tell me?

I’m willing to bet you that your answer is no or that you’re not sure. That’s a big problem!

If you want to know how to improve confidence, then you have to know exactly what you want so you can’t get as desperate as this:

If you want to learn how to improve confidence, then you first have to get rid of the desperate part of you

When you don’t know where to start with meeting women, YOUR type of women, you get more desperate the longer you’re on the look out for “miss right”.

Makes sense, right? Meanwhile, women are turned off by desperate men BIG TIME.

And this is where how to improve confidence gets pretty damn interesting:

These researchers did a study where they asked two groups of people to walk through the city center. They told group 1 to bring along anything interesting they would find on the sidewalk, while they told the second group to bring along every nickel they would find on the sidewalk.

Guess which group brought back more nickels? The second group! I think they found ten times as much nickels as the first group. Do you see where I’m going with this?

The pickier you get, the easier and the more women you’ll find that are 100% your type.

And a big part of how to improve confidence is quitting the whole desperate act.

And, put simply, you won’t be desperate anymore when you can find your type of woman everywhere…

Try it today or tomorrow: go to the city center and find as many women that are wearing something red as possible. Then tell me afterwards: there were way more than you had expected, right?

How To Improve Confidence Step 2: Set Goals For Yourself

Imagine you’re the captain of a pirate ship sailing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the 1700’s. The ship’s crew asks you where you want to go.

Are you captain of your own ship? Learn how to improve confidence by becoming captain

Today you tell them to go west. Tomorrow it’s north. Then it’s a little bit south. Will you ever get to America this way?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: hell no! But meanwhile?

This is how the need to learn how to improve confidence never gets fulfilled:

You have no directions to go in, no goals, so you will probably never achieve anything worthwhile. Because you have no directions, you’ll doubt every move you make because you don’t know if it’s one in the right direction! And the doubts will start to stack inside you… making you even more insecure…

And you’ll settle for less when you keep doing this instead of getting what you want.

So if you want to know how to improve confidence, then set some freaking goals for yourself!

Setting goals shouldn’t be difficult after figuring out what the type of woman is you could fall for. All you have to do is map the road ahead so you’ll get there.

Example: you want to know how to improve confidence so you can meet and date a Latina who’s into art. Let’s pretend that’s your type of woman. Then your goals would be:

– Find all the Latin artists in the area, then meet and befriend 5 of them
– Date one of the female artists and ask a male artist to introduce you to one of his friends
– And so on

Goals help you stay focused. They make sure you’re hitting the right “target” so you won’t go out to pick up random chicks, but to pick up the women that are your type.

The best tip for how to improve confidence is create targets you can aim at, set some goals!

Setting goals for yourself does wonders for your confidence, because your goals are bound to start motivating you to continue:

(Using the example from before)

Once you’ve befriended those 5 Latin artists you feel awesome. You’ll want to befriend more…

Once you dated a female artist or a female friend of an artist, you’ll want to date more…

And instead of becoming desperate, you taught yourself how to improve confidence by setting increasingly challenging goals for yourself.

Goals motivate you more and more every day and keep you thinking about achieving, rather than how you should be nervous because you’re going on a date.

How To Improve Confidence Step 3: Life’s A Flywheel

Most guys forget all about dating for months or years on end because they don’t see “real” results. This is why they quit learning how to improve confidence:

They simply gave up. Their confidence and spirit have been broken. They tried to meet and date women but convinced themselves that they weren’t making progress fast enough.

Are you one of them?

If so, then let me quote Jim Collins (author of From Good To Great) so I can teach you what knowing how to improve confidence is all about:

“Picture a huge, heavy flywheel. A massive metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle, about thirty feet in diameter, two feet thick, and weighing about 5,000 pounds. Now imagine that your task is to get the flywheel rotating on the axle as fast and for as long as possible.

If you want to know how to improve confidence, then realize that life is a flywheel

Pushing with great effort, you get the flywheel to inch forward, moving almost imperceptibly at first. You keep pushing and after two or three hours of persistent effort, you get the flywheel to complete one entire turn.

You keep pushing and the flywheel begins to move a bit faster, and with continued great effort, you move it round a second rotation. You keep pushing in a consistent direction.

Three turns, four, five, six… the flywheel builds up speed… seven, eight… you keep pushing… nine, ten… it builds momentum… eleven, twelve… moving faster with each turn… twenty, thirty, fifty… a hundred.

Then at some point: breakthrough! The momentum of the thing kicks in your favor… its own weight working for you. You’re pushing no harder than the first rotation, but the flywheel goes faster and faster.

Each turn of the flywheel builds upon work done earlier, compounding your investment of effort. The huge heavy disk flies forward with almost unstoppable momentum.

Now suppose someone came along and asked: “What was the one big push that caused this thing to go so fast?” You wouldn’t be able to answer. Was it the first push? The second? The twentieth? The hundredth push?

No! It was all of them added together in an overall accumulation of effort applied in a consistent direction.”

That’s how to improve confidence: never give up. Keep going at it…

Keep approaching women. Keep meeting women. Every action no matter how small counts, because all of your small actions combined together will inevitably give you dating success.

That’s why taking action is important, especially if you want to know how to improve confidence.

Start using the 3 steps for how to improve confidence right now and you’ll start feeling better and better about yourself within days.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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