Improving Self Confidence With Hank Moody

If you want to start improving self confidence, you need Hank Moody. Because take the last four syllables of Californication and that’s what Hank Moody gets:

Fornication. Week after week. How does he do it? And how can you start improving self confidence?

So how do you do it? How is improving self confidence up until the level of Hank Moody done so you TOO can get as many fornication (that’s sex, dude) as he gets?

Moody (played by David Duchovny in the TV show) is a writer living in LA, and despite the fact that he hates living in California and hates mostly everything about California?

He has no problem picking up his fair share of California girls. Girls like these:

Can you get California girls by improving self confidence? Yes you can! Keep reading to learn more

Hank’s a boy stuck in a 30+ year old body, sarcastic, and downright disrespectful.

But this gives him a certain charm. It gives him his self confidence. All he has to do is put on his signature jeans and black T-shirt, and he’ll pick up the first attractive girl he runs into.

It’s so easy for Hank Moody…but why? Because he’s extremely self confident around women. And you’ll be too, after you read this blog post on improving self confidence (and thanks to Moody of course)

Like most guys you’re probably not like Hank Moody though. Like someone who picks up women as soon as he falls out of bed.

You’re probably a little insecure, don’t know what to say, and don’t know what to do around women. You DO want to be like Hank though, don’t you? Of course, you do!

Who wouldn’t? It sucks to feel insecure! That’s why you need to start improving self confidence.

And what if I told you that Hank has the key to solving your insecurities? What if he could give you the key to improving self confidence?

Let’s get down to business and see why Hank Moody is so successful with women, and why this is the key to improving self confidence, yes, YOUR self confidence!

Improving Self Confidence: Indifference Is Key

First, let’s get some misconceptions out of the way. You might think that only guys with a perfect job, a perfect car, and a perfect life can be confident around women.

Here’s where Hank Moody will prove you wrong when it comes to improving self confidence and confidence in general.

Hank’s life is far from perfect. He hates living in LA. He hates the shitty writing job he had to accept because he’s been too blocked to write anything else.

Plus, the woman he wants to be with doesn’t want to be with him 9 out of 10 times. But whatever he sets outs to do, he goes about it with supreme indifference.

He’s essentially laid back, he cracks jokes all the time even on the darkest days, and he makes women laugh. When he’s with a woman, there’s no life and death issue hanging in the balance, he just enjoys the moment.

He doesn’t worry whether he’ll get a girl he finds attractive. He just does it.

Moral of the story: nut up or shut up. Do less thinking and more doing. Improving self confidence starts with a “mental time-out”.

Stop worrying so much. Start relaxing. Enjoy the moment dude! If a woman ends up not being interested, then there’s another moment right after it. Know what I mean?

If you want to start improving self confidence, then start chilling like Hank does:

Improving self confidence starts by chilling like Hank Moody does, and then taking action!

I have had drinks thrown in my face (couple times), and have even been punched in the face (by the boyfriend, once)… but I have never DIED from approaching women.

It’s no life or death situation, so do it, you’ll live… and realize it’s less scary the more you do it, so then you go ahead and do it some more!

Action becomes a habit, a habit becomes your character, and your character becomes your destiny. Do you see now why focusing on taking action is the start of improving self confidence, of improving your life?


Start Improving Self Confidence By F-ing Socializing!

Hank Moody goes out and meets people. All the time. Everywhere.

He can start a conversation with anyone about any topic. This really improves his chances around women.

And this is why he can pick up a surfer girl at a supermarket or a lawyer at an elegant fundraising event.

He feels comfortable talking to people from all walks of life, and it shows.

The “improving self confidence secret” here: the more different people you hang out with and the more different situations you find yourself in, the more you get used to anything that COULD happen.

In a few words, take enough action and you’ll get a thick skin, become less scared, and therefore approach more women… and ultimately date more women.

Want me to be honest with you for a sec?

I’ve seen so many different types of weirdo’s, boyfriends, female friends and male friends , parents, brothers and sisters, class clowns, pussies, and bad boys that I couldn’t care less anymore.

I’m not impressed anymore. Ever. Same goes for types of women. Seen them all. Been there, done that. This is why Hank Moody can be so indifferent. He’s just like me.

The sole reason for me and Hank not being scared, is because we’ve gotten used to pretty much everything that could possibly happen just by taking continuous action.

So, start taking continuous action to start improving self confidence already!

Moving on…

A Juicy Secret About Improving Self Confidence

Before we continue, I want to reveal quick wins for improving self confidence that you can start using today!

Here we go with the quick tips for improving self confidence

– Improving self confidence means improving your opinion of yourself in such a way that you can take control of your own life by saying “NO” to other people determining where your life is going

– Improving self confidence means standing up for your own opinion, even if the entire room may disagree

– Improving self confidence means feeling comfortable around women no matter how good they look or what they do and say

– Improving self confidence means that YOU are the only one that determines how you feel. No matter what others say or do, you keep feeling great and keep feeling good about yourself.

And right about now you may wonder: how can I pull all of this off? Keep reading to find out…

Improving Self Confidence By Being As Ballsy As Hank Moody

Hank gets away with the most outrageous things. What else can you expect from a guy who says: “I won’t go down in history, but I will go down on your sister”?

As you can see Hank Moody can teach you a thing or two about improving self confidence

How does he have the balls to say some of the things he says?

There’s no other secret other than the fact that he just does it. Without blinking or hesitating. He just speaks his mind.

You see, most guys don’t realize that the key to improving self confidence is simply doing what you feel like doing.

Taking action. Going for it. If it’s on your mind, say it. And say it like you mean it, not like you have to ask for permission to say it, or doubting whether you should say it at all.

You’ll be surprised about what you can get away with…

And hey, you want to talk to a girl? Do it! Don’t put so much thought into what you should say, what she’ll say, or into thinking she won’t be interested.

Do you think Hank was born with this unshakable self confidence? That improving self confidence as not necessary for him?

No way! It probably took him years to reach this level of confidence.

So the more you do it? The more you get out there and start talking to women? The more confident you’ll get. Because an action becomes a habit, a habit your character, and your character becomes your destiny.

If you need a little help with your self confidence and starting conversations because you don’t know the what, how, when, and where, then don’t worry my friend because I have a whole bunch of other free tips waiting for you inside my Inner Game Newsletter. So, what are you waiting for?

Get more tips right away

And remember: improving self confidence is a matter of taking continuous action, and of watching more Californication starring Hank Moody of course!

I talk about taking action a lot but I really wanted to emphasize it today, and what better way then to use one of everybody’s favorite womanizers?

Hope you liked my tips for improving self confidence man.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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