Become As Attractive As Bad Boys With My Coaching for Under $50!

Personal coaching is where the magic happens for me… and every guy I’ve coached so far. During the last 2 years I’ve helped 603 men approach 10,854 women, get 2,713 phone numbers, and go on 904 dates. If not more. Take that Guinness Book of World Records!

The cheapest form of coaching I offer is a 1 hour personal coaching session via email, Skype, the phone or face to face. Normally it costs $75, but it just got cheaper! More on that later…

I’ve created the 1 hour session especially for when you’re a poor little student, homeless, unemployed or just plain cheap. I understand if you don’t have a lot of money, hell, I’ve you read the story of How We Got Started then you know I’ve been homeless. I’ve been there.

Anyways, let me briefly tell you what my 1 hour personal coaching session is all about.

Personal Coaching From Me: What’s In It For You

1) Before the actual coaching starts I will ask you for a list of your 2-3 biggest problems with women, dating or yourself. I have one simple rule when I coach: I won’t stop coaching you until you know how to solve them. So say goodbye to the biggest obstacles that stop you from getting the girl and…

2) At the end of the 1 hour coaching session I will give you homework. No. Not boring school homework, but step-by-step exercises that will help you get girls in real life. I’ve done everything I teach. I’m a natural not a pick up artist. I can 100% guarantee you that my homework, works.

3) After 2-3 weeks I DEMAND that you email me so I can give you feedback. I want to be absolutely sure that you succeed in achieving more success with women and will do anything to get you what you want. I’m serious: I will give you another coaching session but for free if I have to!

4) You tell me whether you want to do it via email, Skype, MSN, the phone or face to face and I’ll adapt. We’ll do it at a time that suits your schedule, no matter what kind of crazy sh*t you got planned for the weekend.

I will help you solve your problems and transform you into a man that’s as attractive as bad boys for not $75 (the old price) but at a discount so you’ll only pay $47. I’ve coached virgins, fat guys, ugly dudes, bald losers, and you’re next. If they can meet women, why can’t you?

No other dating guru wants to coach you for only $47. They ask $100, $300 or even $3000 like Neil Strauss does. I won’t. This dating guru does his world class coaching for $47 so anyone can do it.

Plus, you have a lifetime guarantee on my coaching, so I’m the only one taking a risk here. Because when you’re not happy with the results? You get all your money back, no questions asked.

Get your 1 hour coaching session for only $47 right away by clicking the button below now:

It only takes 60 seconds of your time to order your coaching, so don’t hesitate and do it. Click that button above now. You know it’s the right thing to do.

“Why Are You Willing To Coach Me For $47 Carlos?”

I’ve been doing my best to prevent it, but it’s time to get real here: I have bad news…

Because I’m nearly out of money for keeping Win With Women going. If I do nothing now, then I will be forced to stop helping you improve your life and get more women within 3 months.

Don’t worry, there is a bright side to this story (for you, not for me): being coached by a dating guru for a bargain price. But let me first explain why we’re almost out of money.

Keeping Win With Women going costs a lot of money. Keeping the blog’s server up and running, paying for the internet connection, hiring a webmaster so hackers can’t hurt the site, paying to get my emails filled with tips delivered to you, but…

The biggest expense that forces me to lower my coaching price is my fight for what’s right:

The legal expenses that come with exposing several top 10 pick up artists, so called “dating gurus”, and other scumbags for what they are. They’re moneysucking vampires that only want you to achieve short term success so you’ll keep buying products from them. I hate their guts, while their lawyers (tried to) hate mine.

Funny coincidence is that almost every time I exposed stuff? I needed to pay for more webmaster hours, because my website was attacked by hackers or temporarily taken down by my hosting provider “because of complaints that your site violates our Terms of Service”.

Now you probably haven’t seen any of these issues because most of them didn’t last longer than 10 to 15 minutes, but they still happened and cost me a lot of money.

This year, I worked my ass off to pay the bills so I could keep helping you improve your life and to keep the blog online. I can’t keep it up. I’m talking 70 to 90 hours of work a week here. Every single week. Yet still, I can’t pay the bills. That means I have to lower the price, or else…

I’m giving you a discount because I want to continue giving you dating advice. So, this is me giving you a HUGE discount on my hour long personal coaching session because I have to. Use it wisely!

Get your 1 hour coaching session for just $47 right now by clicking the button below:

And remember: you have a lifetime guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the results of my coaching now, in a year or in 50 freaking years? You get 100% of your money back. That’s how confident I am that I can help you. So why wait? Do it: get that coaching session today.

I have to let you pay only $47 for 1 hour of coaching so I can pay the bills because more people will (hopefully) get it at a lower price. And I’m not trying to guilt trip you here, but Win With Women will die if you don’t support me. It’s as simple as that unfortunately.

So I don’t care if you get my coaching with a discount or want to help in some other way, but please show your support. Any support helps, even something small as sharing this on Facebook.

These are rough times indeed…

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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