How To Pick Up Women Online: Using Your Online Social Circle

99% of the men who want to learn how to pick up women online some day sign up for a social network, but then forget all about the NETWORKING part. When it comes to meeting women online, that’s just plain stupid…and I’ll tell you why…

The Big Boys such as Facebook and MySpace have millions and millions of members, around 175 million and 105 million respectively. Sure, that means that there’s almost an endless supply of women you can send attraction building messages to one by one…hell, I know I did it and achieved INSANE amounts of success with it! But here’s a juicy secret: limiting yourself to ONLY meeting women individually on a social network, is just like being a company who tries to get one additional guy to buy…when you COULD get entire MASSES of people to buy from you when you change your approach.

I’m talking about unlocking the secrets of using the NETWORK part of a social network to meet more women then George Clooney on a Friday night at a singles bar…but how?

Forget “Love” Interest And “Friend Interest”

I just know this is gonna sound strange to you…but when you want to pick up online so you can get yourself a date (and because of it, a girl), then you need to STOP thinking about getting dates! Is that confusing enough for ya? Let me explain…

Friday April 3rd:
Let’s say you set up a profile on MySpace and start meeting women online by sending messages. You send out 30 messages and get 15 replies.

Friday April 7th:
From the women who replied, you manage to get 5 phone numbers, but only 1 of those ends up becoming a date! Why? Because those other 4 women: weren’t attracted to you enough, or weren’t attracted to you at all because you killed the attraction with too many mistakes, or they didn’t live up to your standards and you don’t have a love interest in them (and the better at picking up girls online you become, the more this is likely to happen).

Friday April 14th:
Those 15 women who replied (including the 4 cuties you got the phone number from) are STILL in your list of friends, but what do you and the vast majority of men do? Totally IGNORE them, because you failed with them or they aren’t a “love interest” and thus of no interest to you…right? Because if you can’t get in a woman’s pants, then she’s useless to you when you want to meet and date women, right?

You couldn’t be MORE wrong! That’s being a jackass who only thinks about the really short term when he wants to pick up online, while you could DOUBLE, or triple, your results with gorgeous women online when you realize an illusive, but obvious truth that’s all about CONSISTENT success…

Every woman has friends on her social network profile, dozens or hundreds of ’em…and sometimes even a 1000+ friends! So SHE may be of no sexual interest to you, but female friend #1 may be…and what about female friend #2? That hot friend #3 is definitely your kinda girl as well..

Do you understand what this means?

If you can get a woman to introduce you to HER network by befriending her, you could meet TEN women instead of just her. Hugh Hefner eat your heart out, because it’s the best way I know to date women online!

What’s more…say all those women you meet through her aren’t a big deal too (I can hardly imagine that there ISN’T a single friggin’ one that’s interesting but anyway…) THEY have a network of their own too!

This is the essence of “Social Game”: using your social circle to meet women…AND enlarging it so you’ll have gargantuan amounts of opportunities for meeting women because your circle becomes bigger, and bigger…and bigger.

So how do you use Social Game (your social circle ON a social network) to pick up online?

KEY Insight: Sending Messages The RIGHT Way

I hope your eyes are wide open now to the DATING opportunities a social circle can give you, but don’t think you’ll pull ANYTHING off when you’re meeting women online by sending a woman a message out of the blue that goes a little something like this:

“oh hey Tessa, it’s Jim..yeah that guy you never liked that messaged you 5 years ago. I saw you’re friends with Lisa on your profile, and I think she’s kinda hot. Can you hook me up?”

If you think it WILL do you any good, I don’t want you to bitchslap yourself…no. I want you to go to the bookstore, get your hands on the thickest book you can find (I would go for an encyclopedia if I were you), pick it up, and THEN slap yourself silly with it..caus you’re being a dumb ass when you do this.

You need to work your circle, grease the wheels so women know you, like you, and are happy to play matchmaker for ya (because women loooove matchmaking – trust me, most would make a career out of it if they knew how..)

Here are some quickie tips for “greasing the wheels” so you can pick up online:

– Send them the “weekend message”: did you do anything fun this weekend? Tell me! Or…are you gonna do anything fun this weekend? Talk to me here..and then have some fun, joke around and tease them about what they (and you) are going to do..or did

– Message them when you don’t have to: dude, most social networks let you know when it’s one of your friends birthday..and it only takes a couple minutes to congratulate a woman. Next to this, just start talking about their Status or interests

– Start talking about love and dating: is he seeing anyone? What’s the worst ex she ever had and what did he do? And so on..

If you spend an hour a week on this, on making sure everybody gets a message AT LEAST once…

Sending one of your (newly befriended) female friends a message about how you kinda like one of her girlfriends and ask her if she can introduce you to her is so easy, a baby could do it! Because it’s NATURAL for friends to help each other out

Here’s a “hidden advantage” of getting introduced TO a girl…BY a girl: the lady you’ll be introduced to already knows you’re comfortable around women, that you know how to treat women, and that you’re a social, open and fun guy..which means you’ve created interest and attraction just because you’re getting introduced to her by one of her friends!

And when you go for meeting women online both individually and through your network, it’s only a matter of time before you gather a circle of beautiful, attractive women around you that are more than willing to date you…OR introduce you to one of their dropdead gorgeous friends..

And if you want to gain access to a secret vault filled with powerful techniques for exploiting Groups, a woman’s friends (and even a MAN’S friends), Forums and more so you can DOUBLE the amount of easy phonenumbers in your pocket…and make yourself FEEL more masculine and confident than ever because you can now get dates in a heartbeat…

Then I highly recommend you check out my blog post about how to pick up women online the Facebook way.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. According to Forrester Research, 97% of the men who try online dating quit within 3 months because of a lack of results. And if you want to belong to the 3% who meet women online without much effort because you know when to do what, then click here now to gain access to the dozens of tips inside my FREE Online Dating Newsletter.

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