How To Pick Up Girls Online: Do They All Disappoint In Real Life?

When you want to pick up girls online, the first thing people will tell ya is “DON’T…because those women will disappoint in real life”, but they WON’T when you use these 45 secrets for “quality control” that I’m about to share with you…

One of the BIGGEST stereotypes of meeting women online is that people supposedly aren’t who they say they are because:

– They lie about their age…where underaged girls are suddenly 18 and older, women…especially 30+ ones..say they are a couple years younger because they FEAR old age or know more men will want to meet them then

– They lie about their looks…by using a photo from years ago where they still had teeth, hair, eyes, were rinkle AND grey hair free and where they didn’t have a retainer, glasses and the body mass of a big whale yet…lol!

– They lie about their life…by mentioning stuff they never did, places they never went to and people they never met..or say they don’t have kids while in reality they “own” an entire batallion of little peckers…why? just to make a better impression so those pervy chicks surfing the internet for dudes can meet and date more guys

I didn’t mean to scare you there, but the sad truth is: it IS happening out there…and it’s seems like a regular horror story when you were excited about going on a date, only to encounter a cave bat that was supposed to be a “Pamela Andersen number 2.” But the vast majority of men don’t get the numbers right.

“What do you mean Carlos?” I mean that if I would log into my MySpace profile right now to pick up girls online, I won’t meet only lying, cheating and manipulative women…because that’s like saying all Catholic priests on the planet are child abusers. That’s just plain WRONG, and far from the actual truth.

The lies only happen on a few rare occasions, like once a year, especially if you know how to use some “QUALITY CONTROL” when you’re picking up women online. When you use the following powerful techniques, you’ll be pretty damn sure that you filtered out all the lying female weazels and prevented yourself from WASTING your precious time…getting frustrated about online dating…and from STILL ending up dateless and all alone.

Before Meeting Women Online: Photos

When you’re about to pick up girls online and end up on some woman’s profile, do yourself a favor and look at her photos first. If she only has ONE (1) photo, skip that sucker and move on to the next profile! Why?

Think about it: have you ever looked your best every single friggin’ day? No you haven’t, because you don’t always get your 8 hours of sleep for example, and you also don’t look equally nice from all angles. Guess what happens when she has only one photo on her profile? It’s pure psychology: she will try to upload the very best picture where she looks her best and that’s taken from juuust the right angle..which means it probably isn’t representative of how she looks ON AVERAGE.

That’s not the case with multiple photos (3 or more is best in my experience), because than you can compare and see how she normally looks…so you’ll AVOID being disappointed when you meet her face-to-face (and it also saves you a HECK of a lot of time). I’m not saying you can’t meet and date women who only have one (or worse: NO) photos, BUT…don’t look at me when you can’t even control the spontaneous urge to vomit when that but ugly monster is standing in front of you with her crooked teeth!

Here’s another tip in the mean and between time: work on your own dating profile too, because I have many online dating profile examples for you that help you meet more women online.

But I’m sidetracking here, so let’s get back on track!

Before meeting Women Online: “Salt ‘N Pepper”

Quickly scroll through her profile before you message her and take everything with a grain of salt…that’s basically all there is to it. If she tells stories about the modelling business but doesn’t have any photos as proof for example, that’s where you bring in the salt. Don’t take what she says about herself too seriously.

When you can’t verify that modelling story with photos, don’t grow paranoid on me and never send her a message at all..that’s RIDICULOUS. You can always find out about it at a later time, but I DO want you to be careful when you see multiple things that she can’t prove…because men aren’t the only ones doing the bragging my friend, especially when women seriously want to meet men online.

I’ve met beautiful women on several occassions that throwed their “these are my qualities list” at me as soon as they were attracted to me: I am spontaneous, have a good sense of humor, I’m a people’s person, really social, open hearted, extraverted and on and on..oh bull! Have some standards and don’t settle for the first woman that gives you a list that sounds like a dream woman to selective about it, tease her, and find out if it’s true. If it’s not, she’s either manipulative or really insecure about who she is…and then you need to ask yourself if you want to be with such a girl (very insecure women require a lot of attention, affection and confirming on your part for example – and it’s drama when you don’t answer the phone or only talk to another woman).

After Meeting Women Online: Google

So you’re doing your thing on the world wide web and manage to pick up girls online all the way to getting a phone number, email or IM. Great! You’re on your way to becoming successful with women and achieving consistent success..and sent at least a couple messages back and forth with her before you got the contact info.

Walk with me here: that means you probably spent around half an hour or an hour before you got her contact information, and you can be damn sure that you will need to invest a lot more in it when you want to go on a date with her: texting her a couple times, calling her, setting up a date, the date..

And you don’t want to have to deal with unpleasant surprises my friend. Unpleasant surprises such as psycho women with a short fuse, but ugly cave bats, stalkers, manipulative b*atches, etc. and I like to be effective with my time, because if she isn’t who she says she is then I WASTED all the time that I could have used to meet a woman who is cute, attractive and interesting..or hanging out with my cool friends off course.

So here’s what I do: I Google her full name and see what pops up. Before I go any further: NO. I don’t go Cold War and spy on her by checking out every friggin’ site that contains her name or every profile of men she talks to because I’m trying really hard to be a creepy, overly jealous stalker who tries to own her life..I’ll leave that to all the serial killers out there.

I Google because I’m realistic. She may have other (or older) profiles on other sites, or she may be mentioned on some informative website. And guess what? By checking out some of them and seeing the photos on there, I’ll get an idea of who she is from multiple angles. When my eyes like what they see, I can move things forward without any worries whatsoever. But if I find all kinds of bad things about her? Then I just saved myself HUGE amounts of time because I didn’t put in all the work to get a date…with a woman I don’t even wanna date!

That’s called having STANDARDS, being picky about who you want to hang out with, and NOT settling for less when you pick up girls online…

The vast majority of men out there start off with a profile and feeling lucky and then…then they step into one snake pit after the other because they simply DON’T know how to avoid critical mistakes online, what you can do to PREVENT wasting enormous amounts of your time (and money when you’re on a dating site) with ZERO dates to show for it..

And if you want to know how to prevent making BIG mistakes such as messaging women with only 1 photo, and learn how to spark almost SCARY amounts of chemistry with girls online thanks to easy-to-understand yet hypereffective powertools for writing messages to women, creating a profile that draws women towards it like a MAGNET…then check out my Online Mentorship Program.

It’s the fastest way to LIFELONG mastery of online dating..because it teaches you how to pick up girls online in a step-by-step way that lets you transform almost every interaction with women online into an unforgettable date

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

P.S. According to Forrester Research, 97% of the men who try online dating quit within 3 months because of a lack of results. And if you want to belong to the 3% who meet women - online or offline - with no effort, because you know when to do what, then get instant access to more tips by getting your FREE Dating Insider.

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