Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

Going on a date? Got no money?

No worries!

This article I found has good ideas on “inexpensive” dates without making you look cheap.

(She’ll never know! Shhh…)

Check it out!

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma


Title: Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

If you can’t afford to drop a bunch of money at an upscale restaurant, it doesn’t mean you can’t take women on dates they’ll love.


In fact, most women don’t care about a guy spending a lot of money on dates as long as the guy

1. isn’t a cheapskate — sorry fellas, no sneaking into a movie through the emergency exit — and

2. uses some imagination when he comes up with date ideas.

Luckily, there are plenty of cheap date ideas that won’t require you to shell out tons of cash, but will make you look like you’re a dating genius.

I asked women to share the most fun, most memorable, and most romantic inexpensive dates they’ve ever been taken on so you can steal them and pass them off as your own ideas.

And no, none end with you handing over a piece of paper and mumbling, “I have a Groupon.”

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