Sex On The First Date: How To Easily Have Sex On A First Date

To men, having sex on the first date is like the Holy Grail of dating. But how exactly DO YOU have sex on a first date not with a slut, but with a normal woman?

I’m willing to bet you that having sex on the first date is the one thing single guys all over the world fantasize about the most…

Just admit it dude: the fact that you’re reading this blog post about having sex on the first date right now probably means that YOU want to know how to pull it off. Am I right?

Unfortunately, 90% of the male population will forever fantasize about sex on a first date instead of making it happen. Until today. Because today?

Today I will try to separate fact from fiction and make having sex on the first date something that’s within reach for you… without stretching your arm out!

Why No Man Has Sex On The First Date Because Of Society

The first and foremost reason why men have a hard time having sex on a first date, is because of other men! Bet you didn’t see this one coming huh?

Here’s the juicy secret: in today’s “civilized” society women who sleep with guys on a first date or who sleep with multiple men a week are seen as sluts, whores, ho’s, skanks, tramps, prostitutes, and lower than dirt.

Meanwhile, a guy who has sex on the first date or who bangs multiple chicks a week is almost awarded a prize. I’m not kidding here. He’s admired by his friends and colleagues. He’s seen as a hero in the eyes of other men.

If you have sex on the first date with a woman, you're a hero to other men. Learn how to do it in today's blog post!

As you can see, society treats men and women who want to have the same sexual freedom in very different ways. That’s a MAJOR CLUE.

Women who want sexual freedom are bad, gossiped about, and mocked. Men are glorified and complimented for their womanizing skills when they have sex on the first date.

And guess what?

Because we as men have been so damn selfish to try and keep sexual freedom all to ourselves, women are afraid to gain the same sexual freedom because they don’t want to be seen as sluts.

Women talk, a lot, so gossip spreads like wildfire as soon as a woman admits to doing anything that remotely resembles slutty behavior. That’s why they don’t want to have sex on a first date. That’s all!

And here comes the funny part: women fantasize about having sex just as much as we do (if not more), because they can’t openly talk about it with men because they don’t want to be made a fool of. No one does.

That’s why women avoid having sex on the first date like the plague.

Do you realize what this means? It means women WANT to have sex on a first date, because they have just as much sexual drive as men do… but they CAN’T give into their desires because of the consequences.

That’s incredibly good news, wouldn’t you agree? Women want to, but can’t because they fear someone will tell on them.

I really wanted you to know this about why women say NO to having sex on the first date, so you would realize that pulling it off is way easier than you’d think.

And now we got that out of the way? It’s time for me to get down to business and show you the how to’s of having sex on the first date, now you know the why part.

Have Sex On The First Date By Transforming 1 Date Into More

Ok, so far you’ve discovered that women think they bring shame upon themselves by having sex on the first date.

That means we can automatically conclude that women will feel more and more comfortable about sleeping with you, the more dates you go on with them.

Are you with me so far? Great! Let’s keep it moving then…

Since women don’t mind having sex after a few dates, do you agree with me when I say that your goal should then be to go on multiple dates with them as fast as humanly possible?

If so, then listen up to this short story about how sex on the first date can happen:

Say you go to a random club tonight and meet a good-looking, interesting woman there. You two have lots of fun, so you decide to invite her to come with you to your favorite club.

Having sex on the first date after going to the club and meeting a chick is awesome! Keep reading to learn more

You dance the night away, she’s giving you signals, and you want to go all the way because of it. You want to have sex on a first date, that is… the night you meet her. Now, after dancing, drinking, and with her mouthraping you (kissing you)? You’re hungry! So you grab her hand and take her to some place nice where they have pretty decent food for 4 or 5 AM.

It’s dark outside and, being the gentleman that you are, you offer to walk her home so you’ll know she gets home safe and sound. She happily agrees and having arrived at her place, she invites you in, and you have sex on the first date.

I can hear you think: “Why would I have sex on the first date if I would do what you just said?”

The answer will surprise you: technically, you went on multiple dates with her. Think about it. You went to another club WITH her. You two went there alone. That’s a date right there. Then you went to a place to eat WITH her. Again, you two went there alone. Another date.

After tonight, she will justify that she had sex on the first date with you by saying to herself: “We went there, there, and there together so technically we went on multiple dates because all those places were so different from each other. So, it’s okay. It just happened!”

This is the awesome psychological secret behind having sex on the first date:

The human brain consists of three parts. The rational, the emotional, and the instinctive. The emotional brain is much older than the rational brain, which means people FIRST act according to their emotions… and then they try to find a way to justify their actions.

You two had a good time at each location and things were pretty lame (in comparison) in between locations, so it feels like you had a good time… three times.

Thus, having sex on the first date with you is easy to justify for her because she’ll talk herself out of feeling like a slut, because she can easily say to herself that she had a good time with you multiple times before she slept with you!

And this is how you transform 1 date into multiple, so you can have sex on the first date!

One More Thing About Having Sex On The First Date

Women may throw an objection at you when you invite them to come inside with you, or when you want to come inside with them.

Don’t worry about it though, because it’s just their rational brain trying to find an excuse to go inside with you. It’s nothing more than a test. Give them a reason why, no matter how small, and you will still have sex on the first date.


Because like I said before: women WANT to have sex on the first date as much as you do, but society has taught them otherwise.

All you do when they don’t want to come inside with you is give them an excuse for doing so and they will do it, because then?

Then they’ll have nothing to worry about when their friends ask them how their weekend was… because they feel they didn’t have sex on the first date. Plus, they didn’t have sex on purpose, no, “it just happened” (says her rational brain after her emotional brain took action.)

And hey, do you need specific tips for what to say or do when a woman throws objection A, B, or C at you when you invite her in?

And do you want to know more about how to have sex on the first date?

If so then I highly recommend you check out my Inner Game newsletter (click the link), because it shows you exactly how to pass a woman’s tests… AND… how to create enough attraction so she won’t have to test you anymore because she knows you are what she wants!

Hope you liked my thoughts on women and sex on the first date buddy. Do let me know in the comments!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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