Why you’re getting rejected (and how to stop it)

Getting rejected consistently by women is no joke, especially when it took a lot of courage on your part to approach them in the first place. Chicks never seem to understand how much it takes for us to walk up and talk to them.

And whether it’s an actual rejection or your fear of being rejected (which feels the same)…

It’s a painful process most men go through. And if there’s a way to escape the hurtful, shameful experience, wouldn’t you take it?

To stop being rejected, you must first find out the WHY.

Here are some reasons why you may be getting rejected.


Reason #1: Your appearance is sending the wrong signals.

Here’s a scenario.

There’s a woman approaching you, wearing dirty clothes, her hair uncombed and a bit smelly. Will you let her approach you? Let alone, have a conversation with you?

Isn’t your reaction to stay away and avoid her at all costs?

But, what if a well dressed woman approach you, more like a Victoria’s Secret model. Sexy, hair flowing, nice boobs… and she smells good.

I’m pretty sure you’d think you’d won the lottery, right?

So now you know why you should take a look at yourself and make sure you’re representing the BEST version of YOU all the time. She’s reading who you are based on your clothes, grooming, image, etc. The same way you “read” her based on her physical attractiveness.

Always remember, FIRST IMPRESSIONS are lasting – and extremely hard to fix.


Reason #2: You’re obviously desperate.

You know this, right? Women can smell desperation from a mile away.

And nothing ruins your chance to attract her than her knowing how extremely desperate you are.

So, you gotta play it cool. Curb your over eagerness, the need for affirmation from her to boost your confidence. Don’t fish for compliments or try to “figure out” how she feels about you. These are all ways that women figure out if you’re needy.

Go in with a relaxed and – dare I say – confident view of yourself.

Remember, CONFIDENCE IS SEXY to women. And confidence is nothing more than NOT looking like you’re talking yourself down on the inside.

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