Good First Date Ideas To Make Her Come Home With You

When it comes to good first date ideas, nothing beats using female psychology to your advantage. But how to do that with a first date? With my ideas!

I can almost hear you think: “Yeah but who made you the expert on good first date ideas?”

The 6,176 men I helped approach 30,880 women, get 15,443 numbers and go on 10,811 good first dates during the last 3 years. They’ve made me expert of good first date ideas.

But enough about me man, because you came here to stop getting dates that end up going nowhere, didn’t you?

Don’t you hate the gigantic frustration you feel after going through all that effort of getting a phone number, asking a woman out on a first date, and then FAILING on that date?

And you want to gain access to good first date ideas that almost make a woman want to be BEG YOU to let her come inside with you, right?

If so, then your wish is my command my friend.

Check out my Top 3 Good First Date Ideas below to make your dates awesome, every single time!

My #1 Good First Date Idea: Lights, Camera, And Action!

Hold up! Relax dude. This is NOT where I’ll start claiming that THE good first date ideas of the year are taking a woman to a movie set… or that it’s shooting a dirty movie with her. No, that’s not what I mean…

What I mean with “lights, camera, and action!” is that you let a lady have fun on the first date.

Instead of going on a passive date where you go somewhere, sit down, and talk like the rest of the entire planet does, why not go on an ACTIVE date with her?

Good first date ideas that are all about being active include:

– Surfing
– Climbing
– Hiking
– Grabbing some mountain bikes
– Roller skating
– Laser tagging like Barney Stinson (TV character from How I Met Your Mother) does
– Etc.

The right activity for your first date totally depends on what kind of girl we’re talking about here. If she’s kinda rough and crazy, then I’d go for climbing, hiking, mountain biking, etc.

And chicks from big cities are more into stuff like roller skating in the summer or laser tagging on a date, whereas women who are a little more laidback might prefer surfing or other water-related activities on first dates.

Where you go and what you do doesn’t matter, though, because the whole idea behind an active date as a first date is letting a woman work up a sweat. It’s about getting her dirty (in a non-sexual way, you pervert!). Why go for active you say?

Well, because in today’s society it’s not accepted for a woman to be dirty, smell, and look like she just worked out in the gym an entire day long.

Better said: women feel embarrassed if they’re stinking up the place and people will look at them funny when they do.

Good first date ideas are the ones that make her stink. Why? Find out below!

And that’s why it’s a good first date idea to let her work up a sweat, because she definitely will want to freshen up afterwards. Why not let her do that at your place where you have towels and everything?

But hey, women aren’t idiots man. They won’t come inside with you and feel 100% safe unless you created tons of attraction.

Most of the time they’ll have some doubts, which is why you want to tell her after the active first date that she can freshen up at your place but that you’ll wait outside because you’re a gentleman, you’ll show her where the towels are and then leave, you won’t look either…

I think you get the idea. If you make her feel safe & comfortable, she’ll definitely come inside with you. YES, even on a first date! That’s what makes activities that let her work up a sweat good first date ideas.

More Good First Date Ideas: Labor Is Required

Just like with most animal species, we as humans also let the females decide who is worth mating with. In other words: men are programmed to do all the chasing, but here’s some food for thought…

From a genetics perspective, a woman will only go on a first date (and ends up having sex with) the guy who gives her genes the highest chance of survival because Mother Nature programmed her that way.

One of the features that show a man has “strong genes” is dominance. Women like dominant men. Thinking along those lines, would you agree with me when I say chasing women around is a lame ass idea because it makes you submit to her wishes? Needs? Wants?

Plus, how the hell can you stand up and get a first date… when every other average guy on the freaking world chases women? You’ll only be just that when you chase: average.

And average is boring. Women don’t want average but a guy who stands out.

Don’t worry, this whole story has a purpose… because when you’re looking for good first date ideas? Then why not use Mother Nature “against” women?

How? Here’s how…

Why not go on a first date with a woman and then let her work for it? Let her know that labor is required to have an awesome first date with you?

Go on a date that’s nothing special, and then tell her it CAN be special but she has to work for it. It equals telling her what to do, which is being dominant in my book, and dominance creates attraction remember? It’s just one of many good first date ideas.

For example, you could go on a first date with her and let her believe you’re only taking her to some random joint to have coffee with her.

You can almost see the look on her face when you tell her: “Oh my God, is THIS his good first date idea? I hope this won’t be another one of those BORING first dates that are a complete waste of my time!”

Then, out of nowhere, you tell her you have something amazing in mind. Something that involves whatever you learned she liked. Be mysterious about it though, because she has to work for it… work for finding out what it is… AND for actually doing it!

How can you let her work for it?

Use your imagination dude! Let her give you two kisses on the cheek, or buy you some ice cream, and so on and so forth.

Be sure it’s something low key instead of asking her to screw your brains out, and you’ll easily convince her to do it for you.

And there you go: she just realized you were dominant, which made you a little more attractive in her opinion…

Final Thoughts On Good First Date Ideas: Social Circles

This good first date idea might be the easiest one of them all to execute, because you simply invite both her and some of your friends (both men and women) to your place.

You have a couple drinks, and then you go out to the movies, to a club or bar, you name it.

Where you’re going with her and some male and female friends doesn’t matter, because it’s all about going on a first date with her AND your friends.


Because women are attracted to social status.

In a few words, when a woman sees that people like you, love to hang out with you, and that you can have lots of fun with them?

Then she realizes that there must be a reason to like you, hang out with you, and why it’s lots of fun to hang out with you!

Plus, because plenty of people seem to think you’re important, she thinks you’re more important too. That may sound dumb but it isn’t.

Think about it: don’t you think a president is more dominant because most people in the country agreed he should be the most powerful man in the country, the president?

One of many good first date ideas is letting her see you like a president...

And remember: dominance is what creates attraction my friend.

So, the idea behind this good first date idea is that she’ll like you more when you invite her to tag along on a first date, plus it feels less like a date to you AND her… so the both of you will be more relaxed and thus more talkative.

I highly recommend you invite her to tag along if you usually freeze up whenever you’re alone with a hot chick or have no clue about what to say, because your friends will do what they always do:

Talk shit, have fun, and go crazy. And that means they take a whole lot of work out of your hands on the first date!

Want More Good First Date Ideas?

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Now if you’ll excuse me, this movie junkie has other things to do. Other things like watching The Eagle, a movie about Romans fighting some crazy ass barbarians. I love ancient cultures, Ancient Rome especially, so I’m already 90% sure I’ll like this flick.

And I hope YOU liked these good first date ideas my friend.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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