De-Coding Wine Ordering: How To Impress Your Date

Every guy on the planet takes a woman to a restaurant sooner or later. How to impress your date then and there? By learning about wine ordering for example.

I decided it was time for some humor by sharing with you my serious and not so serious thoughts on meeting classy women, meeting sophisticated women, artsy women, or whatever you’d like to call them.

Courtesy of my friend Ashok: anyone looking to impress their date with their wine knowledge? This is the blog post you need to read, lol!

But seriously… women LOVE wine. Almost ALL women do. So who knows, knowing this stuff may come in handy some day…

You are planning on taking that special woman to a fine restaurant and showing her a night to remember. There is just one problem: you know next to nothing about ordering wine. Luckily you are planning on a true fine dining experience so the staff will become your secret allies in helping you look like a winner to your date.

A fine restaurant will always present the wine list to the man. It’s an unwritten restaurant rule. Not to worry, everything you need to know to impress your date is right here.

If your date is a wine enthusiast (= a near-alcoholic wine junkie) she may already express what wine she likes best. If this is true then your job just got WAY easier. Following to her wishes takes the burden off you and has the added bonus of making you look like a true gentleman.

If she and her (probably blonde) hair don’t know ANYTHING about wine, it never hurts to do some research. This is especially true if you want to impress your hot date.

Knowing more than the basics of wine and how to order will make you look classy, intelligent, like a gentleman… which DEFINITELY makes you stand out from the other cavemen she might have dated.

10 Tips When Ordering Wine

1. Consider the restaurant you will be taking her to. A simple menu will make it easier to choose the right wine to get her drunk and have sex… excuse me… I mean to have an awesome date!

2. Check out the wine selection in advance, either online or in person.

3. Wine prices can vary big time, so know your budget. There are wines that cost hundreds of bucks.

4. American wines tend to get their names from the type of grapes they are made from, like chardonnay.

5. French and Italian wines are named for the regions they come from.

6. Wines take different times to “mature”. A good chardonnay can take 20 years to mature, so never pick one less than four years old. Why? Because it tastes like sh*t and you don’t want to spit wine all over the floor of a restaurant do you? That ruins your whole gentleman-like behavior of the rest of the night, lol!

7. Ask for help from the Sommelier (pronounced “Som-mel-yay), or wine expert. He makes your job of picking a good wine WAY easier.

8. Avoid looking cheap in front of your date. Point to a wines price and ask your waiter their opinion of that selection. They should get the hint and make a suggestion in your price range.

9. When the waiter brings your wine to you for your approval here is what you do:

– Look at the label to make sure it is what you ordered

– Look at the cork of the bottle (do not try to smell it) to make sure the wine was stored properly

– Allow the waiter to pour a small amount into your glass, tilt your glass slightly, swirl your glass gently and bring it to your nose for a sniff. Does it smell good? Or does it stink like crazy? If it smells like vinegar send it back. If not, then allow the waiter to fill your date’s glass and then yours

10. Red wine usually goes with meat. White wine goes with lighter foods. Champagne goes with almost anything.

The best thing to do if you truly get stuck when ordering wine is to ask for help from your waiter or the sommelier (he’s the wine nerd, remember?).

As long as the woman you’re on a date with is not a total wine b*atch, you can count on the ten tips above to make it through wine ordering.

If you really want to up your game and look like the classiest guy in the entire damn restaurant?

Ask your date if she prefers a crisp or fruity flavored wine. It shows you care about her tastes.

If you and your date are trying food you usually don’t eat, like spicy Indian food, you should know that red wine is a bad choice. Pinot Noir is a good choice with spicy food.

And if you think using the sommelier (wine expert) as your wingman is weak, for losers, or gay? Then here are some “go to” wines that are sure to please almost every woman you go out with:

– Screaming Eagle
– Opus One
– Silver Oak

So relax… and order the wine like a man and make your date feel like the lucky lady she is. She’s lucky allright… because she has the chance to go out with a confident, awesome, and REAL man: YOU!

For more helpful dating tips especially on how to find your dream Indian Women, check out Ashok’s page!

Some questions you can comment on:

1) Did you ever need knowledge of wines on a date?
2) Do you ever drink wine? Or are you an anti-culture barbarian who only likes beer?

All this talk about foods and drinks is making me hungry and thirsty… so I’m going for top notch Pringles chips with excellent “maturation” together with an exquisite cup of black gold (coffee).

I can almost hear you think: “Carlos Xuma is the classiest guy around with his superb coffee manners and Pringles eating skills”.

I know! Thank you for saying that… lol!

But for real… if you ever go to a restaurant with a woman and she wants wine? Remember this blog post dude… I’m out!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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