Carlos Xuma Interview – May 2010

Hey it’s Carlos Xuma and earlier this month I had the chance to do a video interview. A chance to share my thoughts on several dating-related topics.

Want to know which topics I discussed during the interview? Then keep on reading below…

A self help coach from Belgium was supposed to interview me, she couldn’t make it for some reason, so I got my girlfriend to do the video interview with me because that self help coach had some tough questions for me. And you know what? I wanted to answer every single question that coach had for me to prove a point!

I wanted to prove that I am not who she thought me to be and that I’m not what she thought me to be.

Here are some of the topics she wanted to ask me questions about:

– The situation with Joseph Matthews (also known as Thundercat) and why I hate him and think he’s a liar

– Why I am a controversial dating coach in the Netherlands

– My thoughts on why mainstream media and “regular” dating coaches make fun of pick up artists and vice versa. And why both sides are DEAD WRONG.

– What makes me different from other dating coaches and my thoughts on FAKE dating coaches who want to scam you out of your money

My answers will both please you and shock you… just like you’ve gotten used to from me.

And as always, I LOVE any and all feedback on my stuff so here are some questions you can comment on:

1) What did you love about the interview? What did you hate about the interview?
2) What are YOUR thoughts on the topics I discussed during the interview?

By the way, keep watching my official Youtube channel on:

… for more free videos with dating advice for men and my thoughts on almost everything.

I’m off to my coffee machine in a few short moments. This coffee junkie needs his daily dose of Douwe Egberts again. It’s the best caffein any Dutchman can get himself! And don’t you talk about coffee rehab, lol!

Hope you liked the Carlos Xuma interview… buh bye!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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Carlos Xuma
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