7 Ways To Make Girls Laugh And Like You After A Good Laugh

If you want to know how to make girls laugh, you’ve come to the right place! Because I’ve been making girls laugh, and then date me, for years now. How?

Because I not only understand how to make girls laugh, but why I’m doing it, and when it’s a good time to make girls laugh and when it’s not.

Have you ever asked yourself why girls lost their interest in you even though you always had a good time with them, and even though you made girls laugh?

Ever felt frustrated because, although you joked around a lot and got a good laugh out of them, they never seemed to like you in that “special” way?

If so, then allow me to give you the brutal truth about making girls laugh:

– Pick your battles, because always joking around makes you a clown instead of interesting
– Know when to stop, because non-stop teasing makes you an asshole instead of interesting
– All ways to make girls laugh aren’t made equal

So in a way, the best way to make girls laugh is much like boxing: you wait for the opportunity, a weak spot (a piece of clothing, something dumb she said, ANYTHING). Then you find the best punch line you can and punish that weak spot. Afterwards, you fall back before you get hit too.

Throwing one tease after the other… after the other at a woman however, is much like a comedian who makes his second joke before people even got his first one. Don’t go there bro.

Okay, enough about timing the teasing already!

Let’s look at the 7 ways to make girls laugh already, shall we?

The Best Ways To Make Girls Laugh And Like You Afterwards

Making girls laugh works really well if you want to create attraction, especially if you’re teasing them. You see, teasing a girl lets her know that you aren’t impressed with her looks like all the ass kissing other guys on the planet are. It makes you stand out.

Some of the best ways to make girls laugh by teasing them are…

1) Letting opposites attract: treat her like she’s the opposite of what she’s trying to be. So, if she’s an athletic chick who likes to work out? Call her a fatty. If she’s intellectual, about her education and all that? Call her a stupid blonde, no matter what her hair color is. There’s no better way to make girls laugh and show them you’re not impressed with their looks than accusing them of being what they’re trying hard NOT to be. Trust me!

2) Awh, did you forget your line? You know those bloopers of TV shows where they start cursing because they forgot a line? Well, there are many occasions where a girl forgot something, forgot the right word for something, etc. A great way to tease her with it is getting a notepad and then pretend to start writing like crazy “because you’re so forgetful that I’m afraid you’ll forget my name, and then where you live. Where do you live again? Are you sure?” And if she forgets the right word to describe something (hey, it happens), then make a girl laugh by bringing a dictionary whenever you two meet again… so she can look up what she means like a true blonde.

It's easy to make girls laugh when they forget things!

3) Exaggerate: another great way to make girls laugh and create attraction by showing them you’re not impressed with looks, is by exaggerating a thing or two. Classic example. She: “Does my ass look big in these jeans?” To which you respond: “Are you kidding me? Even Godzilla doesn’t have SHIT on YOUR ass in those jeans!” Or when a girl’s hungry and ordering lots of food: “With the amount of things YOU’RE swallowing, even porn stars don’t have SHIT on YOU!” I think you get the picture.

4) Imitate: average guys like you and me are intimidated by a girl’s looks 9 out of 10. One way of getting over it, is by seeing a hot, interesting chick as your bratty little sister… and treating her that way. And what do big brothers do? Yep! They imitate their little sisters in an annoying way by grabbing a glass, pretending it’s her, and saying with an over-the-top girlie voice: “Hi, I’m Cindy, I’m a spoiled little brat but that girl over there? Oh my god… that girl over there looks sooooo 1998. It’s, like, whateverrrr!”

As you can see…

If you want to attract girls, then your job is to throw everything in the kitchen sink at them. You make girls laugh by saying rude, extreme stuff that let’s them know you don’t give a f*ck… and NOT by making “polite” jokes they’ve heard a million times.

And yes, you will get away with it. I’ve been getting away with it for, like, 7 years now dude!

More Ways For How To Make Girls Laugh Out Loud

5) “Suicide”: earlier on, I mentioned that it’s bad to relentlessly tease a girl because she’ll think you’re an asshole. The quickest and easiest way to stop that from happening… is dropping a bombshell on yourself like some kind of suicide bomber. In short, you bust your own balls. Tell her an embarrassing story without a care in the world and not only will you prevent her from thinking you’re an asshole, you also show her you’re confident even when you’re revealing a weakness (embarrassing moment). Now THAT is creating attraction!

Learn how to make girls laugh by using seppuku right above this image!

6) Situational humor: who says you need to come up with something witty to say to make girls laugh? Why not use your environment instead? How? Well, I suggest you start doing some “people watching”. Challenge a girl to tease people that walk by together with you as in: “Wooow! Check out the hairdo on that one over there. He must be an environmentalist, into Greenpeace and all that, because why else would he grow such a big ass bush and NOT be ashamed of it?”

7) Overreacting to situations: another great way to make girls laugh is by completely overreacting to situations, which is what most comedians do if you’ve paid close attention. Example: you’re in a bar, and someone accidentally spilled a drink on her. Then you go: “Somebody hold me! Somebody hold me before I’ll jump behind the bar, steal all the bottles of booze and then give that drink spilling slut over there a booze shower cuz she messed with my friend. Nobody messes with my motherf-ing friends!” Trust me, it works to pretend you’re Scarface in a playful way, because it’s unpredictable and exciting. Women are attracted to both.

Want More Tips For Making Girls Laugh?

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Hope you liked my tips for how to make girls laugh dude! See you next time?

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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