Where To Meet Women: 10 Myths And The Brutal Truth

Ask people where to meet women and they’ll say meeting women is easy. Use your friends they say. I hate that, because there are better ways to do it!

You can get “good tips” on where to meet women like that one within seconds, with a little help from Google… but there’s one BIG but here, and it isn’t a woman’s ass I’m talking about:

What if you don’t have that many (good) friends that will help you find out where to meet women?

Let’s face it: if you’re a regular guy like me, then you probably don’t have that many good friends who will help you get any woman you want…


Because sure, every human being can help find another human being with breasts and a pussy… but there are a total of ZERO people that’ll help you with finding single women that are right for you. Women that are your type.

And quite frankly? Most tips for where to meet women, and the people giving those tips, SUCK. They suck balls, because they give you an answer that works short term. Not long term.

That was up until today, because…

I will show you where to meet women that are a perfect fit in a rather… unusual way. But sometimes?

Sometimes you need something unusual to happen to change your way of thinking.

Here we go. Discover the 10 myths about where to meet wome, or the 10 things I hate about where to meet women as I call them, below!

10 things I hate about where to meet women are easy to sum up, so I will

Where To Meet Women: The First Myth…

It’s wrong. Asking random people where to meet women, people who probably know less about finding single women than you do because they never read blog posts about it while YOU did?

It’s just… plain wrong. (You should see my sad face and the tears in my eyes right now).

All joking aside though, letting yourself belief that you need to go somewhere to meet women before you can attract women? It’s a bunch of crap with a big red cherry on top trying to pose as something awesome.

You see, if you want to achieve more dating success by knowing where to meet women? Then look around you bro.

Women are all around you. They’re everywhere.

Everywhere I tell you!

Look, playful teasing, being dominant, being picky, using humor in general… these are all traits that universally attract women.

In other words, if you know that snappy comment worked on a woman or two before, then it’s likely to work on woman number 3.

Screw finding out where to meet women. Start to practice creating attraction with every single freaking women you meet.

Practice makes perfect, plus when you try stuff on every single woman you meet? You’ll learn how to meet and date women twice as fast (if not more) than most losers who only try their luck with the women they’re physically interested in.

Why practice on women you don’t even like?

The answer’s simple: so you’re prepared like CRAZY when “miss right” does come around the corner. This is how I learned what dating women was all about. And look at me now: I’m writing this blog as we speak and getting sucked off in the mean and between time.

Just kidding about that last part dude! But I think you get my point…

Where To Meet Women: The Need To Know Is A Myth Too!

I’ll try to be as straightforward with you here about where to meet women as I possibly can:

– There are 6 billion people on the planet
– Roughly half of those are female (3 billion)
– Let’s say that only 10% of those are about as old as you are (300 million)
– What if 90% of those are horribly ugly, scare even? (30 million left)
– And in a dark, dark world, only 10% is your type (3 million)

Do you know what that means mister “I want to know where to meet women”?

It means that if you dated 1 woman a day of those 3 million “leftovers”? It would take you 8,333 years before you get to date them all. And from where I’m standing? You’re long gone before you’ll even manage to date 10%

Moral of the story to remember when you’re trying to learn where to meet women: even if you’re the pickiest guy of the whole damn planet and tried really hard NOT to encounter women in your everyday life?

There are still wayyyyyy more women, fuck tons more, that are you type, waiting for you out there than you could possibly handle. Ever. Open your eyes dude. Your type of woman is everywhere. And isn’t that awesome to realize!? So…

Don’t think in terms of scarcity, think in terms of abundance.

You'll only learn where to meet women if you have an abundance mindset

And to end my sermon here: “Thou shalt succeed when thy talketh to women…” instead of worrying about excuses for NOT to talk because it’s so hard to find your type of woman and blab bla bla.

Myth: The Best Place To Meet Women

When it comes to where to meet women, there’s no such a thing as THE best place to meet women.

It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist just like Atlantis, Planet X, and all that other BS.

You see, the best place to meet women depends on what YOUR type of woman is.

And guess what? The question of where to meet women that are right for you requires a different answer for every guy on the planet.

Want some examples of why this is so? Here you go:

1) If artistic, cultural chicks are your thing and you want to know where to meet women like that: art galleries, museums, foreign countries during tourist seasons, paint classes and other kind of “creative arts” stuff, etc.

2) If spiritual, intellectual chicks are what turn you on and you want to know how to find single women like that: go to philosophy classes, keynotes, and what not, yoga classes, Buddhist temples, theology-related classes and events, public debates, science fairs and other “techie” stuff, etc.

3) If latinas are your thing and are wondering where to meet women with a hot temper: concerts from Spanish speaking music artists, go on vacation to Spanish speaking countries, take Spanish classes so you’ll HEAR when someone’s a Latina, etc.

Do I really need to go on and on here? That’s why I hate all the lame ass advice about where to meet women that’s circulating out there in the big, bad world as we speak.

A Little Secret About Where To Meet Women…

In this day and age, we want instant gratification: when we want something, we want it right now and without much effort.

But guess what happens when you ask yourself: “Do you know where to meet women?”

You start thinking about places to go. The mall. A fashion show. A random college. Whatever. Doesn’t matter, because why would you go there to find single women?

Dude, I’m willing to bet you for $10 right now that you won’t go through the trouble of setting one foot outside that door if it’s snowing, raining, or when there’s any other kind of annoying weather.

That’s not how you can get MASSIVE and CONSISTENT results with women. The truth is, you don’t need places to meet women at all.

You can ALWAYS meet women. Whenever you want. No need to know where to meet women then! Why?

I can answer that question with two words: online… dating.

You can find out where to meet women and then meet them within seconds afterwards online., no matter how late it is or how shitty the weather outside is. There are always women online somewhere.

Tips for where to meet women online: try Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Match.com, and if you’re not from the US? Google to find your local online dating site. In Holland it’s Relatieplanet for example.

Where To Meet Women: More Myths And Misconceptions

I’m running out of time here, so I’ll briefly reveal the other 6 myths about where to meet women now:

5) Other people should tell you where to meet women: screw them! What do THEY know about your type of woman? Instead, imagine where a girl that’s right for you would go and go there.

6) Lists of places to meet women are awesome: I’ll bet my entire small “fortune” of movies and money that I can add more places to any “be all, end all” list of places where to meet women. Plus, who says your type of woman actually goes there?

7)It’s good to try and find single women: I’m sorry, but I don’t chase women. I let women chase me. I don’t meet women, they meet me. Why? Because I truly believe in what I just told you about how there are 3 million women all over the world waiting for me right now. That makes ANY hot chick look way less important in a heartbeat, right? Right!

8 ) Finding single women is a matter of life and death: all kinds of people, including you, would like for you to believe that you need a woman in your life, you need to get laid, etc. Who doesn’t? But being desperate scares women away, so relax. You’ll know good places to meet women when you see ‘em. How? It’s filled with smoking hot chicks. Duhhh! So, as The Joker said in The Dark Knight “Why so serious!?”

Knowing where to meet women and meeting them is not a life or death thing

9) All the places to meet women are known, so knowing where to meet women means knowing those places: back when I was really into intellectual, kinda nerdy chicks (as long as they were hot) I met loads of women… at a big gaming event. The few women (there were four) that came there and looked nice got to know me, and the game babes that were hired to be there who actually did like games got to know me better as well. And that’s all I’ll tell you! Because dude, there are many places to meet women that most guys would have never thought of themselves. Go find them.

10) Blog posts about where to meet women are awesome: yes, I’m mocking myself here. The essence of this blog post boils down to: women are everywhere, now go get them. Take action. Take action relentlessly. Outlast your rivals and jealous friends and you’ll be successful, because practice makes perfect.

What To Do After You Know Where To Meet Women?

I think that’s the best question of this entire blog post about where to meet women. Because after you find single women?

You still need to talk to them, attract them, get their number, date them, and so on and so forth.

So, how can you do all that after learning where to meet women in a way that would almost make even Hugh Hefner himself jealous?

With the tips inside my Inner Game newsletter, because they’ll let you approach AND date women after you find them without much effort… all thanks to a couple simple steps. So what are you waiting for?

Go get more inner game tips thanks to the newsletter already! While you do that, this movie junkie will watch The Dark Knight one more time. Brings back memories, you know.

Hope you liked these thoughts on where to meet women!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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