The 23 Best Places To Meet Women Without Much Effort

There are plenty blog posts on the best places to meet women, but none that give you 23 places AND tell you what to do there to get dates, until now!

Because knowing the best places to meet women is one thing, another is knowing all the good places to pick up women AND how to “get the girl” there. But you know what?

I won’t stop there, because don’t you just HATE it when you’re looking for the best places to meet women and everyone’s telling you to go there and there… and then you actually go there and leave the place freaking empty handed? With ZERO phone numbers OR dates?

If you hate that, then you’re in luck my friend… because today I’ll show you both the best places to meet women and how to get what you came for in them… AND…

The worst places to pick up women plus the reasons why they suck, so you can avoid them and let the single douchebags who think they know better but can’t get a date worry about it on their own.

Now let’s check out the best places to meet women already, shall we? For your convenience, I’ve categorized the places to pick up women based on different types of women.

The Best Places To Meet Women Who Are “The Girl Next Door”

Some of us guys have an acquired taste and some of us just want a cute looking, ordinary chick.

And these are the best places to meet women who are your ordinary, girl next door type a girl…

1) The malls and stores. Malls and stores are some of the best places to pick up women, because it’s easy to get to know women there. Why? Because women shop around. They never walk into 1 store, get what they need, and leave like men do. They spend entire DAYS in malls and think that’s fun. The best way to meet women there is to ask them to help you with your shopping. Tell them you need to buy a gift for your sister but have no clue on what to get or that you want a female’s opinion on a suit you need to get for work.

Women will love helping you, you have plenty time to talk to them, and you could even get their number by telling them you want to call if you ever need another shopping guide.

This is why malls and stores are among the best places to meet women who are just like you.

2) The supermarket. Going to the supermarket is, again, stepping on “female turf” because it’s assumed that women cook way better than men do. So, why not use that to your advantage? Tell women you want to make a certain dish but don’t know which ingredients to put in it. Or you can go to another part of town that you usually never go to so you have to FORCE yourself to ask women in the market for directions to whatever you always need.

Supermarkets are among the best places to meet women

3) The sidewalk. Yes, you heard me. The sidewalks and streets of your local city or town are some of the best places to meet women simply because they don’t expect it! You see, in clubs and bars women have their “game face on”, but on the streets? They’re usually going somewhere. Other guys don’t approach them because they think it’s scary because other people might notice. Funny thing is though, no one does. EVERYONE needs to go somewhere so they really don’t care who talks to who because they have places to go and people to see.

On the streets you can ask them for directions to start a conversation, then ask why they know the place so well (or not at all), introduce yourself, tease her, tell her you want her to be your tour guide some time (if she knows the place) or that she gets another chance to be a GOOD tour guide instead of a crappy one by giving you a tour of her hometown, and so on.

4) Public transportation. In the US, people aren’t big on public transportation… but that doesn’t mean there’s no subway, bus, train or plane (or cable car in San Fransisco hehe). People need to wait before their mode of transportation arrives and are bored until it does, so why not meet women at the station/airport/harbor and make it less boring for them? Plus, they need to wait until they get where they want to go too, which is another opportunity to meet women.

Long story short: all public transportation places are among the best places to meet women, ordinary women.

Now, maybe your type of woman isn’t “ordinary.” No problem dude, just check out one of the other best places to meet women that match your wish list below…

The Best Places To Meet Women Who Are The Sporty Type

If you’re into athletic women, then pay attention because these are some of the best places to meet women who are your type…

5) Exercise classes. Contrary to popular beliefs, gyms where Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-likes go to aren’t among the best places to pick up women, but more on that later because exercise classes are! I’m talking Tae Bo, aerobics, cycling, yoga, and all that other stuff here. These classes are filled with women who are easy to meet if you talk about common interests (like working out and working out together if she likes you).

6) Parks. Parks are included in my list of best places to meet women simply because there are lots of women there. Take Central Park in New York City for example. Women jog there, do yoga there, rollerskate there, etc. An easy way to get to talking is by joining what they’re doing, teasing them with how they’re trying to work all the damage done by junk food at work away, and so on.

7) Marathons and other sports events. If you’re in terrible shape, then this won’t be where I tell you to join what the women here are doing. Duh! But you can always walk up to them and talk about how good they were, that they deserve a bunch of medals… and then tease them with how their work out shoes suck though, that no you don’t want a hug because you don’t like sweaty women. I think you get the idea here.

Moving on… on towards the best places to meet women who are foreign

Places To Pick Up Women Who Are Foreign

Here’s a short overview of the best places to meet women who are from other countries…

8 ) National holiday parties, parades, etc. Not all countries have their own parade or otherwise public celebration of a national holiday like, for example, Spanish people do with their Cinco de Mayo.

But that doesn’t mean women from other countries don’t wear special things on a holiday! So, depending on which country you like the women of, Google and Wikipedia a bit to find out their holidays and go out and meet those women on the holidays. All you need to do to get to talking is ask about their holiday and tell them what you know already. They don’t expect you to know that since you’re not from their country.

9) Performances from music artists. Some artists are national: they’re popular in their own countries but unknown outside. You can find them via Google by looking for, for example, Japanese top 40 or Polish top 40. Then simply look for tour dates and see when (if at all) they’re doing a tour in your country.

10) Theme parties. Over here in Holland there are Asian Pride parties (which attracts mostly Indonesians and Chinese women)…

Theme parties are THE best places to meet women who are foreign

And then there’s the Summer carnival (mostly Surinam women), and the list goes on and on.

Just keep a close eye on the clubs and bars in town and see when there’s another theme party. You’ll be surprised by how many there are, which is why they’re among the best places to meet women from other countries.

11) Stores where they sell country-specific foods and drinks are THE best places to meet women from other countries in my opinion. Here in Holland, Turkish people have their own stores. Polish people do too, so if I want to meet a Polish woman then where do I go? That’s right! Same goes for your country. Use the examples of what to do in supermarkets (see place #2) to start conversations.

Side Note About The Best Places To Meet Women

I feel I had to mention something here while I’m discussing the best places to meet women at, and it’s this…

In case you’re thinking: “It’s easy for him to talk about places to pick up women, but starting conversations is a lot harder than you make it sound…”

Then you’re right. I know it is. You need to have a certain level of confidence before you have the guts to walk up to a woman you don’t even know and start talking with her.

Hell, maybe you even need to overcome your fear of rejection and failure before you can do or say anything. But you know what? That’s okay. It’s okay… and I’ve got your back.

I’ve got your back because, inside my free Inner Game Newsletter, I’ll reveal how to overcome your fears and insecurities, how to build your confidence afterwards, and last but not least… what to say to women to attract them in all the best places to meet women.

That’s why I highly recommend you sign up for my Inner Game Newsletter right now.


Places To Pick Up Women, Classy Women

By classy women I mean educated, intelligent, sophisticated women. So, prudes and nerds! Haha. Quiet types. These are the best places to pick up women like that…

12) Bookstores. Yes, ordinary women go there too but the difference between them and classy women is that ordinary women look for popular books and sleazy romance novels, while classy women look for philosophy, history, and those kinds of books. To make this one of the best places to meet women, all you need to do is be interested in what they like because it allows you to talk about common interests, tease her with how she’s such a nerd, etc.

13) Wine tastings. This is where you’ll only find refined women (don’t forget though that most women like wine) and older women. If that’s your thing, then read up on different kinds of wines and start talking with women about it during a tasting. Again, talking about common interests make things a whole lot easier for you.

14) High society places. By that I mean clothing stores with upper class (business like) clothing for women. Golf tournaments. Tennis clubs and tournaments. Horse riding clubs and events. These are all places the high society usually goes to, which is why they’re some of the best places to meet women. Classy women aren’t really my type, so the best advice I can give you is (starting to sound like a broken record here) talk about common interests.

The Best Places To Meet Women, Career Women That Is

The best places to meet women who are independent and all about their careers are…

15) Networking events. Request your local Chamber of Commerce for information about networking events and you’ll find out where they are near you in no time. These events always include some keynote speeches, drinks, some snacks, and… of course… a lot of time for business-minded people to network and connect. This is why these events are among the best places to pick up women who are all about their careers.

16) The first class section of any public transportation. Business trips. Need I say more? Use the public transportation examples (see place #4) I gave you earlier on. They work well in first class too.

First class flights are among the best places to meet women

17) Stores with suits, ties, and the whole nine yards. This is where you’ll find women looking for business outfits for themselves. The easiest way to start talking to them is by (just like before) talking about common interests: the job, career, bosses, etc. Professional stuff.

Continue reading below if you want to know the best places to meet women who are artsy…

The Best Places To Meet Women Who Are Artsy

Are there any special places to meet women who are into art and culture? Duh!

18) Art galleries. If you like artsy women then you must be into art yourself (why else would you like them? Booooring! Just kidding…), so galleries are among the best places to meet women for you because it’s easy to talk about a common interest, appreciate the art in front of you, invite her to discuss art some more over a drink at XYZ (or at your place).

19) Museums. Plenty museums have art collections and all kinds of refined culture waiting for an enthusiastic eye to be seen, so it’s likely you’ll find women there. You can follow the same “routine” as with art galleries here.

20) Culture trips on vacation. I’m talking all-in tours in a foreign country AND all-inclusive cultural vacations here. Of course you’ll find artsy women on these kinds of trips and vacations man! You can talk with them about the country you’re about to enjoy, what they want to see, offer to check some history out together, etc. These trips and vacations are the most fun and thus best places to meet women who’s middle names are Art and Culture.

And last but not least: it’s time to check out some of the WORST places to pick up women that won’t do you any good…

Or… which are simply too difficult when you’re just starting to learn how to meet and date women.

The Worst Places To Pick Up Women

So… what are some of the worst places to pick up women? I think you’ll be very surprised…

21) Clubs and bars. They’re loud. They’re often so crowded that it’s hard to move. They’re full of drunken people who are easily pissed off. And oh yeah, did I mention already that all the women there have their “game face” on, making it hard for you to get their attention… let alone attract them?

Sure, it’s doable, but why go through all the trouble when you can, for example, meet a woman in a supermarket in less than a minute and easily get her number? The only exception I know of when clubs ARE among the best places to meet women is when there are theme parties that foreign women go to.

22) Gyms. And by gyms I mean the work out section where the halters and dumbbells are. Gyms are filled with mirrors AND steroid filled men with a macho syndrome, both of which make most women very uncomfortable. It’s better to check out the exercise classes than to go to the regular workouts trying to pick up women.

23) Colleges and job sites. Yes, you can meet women in college and at work, but is it easy? Hell no! They’re closed environments and that means that when you screw up, you could hear it for months (or years) to come. Again, why make things hard for yourself when there are other, easier places to go to? That’s why colleges and the workplace are not in my list of best places to meet women.

And now you know everything about where and where not to find women… and all the best places to meet women who are exactly your type… don’t you want to know more about how to attract those women? Don’t you want to know the exact words to say to get their number?

And don’t you want to know what to do to go on a date with them?

If so, then I highly recommend you check out the free tips inside my Inner Game Newsletter because they’ll reveal secrets of attraction most men will never know…

I hope you liked my thoughts on the best places to meet women (and the worst places to pick up women). Stay tuned to the Win With Women blog for more tips!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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