Science Proves How Powerful Touch is to Women

You may think that what you say to a woman is the most important thing for turning a woman on…but it’s not.

It’s easy to get caught up in “the perfect thing to say” that’s going to sweep her right off her feet. But what if that’s not nearly as important as you think?

What if the importance of your words is dwarfed by something that will make her actually feel something?


What if the way that you physically touch her, and how often you do it, is actually way more crucial to your success?

Why Touch Matters So Much

Scientific studies from the Southern Illinois School of Medicine and McMaster University in Toronto tell us that women have TWICE the amount of nerve receptors in their skin as men, and that these receptors are more tightly-packed together.

This means that women feel touch to their skin at least 2x more than men. According to researchers it could even be as high as 10x.


With these kinds of numbers, it’s an important skill to know and master.

Especially when you first meet her, how often and how much you touch her is going to determine how attracted and turned on you can make her.

It’s also going to affect how connected she feels to you, and whether or not she trusts you.

Here’s why.

The Chemical in Her Body that Turns Her On

When you touch her, you’re releasing a hormone inside her called “oxytocin.”

This has been called by researchers the “love” or “bliss” hormone, because it affects the part of your brain that makes you feel trust and connection with someone.

Think about it.

When someone hugs you or holds you close, don’t you feel some kind of comfort? Even when someone simply touches your arm in conversation, it gives you an indescribable, great feeling.

This is oxytocin being released.


Why This is So Important

The idea that: a) what you say to her and b) how you say it are the only things that turn her on can mess with every guy’s head.

If you’re a shyer/more introverted guy, you may think you have to speak up more and be louder and more dominant in conversation.

For guys who are more outgoing and naturally talkative, you may get caught up in saying the “perfect things.” Most likely you’ll end up coming off as inauthentic.

These mindsets both take away from what science tells us is staring us in the face:

Creating a physical connection through touch is the fastest, most sure-fire way for you to relax her, build trust, and turn her on.


Not learning the right routine.

Not saying cheesy lines she thinks you could have said to every other girl at the bar.

But creating a simple, but powerful connection through touch, and doing it in the right way.

Simple Formula on How To Touch Her

While this important skill can help you turn her on and create connection with ease, you want to make sure you do it the right way.

The way you initiate touch can be the difference between skyrocketing sexual tension…and her labeling you as “creepy” and vanishing into the night.

That’s why you need to read this simple, 3-step formula that will guide you through the entire process in a way any man can follow.


It was created by an all-star attracter and seducer named “Magic.”

Even if you’re:

a) Almost clueless about this process,
b) You’ve heard about the benefits but never tried it, or
c) it makes you feel wildly uncomfortable to have to initiate contact with girls you meet,

This system will guide you through it.


Thankfully, one of Magic’s students created a presentation on the formula, and it’s free for you guys for a limited time.

So if you ever feel nervous during conversation or you have trouble building a physical connection with girls you meet, don’t walk, run, to watch this presentation.

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