Hi there! Allow me to proudly present to you some of the partners of Win With Women and me, Carlos Xuma. What do I mean with partners of Win With Women?

People whose products I’ve reviewed, who’ve written columns or guest blogs for us, who have helped us out on a forum (or who we’ve helped), and so on.

No matter how many controversial blog posts I write about all the losers that dare to give dating advice or dare to criticize those that do? There will always be some people out there who have YOUR best interest in mind.

In short: the people I’m about to list are some good people, capice?

Now let’s see that list of partners already!

Partners of Win With Women

Brad Jackson

Brian Tracy

Dating Skills Review

– Carlos Xuma’s Articles About Dating

– Carlos Xuma’s Facebook Profile

– Etienne Charland


– Mystery Method

– Neil Natura

Pick Up Artist

PUA Bootcamp

Seduction List

Talk to girls

– The Win With Women Community

Ask Isadora

Love and Relationships Gold: This is where you get Tips and Advice on attracting more love and better relationships from Relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins

So far for the list of Win With Women’s partners…

Now let’s get back to what I’m good at: giving you dating advice! Go back to the homepage to check out the latest and greatest blog posts… and I’ll talk to you soon dude!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women