Facial Expressions: What Are Facial Expressions For? (Body Language Examples)

I’m disappointed when it comes to facial expressions. Why? Because courses for guys about body language DON’T cover facial expressions! It’s time to change that.

How many of you have seen all these Body Language programs by various dating gurus and Pick Up Artists?

Did you notice that they MOSTLY go into the basics of facial expressions, the stuff you can figure out for yourself using pure logic? Did you see how they talk about voice tone, posture and eye contact being important? But there’s SO much more beyond that my dear readers, WAY more!

So, today…we’re going to investigate FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

Here are some examples of facial expressions. As you can see: you can use facial expressions for a lot of things, but today I'll be talking about how to use them for meeting women!

When you say something, not only do your words matter, but also it’s about how you use your voice. Next to that, your body posture further empowers what you’re saying (although most men don’t have a CLUE, lol!)…but your facial expressions do even more!

Think about the difference being the same as dropping one bomb, or one CLUSTER bomb. So where can one practice all of these? First of all, you can always practice in front of the mirror…but if that makes you feel like a total ass, than why not engage in conversations with another state of mind?

See conversations as your very own opportunities to improve every little facet of your facial expressions and Body Language, pretend to be acting in the latest and greatest Godfather movie if you have to!

Movies are EXCELLENT in teaching you Body Language btw, if only you’d pay close attention to every aspect of the actors body!

But… how do you use a facial expression to create attraction? Can attracting women with your face be done?

Good question! And yes it CAN be done!

First of all, we have to make distinctions here just like last time. The human face consists of various elements, and most of them can empower whatever you’re saying…so we need to talk about most of them!

Facial Expressions: Can Eyebrows Be Attractive?

Eyebrows are NOT just two lines of hair, one above every eye, that prevent sweat from nearing the eye or whatever, HELL NO! The average guy keeps them still for life, and he’s a dumb ass. You should use your eyebrows in one of the following ways…

– The opener: me & my close, personal friend who’s a natural in the dating game have opened DOZENS of women just by making eye contact, lifting both eyebrows once and smiling at them. You’ll be surprised at how MANY women will start to smile back, which is a sign of interest. Nobody said facial expressions had to be difficult to understand and use dude!

– The naughty duo: whenever you use pause in your speech and want to come across naughty, sexual (i.e. when saying: do you like all kinds of…meat?) you can EMPOWER the meaning of what you said by lifting both eyebrows rapidly two to three times. The woman you’ll be talking to will IMMEDIATELY know you’re being naughty, and the sentence will have DOUBLE the effect. Even when you lift your eyebrows this way WITHOUT words, they’ll know what you mean, as such you can make ANY sentence sexual and naughty. When you do this you’ll be saying “shall we?” or “I know something, and you know it too!” with your face. Examples: so you had a nice weekend huh? (lift, lift) shall we go out tonight? (lift, lift). You can even use it to come across challenging: well come on than girl! (lift, lift)

– Mister picky: whenever you want to challenge a girl or be picky about her, something happening around you or whatever she’s saying you raise only one eyebrow. This is just one of many facial expressions that will convey “yeah right”, “whateeever you say”, “I think you’re dumb” etc. with your face…it’s the universal sign of disapproval and will make her want to prove herself TWICE as fast than normal. Once again, doing this will speak for itself and she’ll pick up on it RIGHT AWAY. Examples: so you’re 26 and only had one boyfriend? (raise) you think you can handle it? (raise)

– F*ck it: whenever you want to display indifference, a “whatever attitude”, you can lift your eyebrows simultaneously and keep them raised. This conveys “not impressed”, “pfff”etc. to women…which can be VERY useful if she throw you another shit test OR if you want to tease her if she does something for you by pretending you’re not impressed! Same goes for the rest…you can actually fool them into believing you’re being picky, while you’re in fact teasing her.

Facial Expressions: Use Your Mouth To Grab Her Attention

Most guys in the community will tell you that a smile matters, but that’s not the only thing you can do with your mouth that works my friend! Off course women like a man who smiles, in fact, research has shown that if you show women 100 faces at the same tim, they can pick the couple of faces that are smiling out of there within SECONDS! So off course you should smile, but you should also EXPAND your view beyond just smiling.

– The sad face: this facial expression is really funny and almost always gets you your way. You make a sad face when you pout your lips (it works best if you curl your lower lip as far out as possible) as to say to her “you’re being really mean now and you make me sad”. Women are very emotional creatures, and the only time they don’t fall for this is if you’ve been on a ball busting streek with them that day, otherwise? Go for it! See if she’s willing to pay your lunch, your date, your drink, give you a masage after, etc. it’s fun for YOU, and no one does it

– The fake smile: now this is the comedian among facial expressions. This one is also really funny, but this one takes some effort on your end because you need to be able to keep a straight, emotionless face. Say she tells you a joke that’s not funny and you want to tease her, or say she busts your balls and you can’t think of a reply a.s.a.p. What you do is quickly (for one or two seconds) make your closed lips as wide as possible to create this ‘big smile’, but RIGHT after it you return to the normal, emotionless face. This one is KILLER when you have a “joker girl” on your hands.

– The slight smile: this is the killer among facial expressions, because it works in the absolute best way if you bust her balls, playfully tease her or challenge her. You give her a slight smile when you smile at normal width, but with closed lips and it says “I know something you don’t”, “I’ve got you now missy!” and so many other things. So you first bust her balls and immediately after you make AND maintain the slight smile, why? Because if you were busting balls correctly SHE will laugh her ass off, while YOU are being calm as fuck smiling like you know something she doesn’t. My favorite one because it has multiple purposes (I’ll get back to that later).

– Corner of the mouth: this works much like the mr. Picky in that you also want to convey you’re disapproving, only NOW you’re doing it with your mouth. What you do is flex the muscles in one of your cheeks and pull your mouth to the side, making it look something like this |– after which you make a tss sound. This one works even BETTER if you shake your head while doing it, making it a BIG and powerful “oh you silly, silly girl” move.

– The tongue: when you’re playfully teasing, joking around, or going to do something wild…you can give it THAT much more meaning with your tongue. YES you heard that right: the tongue is an essential part of in my opinion ALL facial expressions. Why? Because with playful teasing and joking around you just stick it out in the middle towards the person you’re talking to or in general. When you’re going to do something wild it’s from the corner of the mouth as to say “I’m crazy” (it’s the live version of the 😛 emoticon)

One more thing… it never hurts to practice each facial expression in the mirror!

It never hurts to practice your facial expression! I highly recommend you try all of the facial expressions I'm sharing with you today.

Facial Expressions: Positions Of The Face

Don’ts? Well, there aren’t any because NO ONE seems to be using the position of their face strategically! So let’s get straight to the positions of the face. Once again, they EMPOWER what you’re saying OR want to convey.

– Arrogance: particularly useful when you want to tease her about something you think she’s WAY too proud of. You hold your head up WAY too high as to say “ha! Here I, your majesty, come” and it’s KILLER when imitating HER being cocky or too proud OR other people (!). You can also use it subtly when you yourself are being picky. Why does this come across as arrogance? Because with this facial expression, we point our head/vision higher thus saying “I’m above all that”.

– Angling: this means positioning your face at an angle of the person you’re talking to in order for the body language to come across better, and it’s in my opinion only useful to add more meaning to your eyebrows. Why? Go to your mirror NOW and look at your face from right up front, and now turn your head…do you notice that your facial features all of a sudden look flatter when angling it? Guess what happens to the eyebrows…NOTHING, because they’re not vertically positioned but horizontally and thus this makes them look bigger than the rest (which means they’ll draw more attention to themselves).

– Thinking: When you tilt your head in the same way you would when you lay your head on someone’s shoulder. It may seem to be something that has nothing to do with facial expressions at first, like non-game body language at first, but you can actually tease with it by adding a LOT of tension to a request. Example: say a girl asks if you could please help her with her homework. You tilt your head “hmm…let me think”, you add to the body language by grabbing your chin with your fingers (everyone does this subconsciously when thinking), and you tease by saying “uhmmm, no!” and than make her work for it!

Facial Expressions: Using The Eyes To Create Attraction

The eyes are SEVERELY overlooked when it comes to Body Language, and I want to do them justice. You see, men keep the eyes still, unchanged during conversation. That’s fine with me, but it’s NOT generating attraction. There are three ways of doing this though:

– What the f*ck: whenever a woman is talking about something out of the ordinary (that doesn’t belong than and there) or does or says something stupid/weird…you stare at her with WIDE open eyes just like the emoticon 😐 when you do this right, she’ll immediately start laughing out of embarassment because she knows you saw…and are now giving your disapproval. Whenever they come up with ideas you don’t like, you can also do this by starting and than going from side to side withyour eyes a couple of times as to say “uhh, don’t know about that one”

– Half open eyes: when you start saying things with half open eyes together with a slight smile, you’ve all of a sudden become naughty, bad, horny…I don’t think that’s naughty, but I’ve tried it on several women and THEY all see “there he goes with that dirty mind look again!” This is the dirtbag among facial expressions to women, while it’s normal behavior to me… lol!

– Blinking: whenever she accuses you of “you did it!” or that you’re a bad boy, naughty boy whatever…so in any event where you want to come across like the sweet, innocent angel? Look to your eyebrows with your eyes and blink quickly around 10 times while saying how you’re an angel, you’re innocent etc. Facial expressions like this one empower what you’re saying by letting them know you’re ACTING, so you’re teasing them with it.

So far for facial expressions…

To More Dating Success,

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