How To Use Voice Tone For Creating Attraction (Body Language Examples)

Yes, using your voice tone to create attraction is possible. It’s real, and it’s here! But before I tell you how to use your voice tone to attract women?

Please answer this question about voice tone for me:

Were you ever in a situation where you saw an amazingly beautiful woman, but then DIDN’T approach her because you didn’t know something witty to say, regardless of your voice tone?

Have you ever had those awkward silences where you just couldn’t think of what to say next, then the conversation bled to death… and you ended up beating yourself in the head for hours because you felt so STUPID? Ever had MORE trouble approaching other women afterwards because this fed your insecurities?

I had those painful moments too, until I got to the next level of game because I realized that it’s not WHAT we say that matters…but HOW we say it: how we make the words come to life. Time for voice tone baby!

What’s our tool for making the ‘magic happen’? Our BODIES! And frankly, I felt the need to address Body Language on the blog, because most guys don’t even realize how much mistakes they make in this department…and that it’s actually something that will continue to CRIPPLE their game until they get it handled!

I can get into this whole story of what Body Language is, but to be brutally honest: this is not the Discovery Channel and you DON’T learn from monkey see, monkey do (I hope, lol!)…no the goal here is: bombing them with SO much good Body Language that they won’t even know what hit ‘em!


Did you know that 95% (!) of ALL our communication is NON-verbal and only 5% is verbal?

And did you know that in the 2 million years us humans exist we’ve only managed to develop the skills for conversation 100.000 years ago, which means we did everything without talking for 1.9 MILLION years?

So let’s cut to the chase and get down ’n dirty with Body Language, shall we? First, be sure to check out my blog post about facial expressions, because they amplify the effect of voice tone.

And now… let’s explore exactly what makes your voice tone such a great tool for creating attraction!

The current way of how Body Language is being taught to guys wanting to win with women is like cutting meat with a dull knife: too old fashioned, rusty and must of all…DULL! Yawn! I said speech because voice tone is only ONE way of looking at the voice. Voice tone comes down to intonation, but do you REALLY think that’s the only thing you can do with your voice, your speech? I think not!

Now the BIG question is: HOW to use speech to generate attraction?

Speed Of Your Voice Tone: The Art Of Coming Across Comfortable

– When you talk too fast it’s a sign of stress, anxiety, nervousness or being in a rush. Since dominance is one of THE most attractive character traits, let’s relate it to speech here: being dominant means being in control of your environment and leading HER. Talking very fast or uninterrupted (where it seems like there’s no beginning and end to a sentence) as said before shows anxiety, nervousness…which conveys that you feel stressed about the current circumstances, and thus that you’re NOT in control. So how do you convey dominance than? SLOW DOWN! Don’t go and talk one word per minute now, but make it your aim to slow down the speed at which you pronounce your sentences and words. Must humans don’t have BREAKS between words (the average break is believed to be half a second!), so a natural way of coming across more relaxed and comfortable, more dominant is by having breaks. Instead of: “Hey how you doin” from now on say I call this STRETCHING.

– Once you have this one down you can try more advanced stretching by stretching words themselves without using a different pitch (tone height). Sounds difficult doesn’t it? Just compare these: oh really? OR…ow reaaaally? First one’s normal speech, second one is stretched. Wht do it? The second one is the one that comes across as teasing, naughty…think about it!

– Focus points of speed of speech: stretching your breaks between words and stretching words themselves = you SLOW DOWN.

INTONATION Of Your Voice Tone: How To Get HER Emotions Involved

– Intonation is the pitch, the stress and emotion with which you talk. The pitch is the tone height: think about how a woman greets her female friends and how a man greets his friends. The stress and emotion: you talk differently when you’re angry or crying…but what’s a good way to generate attraction with intonation? Simple: do NOT use high tones under stress, in conflict, to greet etc. for anything else than teasing someone with it…you’re a man with BALLS aren’t you? So sound like you got a pair than! Because a LOT of men unconsciously shift to high pitched when they’re in a fight, amazed, enthusiastic in other words: when emotions come into play. DON’T. Now some DO’S:

– The only right reason for using a high pitched voice: imitating the woman your with to make fun of her, which is VERY funny, playful teasing and thus generates attraction. It pays off to imitate other people to btw…because you are either doing the same (when alone with her) OR becoming the life of the party (in a social setting) because you’re so good at making a fool of…George W. Bush for example. You’ll be the center of attention, popular and thus girls want to talk to you.

A low voice tone (low pitch) is considered sexy. Don’t believe me? Please download some Isaac Hayes, see if you think he’s more sexy with voice tone than Michael Jackson… and you’ll know what I mean!

You don’t necessarily HAVE to have a low voice just to generate attraction though, the advanced stuff will work just fine too but hey…throwing in a little bass in your voice now and then doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?

This is the intonation of your voice tone as a graph chart

– The advanced stuff: rising, dipping, and peaking intonation. A true master of the voice can make ANYTHING out of everything: he can make ordering a burger a naughty situation, or buying a book a comical scene…so it pays off to master your voice because then you can keep the conversation going AND lead it wherever you want purely because of the intonation of your voice tone.

Rising intonation: this means the pitch of the voice increases over time (from low to high tone height). Example: oh no you DIDN’T! (low-normal-high-highest). In fact, when you think about it? ALL emphasizing of words uses rising intonation of your voice tone either in the sentence or in the word itself. Proof: Einstein ain’t got shit on YOU + I’ve had it, that’s IT! + you’re looking sexy today, DAMN girl! (which ones have the highest pitch? Yep, YOU, IT and DAMN!). Rising intonation (emphasizing) can be used to empower words more to make them have a deeper impact, which brings them more to life…so it’s wise to use it often.

Dipping intonation: A dipping intonation of your voice tone falls and then rises. Examples: is that so? You didn’t do your homework, didn’t you? In other words: questions tend to use this kind of voice tone when pronounced correctly. Notice that when you combine dipping intonation with slow speed…you get mystery: is that so? (normal-low-high pitch with tension because of slower than normal speech)

Peaking intonation: A peaking intonation in your voice tone rises and then falls. Examples: ow reaaaally? Hmmhmmm (humming as to say: yeah right), sure, whateeever you say! How does this make words sounds? Either like you’re teasing OR being naughty about something, which is why this one is my personal favorite! You can combine it with other body language to make it mean so many more things and…you can even apply it to only one letter: OOOooo (high-to-low as to convey you’re not believing it)

Silence And Voice Tone: Creating The Tension Of A Storyteller

– When in conversations that require the use of our thinking mind, for example to explain the solution to a problem to someone or just any other one that goes deeper then high…us humans tend to use STOP WORDS. Stop words are words like uhm..uhh…pff…and frankly they convey indefiniteness, uncertainty about what’s being said and sometimes even plain DUMBNESS which is why you want to STOP using them if you want to use your voice for generating attraction. If you need to think don’t verbalize it, just be quiet…it had amazing effects for me: people suddenly saw me as a MUCH more powerful, sturdy, to-the-point speaker! And now the DO’S:

– What’s every storytellers’ KEY tool for making you want to hear more? Tension, suspense. How do you convey it? Sure, slowing down your speech can be one…but stretching breaks between words is different more adding PAUSE to your speech. Why? Just compare these: OR: do you like all kinds of…meat? First one’s normal, second one comes across NAUGHTY in most cases. As you can see, you should use pause in your speech with timing as you can increase the tension of whatever you’re saying. Some other examples to clarify this: what feels better for you: this…or that? You know when I was young, I was this badboy outside getting in trouble all day, but now? I’m more of a badboy…inside. Etc. So you can use pauses in your sentences and time them either to convey you’re being naughty about something, to create tension (a cliffhanger) OR for being mysterious.

One more thing: when combined with rising intonation (emphasizing), you can dramatically increase the “tension of the storyteller” with your voice tone. Just notice the difference:

Damn woman, einstein ain’t got shit on you! OR: Woman DAMN…Einstein does NOT..even come close to YOUR brainiac nerdiness! AND: Then you see all these beautifully colored orange leaves around you and you’re like..WOW…what a park, what a park.

This is the kind of park you'd talk about with the voice tone example above

VOLUME Of Your Voice Tone: Amplifying The Effect

– The most overlooked but often also the most powerful tool to AMPLIFY everything that you’re saying, just like an amplifier strengthens sound! Most guys make the mistake of talking monotonously: they talk on the same pitch without variation or volume ALL day which can get REALLY annoying…AND boring. I mean, where is the excitement, the FUN? SO how DO you use volume efficiently then?

– First things first: low volume. There’s something about whispering that REALLY gets women’s buttons pushed, so whenever you get the chance: grab it! You can also tease her with it if she’s being unclear about something: blablabla and you’re like wtf is SHE talking about? Then whisper to her: what did you say? She’ll ask why you’re whispering and you reply with: now you know what it feels like to not understand a damn thing of what somebody is saying! 😛 That’s a good tease right there…and you can also start whispering randomly and have fun with it (most of the time they’ll join in), and then accuse her of sounding like a perv, a pedophile etc. lol! In fact, low volume is PERFECT for teasing when it comes to being mysterious about it. Say what? Examples to clarify: (you) you know what they always say about horse riders? (her) What? (you) oww…nothing (with low volume). This has the effect of emphasizing the ‘I know something you don’t’ that you want to convey than.

– High volume. The easiest application is to talk LOUDER during emphasizing: WHAT did you just say? It can also be applied to the other forms of intonation though: the higher the pitch the louder it gets.

Enjoy using these examples of how to use your voice tone to create attraction.

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
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