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Hey it’s Carlos Xuma from Win With Women here and it’s my honor to do this psychology of achievement review today. In case you lived in a cave for the last 20 years: Psychology of Achievement is one of self help guru Brian Tracy’s best selling books.

If you came here to grab Brian’s free self help CDs, then sit tight… because I first want to give you a preview of what one of his products can do for you. Or, if you’re impatient, scroll down until you see the surprise part dude!

In my opinion “spectacular and life changing program for any freaking man in need of improvement” is a much better title, but book is a little shorter and easier to use, wouldn’t you agree? Anyways, what’s making me do this psychology of achievement review?

Here’s the juicy secret: it will PERMANENTLY change the way you think about rejection, failure, success, your potential, negative emotions and a whole lot more.

And here’s how I approach doing a review: the impact it had on me personally (especially the psychology part), a compliment or two, and disappointments. That means I talk about both the good and the bad. So, let’s get to it!

The Impact Brian Tracy’s Psychology Had

I’m a down to earth, practical kinda guy… so I’m not feeling hippie weirdos, flower power, overly spiritual nonsense and people that are kinda “out there”. As a result, I’m skeptical about self help cliches such as “just believe in yourself” and that kind of crap.

But to be honest? After reading this book? Nothing could ruin my mood, everyone was my friend, no negative emotions at all because it was just so damn inspiring, empowering. It changed my perspective on things.

I’ve used and am still using a lot of the insights Brian Tracy shares inside to teach my students about the fear of rejection and failure and why they’re “just” negative prohibitive behavior patterns as Tracy calls them that can be unprogrammed with some effort.

I highly recommend you read this one.


– Next to techniques that are a bit “out there” for me like visualization and affirmation, Brian Tracy shows you a nine step, systematic problem/setback/failure solving method that takes the sting out of bad situations and let’s you see problems as opportunities

– After discussing the negative emotions and fears that make you defeat yourself, the book details how to program yourself for success using scientifical methods taken from sports, marketing and more instead of throwing the standard hippie stuff like “believe in yourself” at you. This psychology of achievement review likes that!

Nothing let’s you take a better, closer look at yourself and how you can improve yourself than this book. You’ll bust yourself for thinking about what you learned from it WEEKS after reading it.

Disappointments In Tracy’s Psychology Of Achievement

– I don’t like visualization and affirmation and although they may be tried and tested methods, for most guys that’s spacey hippie stuff. They, and me too, need more convincing: more examples and/or proof please! Otherwise it will always remain just that: spacey hippie stuff.

– Although the short exercises (well, they’re more like questions) will go a long way in helping you change your life? I miss some examples. How would HE answer them? Show us some technique applied in real life. In short: it could be a little more practical: Brian Tracy’s Psychology Of Achievement + to do list would be a better title, lol!


Although there are some minor flaws inside, the other 90% of the contents in this book will BLOW YOU AWAY. Especially if you do the short exercises that are inside and try to apply as much of the insights as possible to your own life.

Thinking back to when I read the Psychology of Achievement back in 2008 alone motivates me and makes me rise up to the ocassion of reaching my full potential, of wanting to do good in the world.

If remembering that you read a book can do that, then it must be a pretty damn good book. Period.

I was so inspired by this book that I decided to get in touch with Brian Tracy to see if I can help my fans and customers (that includes YOU) as much as he has helped me… and I’ve got a surprise for you!

This Is The Surprise…

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Keep it kinda secret… or Brian will probably kick my but for giving too much of his stuff away for free.

So far for my psychology of achievement review! Now, as I’m gone to feed on the nearest Pringles can I can find being the Pringles junkie that I am… I’d like to ask you some questions…

1) What did you think of this review?
2) What do you think about Brian Tracy? And what about The Psychology Of Achievement?

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women


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