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Inner Game
Calling Women and Texting Women
Online Dating

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“Inner Game”

In case you’re wondering what “inner game” means, it stands for everything in the dating game that is internal. That means I use my Inner Game Newsletter to explain things like:

– Building confidence
– Creating attraction
– Approaching women
– Bad boys
– The fear of rejection
– The fear of failure
– Getting rid of insecurities
– Why women test you
– The character traits that women fall in love with

The Newsletter explores the psychology behind all of these things so you can learn how to “get the girl” not with tricks, stunts, hypnosis or other garbage… but by thinking straight… and by knowing and responding to what women think. Believe it or not, but it’s the easiest way to get women!

Calling Women and Texting Women

Inside my members-only Calling Women and Texting Women Newsletter I share my views on topics including (but not limited to):

– How to get women’s phone numbers
– When to call a woman after you get her number
– How to call women and attract them
– What to do if she doesn’t answer the phone
– How to ask a woman out over the phone
– How to text women

Online Dating

Some of the topics I discuss in my Online Dating newsletter are…

– Where to get a dating profile
– How to spark the chemistry online and attract her
– How to write an attractive online dating profile
– How to get responses from women in online dating
– Meeting women on Facebook or MySpace
– How to get women’s phone numbers online

As you can see: each of my three different newsletters discuss dating-related topics, but lets you discover very different things.

Some people prefer talking to women online, others prefer talking over the phone. That’s why each way of communicating with women has it’s own newsletter. But you know what?

No matter if you call or chat on Facebook, you need to know what creates attraction, why nice guys aren’t attractive while bad boys are, how women test you so you can pass their tests, and so on…

And you’ll learn all of that inside the Inner Game Newsletter. That’s why I think you should scroll up and sign up for that one for sure… and then decide if you’re a caller or an online dater and sign up for the newsletter that reveals more about your favorite way of contacting women.

That way, there’s no way in hell you can lose with women. After all, this blog isn’t called WIN with women for nothing dude!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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